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December 2015

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Time to Eat, Drink be Merry AND think ...
It’s that time of year (I don’t just mean the ‘time to eat, drink and be merry’ time of year), it’s THAT time of year. The one where we stop, we think, we reflect and we dream.
Even myself, a semi-experienced runner, looking back at my running through 2015, a massive PB in the Wokingham Half Marathon, running ‘Man Vs Mountain’ a 26 mile race up Snowdon, the 200 hundred women whom have passed through the Running Bugs courses of Elite Conditioning. Am I happy? Of course I am but (there’s always a but!) I have never had a year with so many DNS (did not starts) where health and tiredness played havoc with my immune system. I sit here planning goals and resolutions for 2016 with great enthusiasm and determination but this coming year IS GOING to be different instead of it being a long list of ‘to do’s’ I will have a plan of action for each one. How to get there, what I need to do, instead of thinking of each as a one goal, thinking of each point as a journey to the final goal.

We are all great at coming up with that list of resolutions and have all the best intentions on the 1st January but once life kicks in we fall back into our old patterns and ways of life.

How can you make sure you stick with YOUR RUNNING goals?

Get some good kit, one that you LOVE to wear, if you feel good you’ll more likely to stick to it

Sign up for an early spring race NOW! Not only will you get that buzz when you finish but you’ll have a medal to show for your efforts

Commit to the race with a friend, if you know your attending the race with a friend you’ll stay accountable as you won’t want to let them down

Take a before picture, as runners whom join my groups I never focus on weight loss but some of the transformations this year have been ‘WOW’ even if the scales don’t show the llbs they dreamed of losing the inches have ‘poof’ gone

Talk about it on social media, get people asking you. The more friends and family who know your goal the better chance of keeping focus as if only you know that let that little voice in your head can creep in and say ‘don’t worry your only letting yourself down if you don’t run’

Set the ‘journey. If your goal is 5k by March, set mini goals in-between. 2k running by end of January, 3k by valentines day. See if there are any smaller ‘fun runs’ on the path to your race to test yourself. If it’s a spring time marathon how about a Half marathon at the half way point in training?

Remember though a plan will only work if you work too, break it down into baby steps and feel that sense of achievement as you head along your journey to your end goal.

Whatever your running level make this year you turn your running into a journey, one which brings you the joy and accomplishment YOU set. Make this YOUR year to achieve the unthinkable.

Now go eat, drink, be merry and plan plan plan !

If you need a helping hand you know where we are


Events Elite Conditioning Running bugs will be represented at the following events in early 2016:

Sunday 24th January - Windsor 5k and 10k - 

Saturday 20th February - Windsor Chocolate run -

Saturday 20th February - Windsor 5k and 10k -

Sunday 21st February - Wokingham Half Marathon -

Saturday 30th April - Tough Mudder, Henley -

If you want to join the Elite Conditioning Running Bugs Tough Mudder team add yourself to our exclusive group on facebook -

Next term
It's an exciting term from January, with 9 Instructors, ***ALL NEW*** Venues including Bracknell, Warfield, Lower Earley, Twyford and Farnborough, ***ALL NEW*** courses including the Reading Half Marathon Lady Butterflies course, Lady Bugs and Babes and Lady Dragonflies introduction to trail running.

It really it the perfect chance to start your journey with Elite Conditioning or extend your running capabilities and push yourself further, faster or find a new challenge on the trail.

Key date: In collaboration with Challenge Fitness, we are holding a Foam Rollering Workshop for runners. Pencil in the date for Friday 22nd Ja
nuary at 12.30 pm.

In the workshop you will understand how the foam rollering works and be shown how to use the roller to help sort out your muscles. It is primarily a PRACTICAL workshop – just enough “science” to help you understand why you are doing it. The cost will be £13.00 for the one hour workshop including Q& A session.

Running Bug of the year
At the end of every term we select a Running Bug of the term for each group and we have seen Stacey win for Yateley, Jennifer in Woodley, Claire in Wokingham and Justine in Caversham. Well done Ladies.

Now it's time to announce The Running Bug of the year ! So many of you have had a fabulous running journey with Elite Conditioning in 2015 and it's never easy to pick a winner but this year's title goes to .....

Victoria Newman

Victoria has run with the Cantley Running bugs for many years now trying out every course on offer (even the dreaded 'speed' training courses available throughout the summer - her pet hate). She now has taken on the Lady Butterflies Wokingham Half Marathon course, something I know she thought she would NEVER do. But following months of hard work, confidence building and a fantatstic journey with the FIT, LEAN and HAPPY programme with Fasttrack Fitcamp she is now achieving distances she only once ever dreamed of. 

Great motivation and commitment ! Well done Victoria ! You'll be winning a selection of items from my 12 days of Christmas gifts.

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