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Dear Members and Friends,

The BDLT and the Apricot Centre teams have been working flat out to secure the Week/Huxham's land on the one hand, and on the other planning the very complex task of setting up a new farm on bare land. The aim of this letter is to further inform you about the start up process and how you can get involved.

The process of designing, developing a viable new farm business model, raising capital for farm infrastructure investment such as a barn; setting up a new farm from bare land will take time.

Offers of practical help are welcome and very useful as the farm develops step by step, so please feel free to contact Marina if you want to offer skills, practical help or have a relevant project.

People have been asking about how they can engage and connect with the Huxham's Cross/Week land. One way is to have a conversation with Marina O'Connell about the farm development process when she is working down in Totnes, albeit on a busy schedule
. There have been monthly farm walks or contact her via the Apricot Centre website.

Marina will be down at Dartington on March 22nd, at Velwell Orchard at Cholwell on Sunday afternoon at 1.30/2pm to meet members of the South West Biodynamic Group at the equinox BD Preparation stirring. (Anyone wanting to join Marina for a Huxham's Farm Walk to talk about farm plans and connect with the land is welcome to come with her afterwards.)
However, here below for your information is an overview of the Huxham's Cross Farm development process timeline, showing when you can come to workshops, meetings, a talk, discussions and engage.

Thank goodness that later this year, we can begin practical farm work. This can be a real opportunity for you to get to know the farm as volunteers and vital and welcome. Attached are the various survey and consultation briefings that have been sent out FYI, so that you can feed in your needs, views and suggestions for the design process.

Martin Large, Gabriel Kaye (BDLT) and Marina O'Connell (The Apricot Centre)
The Timeline for setting up Huxham's Cross Farm includes the following events and work:

Ongoing: Apricot Centre planning applications, project planning, fundraising, research proposals, collaboration meetings, ongoing site survey, business survey, walkers survey, community survey; all these surveys will feed into Design Workshops. PLEASE give Apricot this survey information well in time.
(email for manual forms)

March 22: Marina coming to Velwell Orchard on Sunday afternoon at 1.30/2pm to meet members of the South West Biodynamic Group at the Preparation Stirring. (Anyone wanting to join Marina for a Huxham's Farm walk to talk about farm plans and connect with the land is welcome to come afterwards.)

BDLT finalising Leasehold Agreement with DHT, fundraising, completion and Tenancy with Apricot - by end of March 2015.

9 April: Land Workshop TBC depending on enough interested people RSVPing Martin Large on by March 23rd.

10th April - 12th April: Designing Huxham's Cross Biodynamic Land Pattern: Workshop 1 Refectory, Higher Close, Dartington Hall

Friday 10 April 7 - 9pm: Biodynamic Farming and Permaculture: open lecture/discussion by Marina O'Connell: Refectory, Higher Close, Dartington Hall.

Fields ploughed and sown with green manures; BD Preparations applied.

29 - 31 May: Workshop II: Designing the Detail of the Farm

30 May 7.30pm: Farm Vision and Launch of Second Share Offer for Huxham's Farm land by Martin Large, BDLT

Saturday 30th June 1.30 for 2 - 5pm: Exhibition, Presentation and Consultation on Draft Farm Design and Plan; exploring how people can get practically engaged.
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