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March 18, 2018

U.S. Federal Cannabis Legalization =
1.04 Million Jobs 

  • New Frontier Data’s latest report, Cannabis in the U.S. Economy, shows that under full legalization, the retail operations sector would have the most jobs (364k), followed by administrative (229k) and manufacturing (166k)
  • While these percentages were applied on a national scale, percentage breakdowns by sector will vary by region, dependent upon local rules and regulations, and climate
  • These jobs are considered plant touching and do not include the jobs associated with ancillary businesses and do not include jobs that are created through the spending done by workers (a.k.a. The Multiplier Effect)
  • The updated report, which includes analysis of the newly passed tax law, is available below

Free Resource:

Cannabis in the U.S. Economy: 2018 Edition
Based on the new tax law passed in December 2017, this report examines three aspects of what full legalization would look like in contrast to the current, state-by-state patchwork of legalized environments, and the anticipated impacts which full nationwide legalization would hold for the U.S. Treasury.

These three aspects include:
  • Federal business taxes on cannabis businesses,
  • Federal payroll withholdings
  • Revenue generated from a national cannabis sales tax of 15%.

The report compares revenues that would be generated under the current state of legalization (forecast over 2017–2025) and a theoretical model of national legalization over the same period, assessing the impact on U.S. Treasury revenue and job creation in the industry.  
Free Download Here

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By Yona Torres, Contributing Editor, New Frontier Data
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