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Sunday's Message: "Faith, Suffering, Peace"

Mark 5:21-34

For roughly two centuries American churches and denominations were prolific in starting schools and churches. This explosion of growth was a function of the westward expansion of the United States across the North American continent, resulting in the conversion of the American wilderness to agricultural,and industrial use, as well as metropolitan areas.

The Evangelical Covenant Church is no exception. A relatively small band of Swedish immigrants began a hospital and school on the far northern outskirts of Chicago. Today Swedish Covenant Hospital and North Park University exist because those immigrants believed their faith in Jesus had real consequence for the world around them.

In this week’s scripture reading a desperate woman seeks out Jesus. Jesus responds to her in three ways: he affirmed her faith, he freed her from her suffering, and he sent her into the world with peace.

Those churches and denominations that started hospitals and schools did so as an extension and expression of their faith in Jesus. They believed that Jesus commissioned them to Nurture Faith, Free the Suffering, and Inspire Peace those found them. They understood those hospitals and schools as an embodiment of that commission.

Today it isn’t logistically feasible for churches or denominations to start churches or schools from scratch they way they did 150 years ago. The times have changed, but that commission hasn’t. Jesus continues to call his people to Nurture Faith, Free the Suffering, and Inspire Peace those around us. The task before us is to create the most meaningful and significant means for Nurturing Faith, Freeing the Suffering, and Inspiring Peace in the world around us.

**VESPERS Canceled for June 11th!**

Mark Your Calendars!

We will have a Family Meeting on Sunday, June 12th immediately following the service to discuss our experiences with our trial run of 2 services.  Food will be served as a youth fundraiser.

**If you haven't filled out a feedback survey, please do so by or before Sunday.  We really want to hear from everyone!  There are additional forms on the Welcome Table in the Gathering Space.

VBS Decorating

We need volunteers to help decorate the church for VBS on Friday morning starting at 8:30 am.

Less than one week to go

VBS starts on Sunday!  
Parents - please make sure to drop off your child(ren) by 6:15 pm.  
Volunteers - dinner will be provided for you and your children Monday through Wednesday starting at 5:30. If you are unable to come for dinner, please be at the church no later than 6:00 pm. 

We invite all family members to join us on Thursday night for a Picnic BBQ Celebration and night of fun!

New Women's Bible Study

What: Jesus Calling: Living a Life of Worship
When: Weekly starting Monday July 11th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm for 8 weeks
Who: All women are welcome
Time commitment: Very little to no homework required
There is a sign up sheet in the Gathering Space.

Call/text Crystal Secrest at (952)237-6245 with any questions.

  6:15 pm   Youth - Thunderroad outing
  6:30 pm   Men's Bible Study
  7:30 pm   Heroclix

Friday 6/10

  8:30 am     VBS Decorating

Sunday 6/12

  9:30 am     Worship Service
10:30 am     Family Meeting
:15 pm     VBS starts

Monday 6/13

  6:15 pm     VBS 

Tuesday 6/14

   6:15 pm     VBS 

Wednesday 6/15

  6:15 pm     VBS 

Thursday 6/16

   6:15 pm     VBS 

Saturday 6/18

   8:00 am     Men's Breakfast 

Ministry Assignments


Sunday, June 12, 2016


Sunday School Nursery

Worship Nursery
Karin Youngberg & Melissa Schutte

Children's Church
Heidi McKean & Molly McFarland

Scripture Reader
Veronica Stoneall

Roger M / Mark G

Featured Musician(s)

Jan Fleming

Katherine Ekse

Prayer Circle
Jung Um

Worship Team
Anna, Molly, Ella, Rosie, Jung, Felipe, Kevin

Sound Operator
Mike Greco

2016 VBS Offering

The offering that the children raise at Mission Moments for VBS next week will go to benefit children in Thailand by building a playground.  To read more about this mission, click on this link:


Both Harlan & Mona TenNapel and John & Jan Goodale celebrate their 45th wedding anniversaries on June 12th!
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