FYI News report #2 June 2016 WSA
Birthday Bapak
Letter of Elias Dumit, WSA chairperson
WSA Executive
- Call fo applications web/IT coordinator
- WCOTeam - letter of the WCOT coordinator Romina
- WSC 2016 meeting in Spain: observers welcome!
- WSA Connect #1 is online!
International Helpers
- New helper cards
- Working on the revised edition of the helper's guide
- Gatherings and Nat. Congresses
- Zones 3&4 in Poland
- Gathering of the Americas in Cali/Colombia
- Basara Youth Camp, Rungan Sari
- Subud UK and Subud USA, national congresses International
Activities in the Zones
- News from the zones 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8
- News from Affiliates & Wings
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Today on June 22nd, we would like to commemorate the Birthday of Bapak. Expressing our deep gratitude for having brought to us the gift of the latihan kejiwaan. Also for being an outstanding example and forbearer of how to work for our Subud brotherhood, putting the receivings of the latihan into practice.


Dear brothers and sisters,
Welcome to our second edition of the news report of the WSA Executive team.

Some major meetings are approaching (Poland, Colombia, Spain) and we are looking forward to meeting you there and have time to discuss and come into dialogue about the different topics we are working on at this time, as these were given to us by the delegates of the 14th World Congress in Puebla. If you are interested to refresh your memory, you are welcome to download them
here .   

We just published our first eMagazine "WSA connect", if you haven't seen or read it, below you will find a link to read online or download. 
Your ideas, comments and questions are very welcome, please write to to Salamah, the WSA secretary and administrator. If you would like to talk to us in person, please look into our calendar below to see which WSA and WSC members will be at which meeting(s).

Please be sure to add "" to your email contact list (this helps to distinguish email sent from this address as "friendly"). If you are not yet signed up, you may do so here.
With love to you all
for the WSA team
Letter from Elias Dumit, chairperson
The WSA is all of us
The World Subud Association is the vehicle that has brought the latihan kejiwaan to each one of us and that will bring it to the future generations. 
The WSA has the mandate to carry on this mission initiated by Bapak. As Subud members participating in our groups, regions, in our countries, all together, we form the World Subud Association. Therefore, we carry this mission together.
The WSA needs your participation and support.
I can say we have a harmonious team serving at the international level, sharing a common sense of guidance and direction. But we are a small number of people so we need your support to facilitate the completion of some projects and to comply with good governance.

We are open to individuals who have some skill or expertise to offer, and also to member countries who could partner and collaborate in some kind of project or financially.

For instance, Subud Australia recently presented to us their successful project of implementing membership electronic identification, based on a secure digital wallet. They have offered us help in sharing this experience and opening a dialogue with other countries. 
Another topic: The whole structure of Subud web presence still needs to be redeveloped so that it gets a harmonized visual identity, security and content both for public and for Subud members only. In this edition of FYI our Executive Chair Ismanah is opening a call for applicants to help us in IT management.

So please stay tuned and help us take Subud forward.
Love from Elias

> please send your messages to the WSA office.
Call for Action 
Call for Applications
Coordinator for IT/Websites

The Coordinator is a voluntary position and will be confirmed by testing of the international helpers and appointed by the WSA Executive chair.  This person works in close conjunction with the WSA Executive and will be bound by their instructions and objectives; reporting is directly to the WSA Executive. The duration of the working agreement is set for 4 years but is subject to be confirmed at next World Congress 2018 by the incoming WSA Executive.  Download call for application ...
WSA Executive -   What is new?

World Congress Organizing Team

Romina Vianden-Prudent writes

Dear sisters and brothers in Subud,
Since the April meeting in Wolfsburg, I get up in the morning and think of you, and you, and you… I want to welcome you in Freiburg, the City in Breisgau which will host our next WorldCongress in 2018.
At the moment we work on a milestone plan, the congress- budget and the software for the registration. What triggers me and others in the team, moves me to spend my time in WCOT meetings, skype-conferences and Phone-calls? It´s because I love my sisters and brothers in Subud and I want to work together with you to put into practice the Latihan Kejiwaan of Subud. This is the center of our efforts: to give space to the Latihan, to make possible and to witness the flourishing of sisters and brothers on their way developing their inner qualities.
Continue reading...

Preparing the meeting of the World Subud Council

- observers are welcome!

The 2016 meeting of the World Subud Council will be in Salobreña / Spain (near Orgiva) from the 24th - 30th September. Observers to the meeting are welcome. There will be no separate gathering program, just the meetings of the World Subud Council which of course are open to Subud members around the world interested to attend. We will have our daily latihans and visit the Alpujarras Subud group in Jaramuza/Orgiva one afternoon. 

If you would like to attend, please make your reservation directly at the Hotel Salobreña (web address). The special rate of € 40,- (full board in double room) also applies to observers of the WSC meeting. Please use the code "Congreso Subud grupo 2" when making your reservation.
More information on the Hotel and reservation... 


