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a hail mary for vegan pizza

We're sure most of you have already cast your votes, and if we made the cut, thank you! But for folks with a few minutes to spare and a great love of vegan pizza, consider voting for us in the 2017 Now Magazine Reader's Choice Poll! We are up for Eight Awards (!) and we couldn't be more excited. VOTING ENDS SEPTEMBER 21--so this is the last chance.
Now Magazine Readers Choice 2017 -- Voting Closes Sept 21

Once again we are beyond happy to even be nominated in the incredible Now Magazine Readers Choice Poll. Regardless of the outcome we already feel like the luckiest people in the world to have people care enough about us and what we do to nominate us for these prizes.

In this year's poll we are nominated in the following EIGHT categories!

Best Dessert,
Best Donut,
Best Server (Ashley Craig!),
Best Pizza,
Best Poutine,
Best Vegan,
Best Vegetarian
and Best Instagram (@Pizzapiecalypse)

To vote for us please click HERE and choose any of the above listed categories from the "Food and Drink" list (except the Instagram one, that's in the "Cityscape" section!)

Regardless of if we go home with a plaque again this year (We got runner up best vegetarian and runner up best pizza last year, and in 2014 we took home the best bakery prize, and runner up for best bakery in 2015!) We are always just as happy to be nominated, as it shows us that you love us as much as we love this city, our customers, and the incredibly community we get to be part of every day. Prizes are cool, but the people that walk through the door everyday, smile at our staff, bring their friends to try our food, or choose to spend their time at a table upstairs mean the most. That we can do this at all makes us feel like we've already won the best prize there is. So thank you to every person who has made that possible for us, and thank you to everyone who nominated us for all these rad categories. Your support means so much.
Okay, we've heard the whimpers from east of Broadview for two whole years now, and we are so happy to announce, the EAST END PIZZA SHORTAGE IS OVER. We are opening an East End pick-up and delivery location  in East York. It won't be as big as our Bloor street location (which has 34 seats upstairs, and 8 stools on the main floor) but it will have pizza and snacks, and a kids menu. It will also have a stocked fridge and freezer with take-home frozen meals and a lot of our spreads and sauces that you all love! Like a mini vegan grocery store, and pizza pocket all in one! On Pape at Mortimer we will be joining a community near and dear to our owner Jen's heart, as she lived around the corner most of her life, her Dad was born a few minutes drive from the new location, and her great grandfather built a lot of the houses in the area when he was working as a carpenter. As much as we are 100% Toronto born and raised, we have always wanted to have a place in the east end, where we have made our homes for 4 generations. Keep your eyes on our social media as we tease out the details over the coming weeks! We are aiming to be open for Halloween! 
A Word From Jen
Before putting a pin in this newsletter and encouraging everyone once again to vote for us if you think we ought to win any of the categories we are nominated in--and I will do that once more time before we are done here--I wanted to take a second and say thanks.

Every year now, for 7 years, I have made as much food as humanly possible, packed my car and the cars of my friends and family to the roof, and gone to the Harbourfront Center for the Toronto Vegetarian Association Veg Food Fest. The first year I remember getting the response email to say I would be in a 10x10 booth just beyond the stage in the main vendor area and I thought to myself "how am I ever going to fill a 10 by 10 booth?!" I had no one to help with staffing, and I refused to let my (eager and supportive) family anywhere near it, for fear of embarrassment in a large public setting. I worked the booth alone, allowing friends to watch it while I ran to the bathroom through the day. It was overwhelming, exciting, and the best weekend of my entire year. The following years would see me drop out of my graduate program to do animal activism and baking full time. My best friend Karol and I made a film (Maximum Tolerated Dose! Look it up!) and we toured it and as I had always done I made money to do that by baking. By the time I had spent two summers on the road and doing festivals and farmer's markets, each September since that first year brought me back to the same touchstone, the place where more than anywhere I have been able to track my own growth and the growth of Apiecalypse Now! No matter how I spent my year, every September I was in the same place, with more baked goods each year, then cards against Marineland, then DVD's of our film, shirts, posters, pies, sausage rolls, ribbons from winning the bake off, plaques from Now Magazine, and eventually more people in the booth, bigger booths, and longer lines, until last year when I thought to myself "this is as far as you can go, and isn't it so incredible and wonderful where you have ended up!"

This year, we had not only the original Apiecalypse Booth, but a booth in the world cafe as well. We had dear friends collaborate with us (shout out Rescue Dogs, Vegan Magic, and Gusta!) We had 22 people on staff the whole weekend to make the whole operation work, and again, like every year, I challenged personally what I knew "tired" to mean by the end of Sunday. I now know better than to think that i know anything about what the future holds for us, or what this community is capable of supporting. Without all of you I would not have been able to go from a girl with a few dozen fruit pies, 100 packages of marshmallows, a couple trays of magic squares and a little white ceramic bunny on her table alone in a tent 7 years ago to the place I am now. I am humbled and touched by the support and encouragement I have received. I want to say thank you, sincerely and deeply, for allowing me to have this life, and to share all of this magic with you.

Thank you to my incredible family and my unparalleled and inspiring staff, without you I would not have made it a 10th of the way to where I am now. Thank you to everyone who stood in both of our lines, who took an instagram photo, left a comment, tagged a friend, or joined our facebook event. Thank you to the people who went out of their way to find me over the weekend and say such kind things to me, it means so much. Thank you to the TVA and the old friends I have at that organization for your tireless work and your consistency and leadership in the Toronto veg community. And finally thank you to Toronto, my home, for always making me feel like we belong here, now, in this moment. I am truly overcome with gratitude. Until next year, Veg Fest. I sincerely can't wait.

p.s. vote for us in the readers poll! ;)

Thanks so much for supporting Apiecalypse Now!

Our mailing address is:
Apiecalypse Now! Pizza and Snack Bar
735 Bloor Street W
Toronto, Ontario M6G1L5

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