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Free Expo Pass to EDI CON USA ($499 value)
We have a limited number of FREE expo passes to EDI CON USA (Boston, MA) available for our customers. Contact us today to get access to your free pass and to schedule a time to visit us at booth #229 where we may be making a BIG announcement.
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Did you know?...
We use a wide variety of our own proprietary contacts in our connectors, multicoax, and sockets. Visit our technology page to learn more about what contact set will work best for your application.
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Custom Flex Sockets
This revolutionary new ‘wiping’ action RC contact technology is a Patented Ardent Solution for ultra-small flex-to-board connectors and sockets. Ideal for both test and production use, SC™ connectors are available for custom applications with short lead times.
  • Exceptional Signal Integrity
  • Long Life
  • Lower Component Costs
  • Lower Overall Costs
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In the News: Could we Soon all be Using Quantum PCs?
"SOMEWHERE in California, Google is building a device that will usher in a new era for computing. It’s a quantum computer, the largest ever made, designed to prove once and for all that machines exploiting exotic physics can outperform the world’s top supercomputers."
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Advantages of Compression Mounting and High Density
Written by: Stephen Cristaldi, Applications Engineer
As our handheld devices get smaller, board real estate becomes increasingly more valuable. This requires that the individual electrical components which live in our devices must also get smaller and smaller. 
During the development and creation of miniature electronic components, signal integrity is critical.
Reducing board real estate during the test and measurement process is very important and essential in improving signal integrity.
The first way to reduce overall board size is by placing the test points very close to the device under test, or “DUT”.
When the test points are very close to the DUT, signal trace lengths can be minimized.
With reduced trace lengths, signal integrity can be greatly improved. From a manufacturing standpoint the ability to keep trace geometry consistent is much easier for shorter runs. More consistent trace geometry results in increased stability and accuracy of impedance, namely so the most common characteristic impedance of 50 Ω.
The TR High Density Multicoax device has extremely compact footprints, capable of fitting up to 24 signals into an area 2” x .3”. This allows for very close to DUT installations.
In addition to reducing board size, the TR High Density Multicoax device is a compression mount device.
All that is required is a plated footprint to be designed onto the PCB, which the TR device screws onto. 
This means a huge reduction in soldered components, and no costly leave behinds!
Also with mechanical and electrical repeatability of up 1000 cycles, the TR device will be able to be used across many years of project development. 
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