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A Merry Christmas to our Members, Supporters and Friends

This will be the final newsletter of the year.

2015 has been a very fruitful year for the Biodynamic Land Trust because of your support. 
We send you

This newsletter contains just brief updates on Hammonds Farm (see also link to upcoming Community Survey for Lot 3)
and Huxhams Cross Farm
Hammonds Farm update

The latest figures we have of our fund raising effort is approximately £12,000 still needed (out of the £390,000 that the land and admin/legal costs came to) - half of which could be matched funding IF WE GET THE FUNDS THIS YEAR!  Donations and Shares are all welcome to complete this funding.

This 41 acres is just land at the moment, pasture and arable, previously farmed traditionally for meat and cash crops for the general market.  We - the community and the farmers and growers - intend now to make the land into a place that has significance for Stroud with fresh biodynamic food, the beauty of growing plants and thriving animals, special places in nature, the opportunity to engage with the land and with the activities on it.

We have started that journey with the Farm Walks, an evening of celebration, and Goethean Observation and Meeting the Land.  Further workshops are planned for those who expect to work on the land.  Into the New Year we will be having other community events to develop the surveys and explore the wishes and needs of the local community.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we will open an online community survey to find out what people are hoping for from this land (paper copies can be made available). The link to this will be on our home page soon - see link above.

The questionnaire is almost ready and will cover the Key elements of the project provision (farming/growing/care-farming/community access etc), produce and services likely to be available, activities and volunteering possibilities. It will be hugely helpful to our developing plans to have your views and those of your neighbours and friends. 

Because it takes some of your precious time to complete such a survey (up to 20 mins) we decided that we would offer a prize draw open to all those that complete it as your views are really going to inform our planning and project development.

Watch the website for this and do let us know your views!  All the responses to this first community survey that are completed by 24th January will be taken into account at the land use design and planning workshops. 

*******January 6th 1.30pm at Hawkwood*******
The SCA is organising a stirring of the Three Kings preparation and spraying of the boundaries of the land at Lot 3 as well as the Hawkwood land.  Everyone is welcome to come and join in.

Huxhams Cross Farm update
Thank you to all our supporters for your generous donations and investments (and of course the help given by volunteers!).  Funds are coming in for the infrastructure but slowly. 

The barn is scheduled to be built between January and March and is badly needed to shelter volunteers, store tools and materials.

Having raised over £100,000 over the past year we know it is a big ask to go on fundraising; so we ask you to help us spread the word to wider circles, to more potentially interested people and to consider making gifts to the young generation of a stake (shares) in a new way of funding community farms and sustainable local food (a BDLT shareholder told me this morning that she intends to buy shares for her granddaughter who is just 5 weeks old!).

Please use all you imagination to get more people involved in funding this great project that is starting to make a difference in the community already. (£150,000 needed - £50,000 urgently)

Let's come together to:
  • raise a barn,
  • bring water for gardening and washing hands,
  • create a space for visitors and volunteers to come, park, participate, learn
  • and enjoy what the land and the Apricot team have to offer.
Last minute Christmas Gift?
Are you still looking for a worthwhile gift for someone special this Christmas? 
Why not give the lasting gift of shares in the Biodynamic Land Trust to a friend or relation?

The minimum amount to invest in shares for general membership of the Land Trust is only £100.  The application form is available on the website.  Share certificates will be issued in the New Year (they cannot be in the name of someone under 16 years old but the child can be named as the beneficiary. 

Shares are still available for the Hammonds Farm buy-out and Huxham's Cross Farm.  Minimum investment for these projects is £250 but payment over several months is available if this helps.

Other ways to support the Land Trust in its efforts
If you wish to support the BDLT long term to secure land for Biodynamics by regular giving or in any other way (we are a charity so it is tax efficient to support us by regular or direct giving).  Please contact Gabriel Kaye, the BDLT Administrator on 01453 367233 (usually Monday,Thursday and Friday) or email:

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