New blog post - 11/24/15
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Capturing the Amazing
by Eric Kellerer, EdD, Director, NNU Doceō Center

When I travel, I take a lot of pictures. On my most recent trip, I took over 2,500. When my children were teens, they would roll their eyes as the shutter on the camera whirred. I wasn’t taking pictures of my kids; I was taking pictures of other people’s kids, buildings, cars, motorcycles carrying five people and a pig, and things that were different from my ordinary life.

When I am home, I do not take a lot of pictures. Why would I take a picture of my office or car? Why would I take a picture of my kid’s school? Despite having a camera with me at all times, routine and the predictable does not turn the eye.

This has caused me to think about schools. Not just the schools that my children have attended, but in general. I’ve been thinking about the schools in my state and beyond. Do I notice them? Is there anything that captures my attention? What is worth pulling out my camera and snapping a picture?

When I first look at a school, I wouldn’t take a picture because nothing seems extraordinary with a wide-lens. But under the surface there are a lot of amazing things happening in the schools I encounter. My job allows me to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest teachers in our communities. These are the teachers that are not satisfied with the status quo. For them, it is not enough to repeat accomplishments from the year before. These teachers are in search of something that will move students to a new and greater level. 


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