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Spotlight on Tropical Fruit



  • Asmucotar is looking for ethical buyers for camu camu pulp.
  • Arcasy wants to expand their markets for their wild cocoa beans worldwide.
If you are interested or you know someone that could be interested in helping our producers to reach new markets please contact us


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The women of Asmucotar have been working since 1999 and have become a leading example of a co-operative working model in Tarapacá Colombia. Their production plant processes regional fruits (mainly Camu Camu) in order to transform and commercialize them into products with value added, such as frozen pulps or jams.

Overcoming challenges of sugarcane production, 36 communities organized themselves into a cooperative, CADO, which supported by CRACYP improved its technology for purification. CADO produces high quality panela, antiseptic alcohol and the only organic chocolate cream liqueur in the world.

Simiatug is a vast territory located behind the highest volcano in Ecuador, Chimborazo, and also one of the poorest regions in the country. In the 1990s women  begun to organize to improve livelihoods out of the resources available locally creating Simiatug SAMAI (“the spirit of Simiatug”), and are now producers of exquisite organic herbs.

Mapajo is a micro-enterprise based in Alto Beni, Bolivia. Mapajo begun with fruit processing with the idea of giving an added value to the products of farmers from successional agroforestry systems (SAFS) plots, paying fair prices for their work and the good it brings to Mother Earth.

This is a small farm born with a mission: to show that small agroecological farms can provide a living, improve soils and ecosystems. Huerta de Ina produces delightful award-winning, creative exotic jams and preserves.
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