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Start-Up Nation Exposures
 Bringing missions to Israel?
 Interested in exposing them to Israel's high-tech, innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups?
 Looking for an engaging, authentic, compelling inspiring and value-driven Start-Up-Nation activity?

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Introduction to Israel as Start-Up Nation

Hear from our CEO Assaf Luxembourg, a known public speaker for Israel's economy of tech innovation

What's the real secret of Israel as "Start-Up Nation"? Why should this story be interesting for investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers from around the world? What could other places learn from the Israeli case-study? (90 min).

Meet Crowdmii

The new crowdfunding website that shows how Israeli innovation can make a difference around the world

Our start-up story, how we use crowdfunding to solve a problem for Israeli start-ups and many supporters of Israel around the world, how we generate social impact that matters, how we succeeded so far, what we've learned and what's next for us? (30 min).

Meet mymdband

The Israeli innovative lifesaving medical bracelet, which was the fist start-up to crowdfund on Crowdmii

Get to meet the founders, learn about their start-up story, their campaign on Crowdmii, and how we gave 1,500 medical bracelets to Holocaust survivors, together with Jewish and Christian communities from around the world. (60 min).

Meet Energiya Global

The Israeli pioneering, award-winning solar power enterprise, which was the second start-up to crowdfund on Crowdmii

Get to meet with staff members, learn about their global vision of solar power, their inspiring projects in Israel, Africa and around the world, their campaign on Crowdmii, and how we provide solar panels for an orphanage and hospital in South Sudan, together with Jewish and Christian communities from around the world. (60 min).

Host and tour at WeWork Herzliya

We offer to host the entire package at WeWork Herzliya, together with an intro about WeWork and a small tour

Learn about WeWork's leading global network of shared working spaces, whoch is home to many entrepreneurs and start-ups, including Crowdmii. Enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of a place where Israeli start-ups are born, together with a small tour. (30 min).
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Recap: What You Get

 Speaking engagement on Start-Up Nation
 Meeting with Israeli start-up Crowdmii
 Meeting with Israeli start-up mymdband
 Meeting with Israeli start-up Energiya Global
 Host and tour at WeWork in Herzliya

Added Values

 Prime content of up to 4.5 hours
 Modular package which we fit to your needs
 Host and tour in a start-up hub, where many companies work
 Meeting Israeli entrepreneurs who campaigned on Crowdmii
 Inspiring narrative, lessons and tips on Israeli culture, which will connect to the rest of your trip

Who is it for?

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Who Visits Us

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 We believe it is time for a new kind of partnership between Israel and its supporters around the world.
 We believe it is time to take action together in order to expose how Israel helps benefit the world.
 We believe it is time to put action in the phrase “a light unto the nations”.

 We believe Israel’s creative energy, innovation and the spirit of the “Start-Up Nation” are the key to achieve these goals.


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