Election Contest Appeal Moves Forward
and State Senator Speaks Out

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Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we have successfully
filed our final brief with the Third Court of Appeals

Computerized voting machines have been operating for over a decade and Texans don't trust them--and now we know why.  Dr. Laura Pressley's historic election contest has uncovered electronic voting machine corruption errors, security breaches, missing back up tapes and no ballot images exist for a legal recount.  

Candidates all over Texas have known about these illegalities for over a decade and Pressley is the first to take the responsibility to address them in the Texas courts.

Pressley's critical appeal and final legal brief was recently filed with the Third Court of Appeals in Travis County.  Completion of Pressley's brief is a result of the support of so many that have spread the word, have contributed and enabled this case to move forward.  Thank you to everyone!

Breaking News for 2016 Primaries:  Similar Illegalities and serious election irregularities, that occurred in Pressley's election, recently recurred in Texas counties during the 2016 Primaries. 
  • Hart InterCivic electronic voting machines, used in over 100 counties in Texas, do not store ballot images as required by law for recounts,
  • Poll Watchers witnessed more corruption errors on main tabulation computers on election night,
  • Texas Secretary of State's Election Division issued waivers for counties to not print backup/results tapes for Early Voting and Election Day before equipment left the polling places,
  • Secretary of State's Election Division issued waivers to all 254 Texas counties to not audit paper ballot results,
  • Poll watchers were obstructed from monitoring main tabulation computers on Election Day,
  • A county refused to post precinct results and attempted to charge a fee for official precinct level Early and Election Day voting results as required by law, and
  • Votes were flipped on computer screens.

State Senator Questions Election Integrity

Austin Press Release--"Texas election laws are not being followed in many counties. Without this consistency, and with the 'it's the way we do it' attitude, this has greatly opened the door to fraud."

"Because current Texas election practices and procedures are inconsistent, it is not possible to truthfully validate any election result or conduct a legally sufficient ballot recount in the Texas counties where 'electronic' voting, without a paper trail, is being allowed."

"...Secretary of State’s office should cease issuing waivers that instruct county election officials to operate elections unlawfully and in an inconsistent manner across the state."
The Honorable Texas State Senator Robert "Bob" Hall questions election waivers (given by the Texas Secretary of State) which purport to give permission to counties to violate election laws .

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