WSA Connect
-bringing members together around the world-

Our first issue is online! (To read and/or download, click on the following links)
The English version
The Spanish version
The French version
The Indonesian version will be online shortly.


Bapak's Advice and Guidance for Helpers (BAGH)
A team of international helpers is woking on the new "Bapak's Advice and Guidance for Helpers" book. Our aim is to be able to make the revised helpers guide available in five languages (English, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Russian) at the World Congress in Freiburg.

New Helper Cards!
The new helper cards are on their way to the international helpers. A new , easier and faster process  an online form is in preparation. We will let you know more details as soon as it is ready to be used. 

Bapaks Advice & Guidance for Committees
We would like to present a book for "Subud Committees" as a companion book to the revised helper's guide. We are setting up a working group for this companion book "Bapak's Advice and Guidance for Committees".  Details will be agreed at the WSC meeting in September in Spain.

Basara Youth Camp

Tauhid Pandji writes for the 'Basara 2016 Team':
Basara now has a website:  please visit it to find all information about the
Basara Youth Camp, you can make your registration easily through the online form! The website also features:

  • A virtual map of Rungan Sari where you can see the location of the activities and accommodations during Basara from an aerial point of view. It also contains an array of information such as history of the places (MSC, Latihan Hall, Sei Gohong Guesthouse, etc) compiled from various sources.
  • Program timetable which shows Basara's full schedule from Day 1 to Day 10 (plus additional activities to Pamulang and Sukamulya on Day 11)
  • A curated photo and video gallery of Youth and Kalimantan-related things from various sources. It also includes photos of Bapak's travel to Kalimantan in 1980 and a film documentation of the first Basara in 1992. 
  • A blog section which will act as a community space where hopefully youths around the world will contribute contents, writings and articles - the first Subud Youth magazine ever!
  • Link to a compilation of Bapak's talks on Kalimantan by Rahman Connelly in the blog section. 
  • A list of the Basara team members which could be seen at the "Contact" section. Find more about the youths and adults responsible for the organizing of Basara here.
  • And many others... Explore for yourself and enjoy the website.

We now accept credit and debit card payments via paypal for registrations. Payment can be made in installments and are due on October 31, 2016. Early bird registration is open until July 20 - only 1 month left, so make sure to book asap!

We are welcoming donations from Subud groups and members which can be made from the website through a secure paypal link. A $10,000 fund is being raised to help make it possible for many youths to attend Basara. Currently, we have achieved 9.8% of our fundraising target and still have a long way to go. We hope that Subud groups and members around the world will be moved to help us by making donations.

The website is mobile-friendly, so don't hesitate to visit it from your smartphones and tablets! 


- Join the Force in 2016!

Volunteering: what can it do for you?

When we evoke the concept of volunteering, the images and feelings that come to mind are usually about serving and giving to others or to a deserving cause. But think again! Time and again volunteers talk about getting much, much more out of a volunteer experience than they put in. Continue reading...  

CALENDAR - Where to meet members from the World Subud Council!
July 23 - August 3 European gathering 
Zones 3 & 4
- Zone meetings
- World Congress
- Yes-Quest
- SICA meeting
Olsztyn/Poland WSA Team (Elias, Lucia, Ismanah, Hilaria), Armand (WSA Archive Coord.), Elisa (WSA Translations Coord.) IH Area 2, Isti Jenkins (IH Area 1), Sebastian Flynn (SICA), SDIA board of directors, Rhyana Blakely (SYIA), Maxwell Fraval (SIHA), Michael Heathcote (MSF)
July 6 -10 National Congress
Subud USA
Indianapolis USA IH Area 3, Elias, Salamah
August 10 -17 Gathering of the Americas
- Amanecer, Gran Salon
Cali/Colombia Elias, (Lucia), (Ismanah,) Hilaria, Area 3 IH, Fernando Fatah (Zone 7), Paloma Muñoz (Zone 8), Uraidah Arratia (Zone 9), Felix Prieto (SICA), Kohar Parra (SDIA), George Demers (SYIA), Marston Gregory (MSF)
August 7-14 National Congress
Subud Britain
Culford School, Bury St. Edmonds Elwyn
September 24 -30 WSC 2016 meeting Orgiva/Spain WSC members
MSF trustees
SPI trustees
October 7 - 9 National Congress
Subud Spain
Alicante Elias Dumit
IH Area 2
December 28 - January 8 2017 Basara Youth Camp Rungan Sari /Kalimantan SYIA, SDIA; SICA, IH, Yes Quest, HFC, Elias, Lucia, Ismanah, Anwar 
January 2017 National Congress
Subud Australia
Adelaide, Australia Elias, Ismanah, Anwar
International Helpers Travel Information
Area 1
IH travels to end of year, Rashida Cooper, Rosario Moir, Lewis Haywood, and Matthew Moir plan on visiting the following countries on the dates indicated: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) - July 16 -19,  Singapore - July 21 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - July 22 - 24. 

