Date: March 2015
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The Planetary Healing Centre

Holistic Health, wellbeing and Inclusion

                 Registered Charity SC 034826 , Registered Company SC 257126
Pouring love into our Earth Mother

Dearest Planetary Healing Community, this is our new logo and we are delighted that the butterfly has settled in the Centre!

I would like to share with you a little bit about how we manage to do the work we do at the Centre in Portobello. We are a charity and we have been running the Holistic Health Project for over 8 years now. The project offers Holistic Therapies to members of our community who have health and well-being issues and are also in an economically disadvantaged position including those on low income. We rarely receive funding, although we do all we can by continuing to apply for grants. So how do we manage? We do it because of the goodwill of all volunteers who come to support the project without any financial gain to themselves, the goodwill of co-founders Claudia and Mark who give the building and their time for free and the goodwill of the users of the project who give a donation when they receive a treatment. Volunteers' expenses and sundries are paid with donations given by users when they receive a treatment. Electricity, water, insurance, legal stuff that needs to be in place and stationary, are paid with donations received from on open days, fundraising events, shop sales, use of library and rental of our spaces. 

So how is it that we are delivering a high quality, front line service for health and well being and yet we don't receive grants? Grants for charity has always been very competitive and a lot of the times it depends on who you know out there. Often you also have to change the core of what you do in order to fit in with what funders want and get their support. At the Planetary Healing Centre we want to stay truthful to who we are: our work involves looking at the person as a whole being: mind, body and spirit. A lot of funders don't understand this concept and that is where often they turn away.

We do the work we do because we believe every human being should have the right to access holistic therapies to support their health and well-being independent of their financial circumstances.

Users of our services - Holistic Project, Nature Connection Project, Classes, Groups and workshops, receive a service that is authentic, comes directly from the heart and truly has a lot of love in it. The Planetary Healing Centre's team cares deeply about people and our planet - by healing self and others, we are pouring love into our Earth Mother. 

It is this sense of solidarity, compassion, the spirit of community and truth that really makes it happen at the Planetary Healing Centre.


Claudia Goncalves (co-founder/volunteer)

Holistic Health Project

If you or any members of your family or friends are needing some support with your health and well-being and are also in a financial disadvantaged position or on low income, our project is there to help you and your loved ones. It runs Monday to Thursday 10am to 3pm regularly with the exception of Easter holidays, July Month and Christmas holidays.

Our project is supported by a team of volunteer therapists who are fully qualified, experienced, insured and disclosed. 

A session is 1 hour. Times: 10am, 11:20am and 12:40pm unless otherwise stated. You can access between 8 to maximum 16 sessions depending on your health condition. A donation between £8 and £20 per session is invited. If you cannot afford the smallest donation suggested, please talk to us and you can access it for free. We really would like the project to be accessible to all who need it.

Users now can access maximum 16 sessions and then, depending on health condition, we evaluate on a client by client basis if they will access another 16 sessions. This is due to the fact that our waiting list is now huge.  We have recently recruited 1 Hypnotherapist, 1 Reflexology Therapist and 1 Massage Therapist. After Easter we will also have another 2 Shamanic Practitioners, 2 Massage therapists and 1 Nutritional therapist starting. We might have an acupuncturist as well if the license does not proof to be too expensive for us.

We have 13 therapists in the project,  2 co-managers, 4 coordinators, 1 cleaner. We also count with 6 board members, 3 council of elders, 1 Open day organiser, 1 fundraiser supporter. We are 31 volunteers at the Centre in Portobello!

To book in the project, all you need to do is to give us a call on 0131 6575680 or text 07798 568218. 

Support The Planetary Healing Centre

We are starting a financial campaign this year to support our Charity. This has become necessary as it has become increasingly difficult for us to get Grant type funding. We are therefore applealing to you, our community, directly, for financial support by launching the "Support the Planetary Healing Centre  Campaign" and ask you to consider donating  £3 /  £5  or other amount per Month. This regular income stream will allow us to continue the Charity's highly valued and crucial work, and also to expand our services.  

