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A great opportunity

Dear Friends and colleagues in the biodynamic and permaculture movements

We would like to ask for your support in getting the word far and wide about the great opportunity that the Design courses for the new Huxhams Cross Farm offer.

These weekend courses will bring together the design principles used in the permaculture movement with the farm organism approach of biodynamic farming.

This is a unique opportunity to work with both these sets of principles on one project design; so we warmly invite you to join us. There are a limited number of places still available and time is getting short to book.

The Leaders of this course are Marina O'Connell of the Apricot Centre  who is both a biodynamic farmer and a skilled permaculture practitioner and teacher, and Bob Mehew who is also a trained permaculture teacher and project coordinator with Marina for the Huxhams Cross Farm. This piece of 34 acres of bare land in Dartington, Devon is being aquired by the Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT) and will be leased to the Apricot team to work and develop. For more information see both the BDLT website and the Apricot one.

These courses will be of interest to those wishing to consider their own garden or farm as well as those interested in the theory or Huxhams Cross Farm in particular.
Farm Design Workshops: Two open farm design workshops will be held at Dartington on April 10-12 and May 29-31. Participants will walk through the design process of the farm. The survey process currently underway is gathering the information for the design and we invite all to contribute to and feedback to  this process, forms attached.  

Marina O’Connell draws on Biodynamics, agronomy, agro-ecology and permaculture design. These workshops will be relevant to anyone considering their garden, market garden and farm design process. See for further details.

To book and for further information contact us at
this poster/flier can be downloaded from the Apricot pages
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