An exciting new farm and local food project needs your support!
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Invitation to pledge support for the community buy-out of farmland abutting Hawkwood College land on the West, North and South

It’s now or never!

Dear Friends and Members,
Hammonds Farm is now for sale, as from 1st June.  This arable and beef farm is within close walking distance of Stroud. It surrounds Hawkwood College land on the North, West and South. The Biodynamic Land Trust is working with local farmers and organisations to see if together we can secure the land as a community asset.

Hammonds Farm is a 180 acre arable and beef farm within close walking distance of Stroud, for sale from 1 June. It surrounds Hawkwood College land on the North, West and South. The Biodynamic Land Trust is working with Stroud Community Agriculture, Hawkwood College, the biodynamic and Stroud communities to see if the BDLT can secure at least Lot 3 of the land as a community asset.
Why? The local community is bursting with people with food growing  initiatives. If this land can be secured, then we can co-create a new ‘Stroud Valleys Farm’ (Name TBA).  This will support a range of existing activities and generate new projects such as:
  • Stroud Community Agriculture to increase food production with more land
  • A starter farm for young entrant farmers
  • A cluster of farm enterprises producing a range of good food from farm animals, arable and horticulture, addressing local needs for vegetables, dairy, meat and soft fruit
The potential benefits for the local community are huge:
  • Sustainable organic, biodynamic farming that improves soil fertility, reduces the carbon footprint and increases food quality
  • Community connected activities through permissive access, festivals, events, volunteering, arts activities and therapy/care farming
  • Enhanced landscape, biodiversity, wildlife and environmental value that will make the farm into a special place, a ‘green oasis’
  • Education and training in sustainable agriculture, horticulture and ecology
 Right now, the urgent priority is to secure the land.

Hammonds Farm information

A map and more information is on  and a farm sale brochure is available from  
The whole farm is approximately 180 acres, with a farmhouse and farm buildings, to be sold together or in three lots. 
We are interested in Lot 3, around 41.12 acres, which is west of Hawkwood, as we think this is achievable through a community buy out. However, there may be enough support from donors, community share investors and large investors to secure the whole farm in partnership with the BDLT.

We need your support NOW
so we can make a bid for Lot 3

Please RSVP by 18 June telling us what support you can give
  •  Pledging to invest £250 (or more) in community shares (10 instalments possible)
  •  Investing in ‘an acre share’ at approx.£9,000 an acre
  •  Making a long or short term interest free loan
  •  Making a gift to help raise the share offer, feasibility and business planning costs
  •  Helping organise and publicise the community buy-out
  •  Passing this Invitation to Pledge on to friends, colleagues and family
This is a crucial moment in Stroud’s history of community ownership, which goes back to raising public subscriptions for building the Sub Rooms.  
Please join us to secure this community farm.

Yours, with best wishes,

Martin Large,
Gabriel Kaye,
Society Secretary, 

More BDLT news to come later this month
Huxhams lease heading for completion. Theland is greening with green manure.
Please note AGM will be in Stroud on 3rd October
best wishes

This is a rare opportunity to secure a beautiful area of land on the doorstep of Stroud town for environmental, economic and community benefits and we need your help to make it happen.

What are we trying to do?

We need to raise £360,000 to buy this land.
If we have raised at least £75,000 in pledges by 18th
June, then the BDLT will match this sum,  and decide to go ahead in putting in a bid and with contacting you with a Community Share Offer.

Come and see Lot 3 of Hammonds Farm

for yourself on 17 June at 4pm, meeting at the Hawkwood College gates, Wick Street. Some of us will walk there from Star Anise Café, departing at 3.30pm. 

How can we secure this land for local food?

Hawkwood College and Stroud Community Agriculture support the BDLT securing this land, along with other people and organisations. 

Stroud has a history of successful community co-op land buy-outs. The Folly Wood community buy-out by Stroud Co-op Woodlands, took five days from initial email to auction!  Stroud Common Wealth helped pioneer community co-op investment nationally assisting the Fordhall Farm community buy out in 2006, when over 8,000 people invested £800,000 in community shares.
The Stroud based Biodynamic Land Trust, a charitable co-op community benefit society, has developed this work of securing farms through community buy-outs, such as for Tablehurst Community Farm, Sussex, Stockwood’s Rush Farm near Redditch and Huxham’s Cross Farm, Dartington, Totnes.


You are warmly invited to help secure this farmland


If we have raised at least £75,000 in pledges by 18th June,

the BDLT will match this sum, and decide to go ahead with contacting you with a Community Share Offer.  There will be updates on the website and the BDLT Blog
If and when the bid is accepted, we will contact those who have made pledges
How to RSVP your support or pledge:
PLease if you can, use the form on our website  on Hammonds Farm page
OR download the information from there that you then email or post 
OR contact us on or 01453 766296 for us to send you a form
Office and postal address:BDLT  The Painswick Inn, Gloucester Street, Stroud GL5 1QG


We look foward to hearing from you

For updates regarding Huhams Cross Farm from the Apricot team see:

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