If you feel you can help, all you need to do is set up a standing order to Planetary Healing Centre's account. 

The sort code: 831915
Account number: 

If you would prefer to give a one off donation or donation only when it is possible for you, it is possible to use the "My Donate" button on our website. 

If you are a tax payer paying at least the same amount you are donating, please tick the box for Gift Aid. That way the government gives us an extra 25% on top of your donation. We also have a Gift Aid form at the Centre in Portobello, so please ask the day coordinator to tick the Gift Aid box when you give us a donation. 

As a big "thank you"  for your Monthly support or your one off donation you will automatically become a Planetary Healing Centre's member for a year and
 play a vital role in helping us create the direction for our charity. Click here to find out more what becoming a member entitles you:


Annual General Meeting - AGM

AGM INVITATION – We would like to invite you to our AGM on Monday 16th March at 5:15pm to 6:45pm in Portobello. We look forward to reporting to the community our charity's achievements last year and to hear new ideas and suggestions from you.

Our Reports

Our Annual Report, Accounts and Project Monitoring and Evaluation are all on our website and we invite you to read them. The Holistic Health Project Evaluation report is amazing! The external consultant who did the report was really impressed with our project and the commitment of all our volunteers.

Private Practice

Private practices at the Planetary Healing Centre are Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 7pm, Fridays between 9am and 3pm. Sometimes also at the weekends according to availability of space. 

All our private therapists, as well as being successful professionals, have a loving compassionate heart and support our charity by volunteering once, twice or 4 times a Month.

Booking a session with our private therapists means you will be cared for people who have real integrity, do this work because they truly love people, care for people, are compassionate beings and really want to see you feel well and stay well. They are all fully qualified, insured, experienced and disclosed. Their work is aimed at the wider community in general who are looking to reach or keep a healthy balance within and getting to a place of vibrant well-being.

Their work take place at the Planetary Healing Centre in Portobello and also in other venues they work from in Edinburgh.

Those interested in booking please contact the therapist directly. 

Classes & Groups in Portobello 

The following classes and groups are held at the Planetary Healing Centre in Portobello and are open to all in our community.

Every second Thursday of the Month.
7pm to 8:30pm
Contact Daniel Alison: 07540 405125

Every last Thursday of the Month
7pm to 830pm
Contact Bob Young: 07425 118997

Every Friday
7:30pm to 9pm except during school holidays
Contact Mark Halliday: 07504 438763

Every Saturday
7:00 to 8:30pm
Contact Anna Bell: 07432 629380

Sacred Council of Women

Dates for 2015:
Spring Equinox:        Sat 21th Mar

Summer Solstice:     Sun 21st Jun
Autumnal Equinox:   Wed 23rd Sep
Winter Solstice:        Sun 20th Dec

Time: 7-9pm
Where: Balerno
By donation

To book please  text Claudia: 075 0443 8763. Pick ups at bus terminus in Balerno at 630pm. 

Sacred Council of Men

Dates for 2015:
Spring Equinox:        Sat 21th Mar
Summer Solstice:     Sun 21st Jun
Autumnal Equinox:   Wed 23rd Sep
Winter Solstice:        Sun 20th Dec

Time: 7-9pm
Where: Balerno
By donation

The council of men will meet in the Tipi at the woodland, the council of women will meet in the Yurt - back of the house. Both Councils will share food together afterwards.

To book text Claudia: 075 0443 8763. Pick ups at bus terminus in Balerno at 6:30pm. 

Community Library

MISSING BOOKS: We would like to remind users who have not delivered their books back, to do so before Easter holidays. No fines will be charged. We have been cataloging all our books and noticed there are quite a few very good books missing from our library. By bringing the books back you will be giving the opportunity of self-development to others too. 

DONATIONS FOR THE LIBRARY. We take donations of  good holistic books, specially very popular authors.

Upcoming Holiday

Holistic Health Project will break for Easter from the 3rd of April, Good Friday, and resume on Monday the 20th of April.

Some classes and groups will continue as usual. Please talk to the facilitators directly about their dates. 

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