Resistance Organizer Overview
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Hello <<First Name>>,

Thank you for responding to our call either to be an Organizer in the Church Militant Resistance campaign or desiring more information on what duties it may involve.

This email will require a response from you to let us know if, after reading this, you are still on board with being an Organizer, so please reply as quickly as you can so we can keep track of things on our end in a timely manner.

Below is an Organizer “beginner list” outlining both the type of person or skill set we think would be best to be a Resistance Organizer, as well as the initial duties involved.

We have created this with an eye to developing a very good team of “on the ground” leaders who will eventually be interacting with one another as well as leading events in their own diocese. The Organizer should:


  • Be at least 30 years old (or demonstrate sufficient maturity for the job)
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Internet
  • Have a good working knowledge of social media
  • Have a solid foundation, devotion and intellectual, in the Faith
  • Have a good ability to work with others as a leader
  • Have a “stick to it” personality that understands commitment
  • Have a willingness to sacrifice time and energy
  • Have the ability to motivate others
  • Have good organizational skills and thought processes
  • Be willing to take on a year-long commitment to begin with
  • Be willing to help with the development of a strong “second man” or “lieutenant” to assist in various potential projects
  • Have an active, engaged “ear” for various things going on that Catholics may want to know about within their diocese. (These could be scandalous situations that pose a potential harm to the faith lives of other Catholics; they could also be good events that need promoting like a eucharistic procession, 40 Days for Life, etc.)

In some cases, more than one of you have signed up for, or expressed interest in, becoming the Organizer for your diocese. That’s okay. We can work out details in the near future about how to best handle that. 

The list above is more or less the skill set we are looking for, the type of person we think would be good at managing the Resistance locally.

The initial duties will include the following:


  • Where applicable, reaching out to anyone else in your local diocese who is in support of the Resistance and introducing yourself. (We will be providing you the names and emails of your contacts in the next email from us in two days.)
  • Letting us know that you are on board and ready to be the Organizer so we can begin with the Church Militant Resistance Movement Facebook page specific to your diocese. (From that point on, we will be directing all inquiries in your diocese to that Facebook page and they will contact you. You will also have a place to send or direct new people that come to you or whom you think might be interested.)
  • Once you have made contact, setting up an informal gathering for as many of the Church Militant Resistance supporters in your diocese as possible to get together and say hello. (This could be a BBQ, coffee and donuts, or whatever you like).
  • Then the first official event would be to schedule a time — evening or weekend, most likely — to gather somewhere (a volunteer’s house is a good idea) for an evening of catechesis. That can be done by watching relevant programs on the website. (We will be sending out a list in a couple of weeks once some affiliates are established, with suggestions of which programs to begin with; we have more than 600!)

So far, about 600 people have signed up to be involved in the Church Militant Resistance on some level or another. 

Some are just financial supporters. Others have volunteered to be 
helpers, but don’t feel like they have the correct circumstances at this point to be Organizers. And then others, like you, have stepped forward to be an Organizer, or at least expressed interest in being an Organizer.
You are the only category getting this particular email because it is directed only to Organizers.

Once we have the world of Organizers established, we will be holding a webinar for all of you to answer questions on a variety of levels. While that is not yet set, look for a date likely within the month.

Thank you again for volunteering, or at least inquiring, about being an Organizer. Again, please reply to us either way regarding your status about being an Organizer.

GOD bless you and thank you for your love and support of the Catholic faith.

Michael Voris

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