Area 2
IH travels in June
Ukraine AGM end of June – Sahlan, Dahliani and Sjarifah.
Further the Area 2 IH will be going to the European gathering in Poland from July 24 - August 3
Area 3
Myriam and Hoan Toan plan on attending the US congress in early July 6 - 10.
All international helpers from Area 3 will attend the Gathering of the Americas in Cali/Colombia from August 8 - 17.
European Gathering in Olsztynek, Poland
Zone 3 & 4 Meeting  24.07. - 03.08.2016  
Family and Youth Camp  -  23rd to the 30th of July 2016
The area where this European Gathering will take place is the beautiful lake district of Masuria (or Mazury in Polish), in the north eastern part of the country, south of the small city of Olsztynek. Over 350 people have registered for this amazing gathering, with around 400 beds available in total -so register soon!  
More information and registration...
Gathering of the Americas
from 10 - 17 August in Cali Colombia. This will be a very special time for all the Americas and guests from our Subud World. Colombia is excited and preparing everything to welcome all guests. The gathering committee has chosen to use the same premises used in 1979 by Bapak and his family during their visit to Cali. The focus of the gathering will be kejiwaan activities. For registration an more information go to


Congratulations to the new Subud Portugal Committee!
President – Anna Louisa Lopez ,  CC - Lucas Almeida, Secretary - Filomena Ricciardi, Treasurer – Sara Pinto
France National Congress
Olivia Brady, Sahlan Crona and Sjarifah Roberts writing:
We arrived in beautiful sunshine in the center where the Congress was to be held, near Tours in the center of France. The venue was situated in a beautiful wood just breaking out in fresh green.  Already the national helpers had had a meeting with Olivia, who arrived earlier. Continue reading...

European Gathering in Poland / ZONE 3 & 4 Meeting 2016
23 July - 3 August 2016

Draft program of the Zone3 & 4 meeting and gathering for download
More information and registration:

Salamah LeClaire writes

On March 6, 2016, our brother and representative from Zone 6 Rida Liobo Loote announced to us that the very long process to gain full award of the land in Kingantoko was ended and that a favorable decision was handed to Subud.  The land now officially belongs to Subud Congo at Kingantoko.  We would like to thank very much all the efforts by our brothers and sisters and the financial support given to the process by the Guerrand Hermes Foundation for Peace (GHFP).

Here is an email sent to us by Rida:
Dear brothers and sisters:
On Sunday, March 6 Subud Kingantoko will celebrate the legal victory awarding the land in dispute to Subud with a selamantan and latihan. This decision not only benefits Subud Congo but also all the members throughout the world. We thank God.


Subud East Coast Regional Gathering USA
May 27 – 30, 2016

Congratulations to the new East Coast Regional Committee:
Lillian Thomas and Muhsin Bustillo

Salamah LeClaire writes:
A number of old and new members came together over the Memorial day weekend to attend the East Coast Regional Gathering at the Amani Center in Maryland.  The purpose of this meeting was to find a new committee for the region.  continue reading...

Paloma Muñoz writes

Preparation for the Gathering of the Americas (10th -17th August 2016) is in full progress. Please go to our website for more information and to register. See you in Cali!


Lillian Shulman writes

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation is once again giving Subud groups which have houses they would like to upgrade into more ecologically/environmentally friendly establishments to develop a proposal for some funds to assist them in their projects.  The grants are for $5,000 USD and there are three being awarded this year. If you are interested to know more on how to qualify for a grant read more here (add link)
May be downloaded from the MSF website:
Submission deadline
Applications must be received by August 15, 2016 and electronically submitted to: Lillian Shulman, MSF Grant Administrator,

Hadrian Fraval writes

SES International has a new website. Each month or two, we’ll drop you a line to let you know when the website has been updated with fresh news and articles. See further below for details of how to register on the website and also how to unsubscribe from these emails if you don’t wish to receive them.  The latest articles are listed below. Some of these articles are members-only, so please read the information about registering Continue reading...      
Or just go direct to the website here.

SDIA supports a network of 22 national organizations and 33 projects from 27 countries that help human beings reach their full potential. Find out more...

Sebastian Flynn, chair
The Culture Compass workshop is gaining a reputation as a means of affirming inner direction and Sebastian is due to present it to a leadership and motivation program at Queensland University of Technology in May. Further, he hopes to continue facilitating the workshop for the World Wellness Groups in Brisbane. He plans to present it in Lewes, England in early July prior to the gathering in Poland.  

World Subud Association (WSA) - How to donate
We believe the WSA exists to support the practice and expression of the latihan and the human activities that arise from it. WSA is the umbrella organization for the world wide Subud community, which includes 54 member countries. There are Subud members in 83 countries around the globe.
We believe that support and action go hand-in-hand, and so it is the actions of the total WSA, in all its multi-faceted aspects, that drive our fundraising. There is great possibility when people work together to improve their communities. Your actions motivate others to get involved. WSA is registered as a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. USA. We invite you to join us with your financial support.
We will add a subscription link to our websites and if you are not yet receiving this newsletter and the WSA Connect eMagazine directly. Until this feature is available, you may subscribe by clicking on this link.

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