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Happy Spring!

We hope you are all thawed out and enjoying this wonderful season!

Business before pleasure:

If you missed our last newsletter, we now must swipe credit cards and request that you purchase all packages in our office instead of online. (Gift cards are still exclusively available online.) Thank you in advance!

Now on to the fun:

We are holding our first ever, PCM client photo contest!
Winner receives a free massage
We love providing you with tools to keep you feeling your best between massages. Currently, we need content for our social media sites and I’d love to show you off! Please send us a picture of yourself performing your favorite self care tip/exercise/stretch etc. from our team. Headings are welcome and encouraged! Humor is great, bonus points for good form! (We will only use your first name and last initial when sharing online, if you prefer to remain anonymous, please include a note with your photo.) Send submissions to by 6/15/18. We will compare notes, place our votes and email the winner by 7/1/18. Good luck!
Client Spotlight

Congratulations to client Rachel G. on the opening of her new wellness business in Brooklyn! Check her out at!
Getting to know your team

It’s important to work with those who “get” you. This is true both for success and happiness in your career as well as your health care. For example, if you’ve always been fit and athletic, having an athlete for a trainer is a great fit! They will challenge you and speak your language. However, if you’re not very active and struggle with your weight, this trainer can empathize with your situation, but won’t necessarily “get” you and may push you too hard, leaving you very sore and possibly uninspired. A better fit for you may be a trainer who’s also shared similar struggles in their past. We have both kinds of trainers in our PCM network.  If you ever need assistance choosing a personal trainer, acupuncturist, chiropractor or any other health and wellness professional, we are here to help and happy to advise and make referrals whenever possible. We get you!

All of us at PCM have movement backgrounds that inform the way we work. Pam and Sophia both have backgrounds in acting, singing, and dancing, Taniya is a personal trainer and a body builder, and all three played various sports growing up. And yes, Taniya is also available for personal training! As Taniya is the most recent addition to our team, you may not know much about her. We’d like to change that! Maybe she’s the exact right fit for you and you had no idea. I find Taniya very inspiring and wanted to learn more about her tough side (she’s as sweet as they come; I was shocked to discover she was a bodybuilder)! Here she is placing 2nd in her latest body building competition this summer...
Pretty fierce for a gal who hums while she eats, right? Learn more about Taniya in my interview with her below:

PC What do you like best about massage? 

TB Being a massage therapist is like being a kinetic detective. I like to listen to a client’s concerns and pinpoint the precise muscle causing the problem, then release tension where needed.

PC What inspired you to become a LMT?

I was interested in massage therapy and used a lot of self massage techniques in high school. I didn’t realize that massage therapy was a career until I became a personal trainer. Massage therapy is a compliment to training and I think it goes hand-in-hand perfectly. I was on the fence for about 3 years until a co-worker who was going through a Massage Therapy Program encouraged me to apply.

PC What inspired you to become a body builder and a trainer?

TB I was always active growing up and I was looking for a new sport to try.  Since I was at the gym 4 - 5 days a week at that time, body building seemed like it would be a perfect fit. I realized I had a passion for fitness while I was filling out applications for business school. I have a BS in electrical engineering, I wasn’t happy at my first job out of college. Then my motivation changed...I talked about working out and food all of the time! I decided I didn’t need to go to business school, I needed to become a certified personal trainer. I figured I'd give it a try while I didn't have many other responsibilities.

PC How did you decide what bodybuilding category to compete in? 

TB Your physique often defines which category you can compete in. If you have a lot of muscle, you’ll most likely be able to to compete and be competitive in the physique category. If not, you compete in the figure category or the bikini category. I compete in the figure category. 

PC I was very impressed learning this about you, I’m envious of your drive and will power. Have you always been a very disciplined person? 

TB I'm very disciplined when I have a specific goal to achieve with a deadline.  In general, if I have a vision or goal I will work towards it, but I would not consider myself disciplined in general.

PC What do you like about competing?

TB Its a performance at the end of the day. I love the adrenaline rush I get from being on stage.

PC How long do you plan to compete? 

TB I don't have a plan in mind. I want to be in good physical shape to do so at any age.  I've seen women over 50 and men who are 75 compete on stage.  How motivational is that?  I want to be able to compete at 75 or 80 if I choose.

PC  How are the outfits chosen and why does the competition uniform include sparkles, bangles, heels and make up? It seems kind of girly for a muscle competition, no?

TB There are competition rules and criteria you must follow that is designed by each organization. Each one determines the kind of suit you can wear and the heel height that is required for your category. For the females it's pretty much a beauty pageant for muscles, so that's where the sparkles, bangles and makeup come in. Every category is not created equal; the physique bodybuilding category requires none of these. In the figure and bikini categories a portion of your presentation is judged on beauty.

PC Thanks for teaching me something new Taniya. I’m certain you’ll be able to compete well into your golden years. Congrats on your second place win this past Summer!
Thank you for your business! We look forward to seeing you again soon along with those pictures.

Be well,

Pam and the PCM team

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