Translation will follow soon
due to congresses and gatherings we have not been able to translate in time
traducción seguira pronto 
por los congresos y encuentros no hemos podido terminar las traducciones a tiempo
traduction suivra bient
en raison de congrès et rassemblements nous avons pas été en mesure de traduire dans le temps

FYI  #3 July 2016  

Recommendation from the 14th World Congress
WSA Work in Progress
- Call for WC Logo → download 
- Launching Fundraising Initiative
- WSC in Spain- information for observers
- Subud in the Digital Era
- World Congress Newsletter #2 → link
- WSA Archive Cilandak
New Committee
Subud USA
Zone 3 Andrea Vivit resigns, SUFYA video
Zone 4 Report from the Ukraine national congress
Zone 7 SUSA - national Congress → download report 
Wings & Affiliates
MSF - call for applications
SESI News --> read Newsletter #2
SYIA letter George Demers

BASARA - fundraising
Human Force Camp (HFC) in Rungan Sari /Kalimantan
Video Human Force Camp Puebla
Subud Youth and Families Association Britain - video
Subud Voice - the July issue is online
Subud Publications International  
Online Subudlibrary
Subud Centers
Centerprise in Los Angeles
Gatherings / Meetings / National Congresses
How to donate  

Dear brothers and sisters,
Welcome to our newsletter FYI. This is a summer with wonderful international gatherings ahead of us: the European gathering in Poland. Zone 3 & Zone 4 are organizing their respective zone meetings together with a Family and Youth gathering. The Gathering of the Americas in Colombia will follow up soon, having as it's main content everything around the kejiwaan. Even the organizational parts will be looked at from this perspective. A strong presence of the wings will support members in exploring the possibilities of putting the latihan into practice at both gatherings.
One of the responsibilities of the World Subud Council (WSC) is to implement the resolutions and recommendations from World Congress. The zone meetings in Poland will focus - besides the important topics specific to their zones - on these resolutions and recommendations.
We would like to draw your attention to a specific recommendation, presented by Subud Italy on behalf of the Zone 3. To implement this recommendation, give it life and reality, it needs the support and effort from all members. We would like to come into a dialogue with you during the European gathering in Poland as well as at the America's Gathering in Colombia. You can read and download the complete recommendation here, and the complete list of all recommendations and resolutions from the 14th World Congress
We will take your input form these meetings and gatherings to the meeting of the World Subud Council in Spain in September.
Please be sure to add "" to your email contact list (this helps to distinguish email sent from this address as "friendly"). If you are not yet signed up, you may do so here.
With love to you all & looking forward to meeting you in Poland, Colombia, and Spain"
for the WSA team

'On the Development of Subud in the World'

Proposal presented by SUBUD ITALY on behalf of the Zone 3
to the 14th World Congress in Puebla and resolved by the World Congress as recommendation for the World Subud Council:

"We resolve that our international Subud organization, and especially the helpers, pay more attention to the outer development of Subud in line with Bapak's constant encouragement to make the latihan 'visible' in the world through working together on projects and enterprises; that we look at ways in which our organization at every level can help members to discover their talents and share their skills and expertise to work together to put this into practice."  Continue reading ...  

World Congress 2018 in Freiburg

Call for the official Logo

We are happy to take the first steps towards the World Congress in Germany, Freiburg 2018:

the WSA Executive would like to reach out to all Subud members who would like to participate in the competition to design the official logo for the 15th Subud World Congress. The selected logo will be used on the official congress website, letters, banners, flags, etc. .
Any Subud member is eligible to submit a design according to the requirements below. Participation is on a voluntary basis and the designers should be willing to transfer the copyright of the logo to the World Subud Association.
The deadline will be 1st September 2016. Please use the following email address to submit your design:

Download the complete call for World Congress logo proposal


Nurture the tree - Funding the Future of Subud

Target for 2016 is US$ 250,000
 Hilaria Dette, WSA Treasurer
Dear brothers and sisters,
I’d like to share with you news of the current financial situation of the World Subud Association (WSA) and look at ways of how we can all contribute to a secure future for Subud, nurturing the growth of our Subud tree.

The Subud tree shows the fruits to be visible within the next years and the means of how we are getting there. At the roots you can see how the tree can be nurtured by all of us.  Continue reading

Presentation of the "Funding the Future of Subud" initiative

Call for Applications
IT Coordinator (internet, websites, software)

The Coordinator is a voluntary position and will be confirmed by testing by the international helpers and appointed by the WSA Executive chair.  This person works in close conjunction with the WSA Executive and will be bound by their instructions and objectives; reporting is directly to the WSA Executive. The duration of the working agreement is set for 4 years but is subject to be confirmed at next World Congress 2018 by the incoming WSA Executive.
WSA Executive news

Preparing the meeting of the World Subud Council

Observers welcome!

The 2016 meeting of the World Subud Council will be in Salobreña / Spain (near Orgiva) from the 24th - 30th September. Observers to the meeting are welcome. There will be no separate gathering program, just the meetings of the World Subud Council which of course are open to Subud members around the world interested to attend. We will have our daily latihans and visit the Alpujarras Subud group in Jaramuza/Orgiva one afternoon. 

If you would like to attend, please make your reservation directly at the Hotel Salobreña (web address). The special rate of € 40,- (full board in double room) also applies to observers of the WSC meeting. Please use the code "Congreso Subud grupo 2" when making your reservation.
More information on the Hotel and reservation... 


World Congress Newsletter No. 2

Rainer Gilhofer writes
The latest newsletter (no. 2) from the World Congress Organizing Team is online. Please follow the links below in your language to read and subscribe for the upcoming newsletters to stay informed about the work and progress of the WCOTeam:

Newsletter-Archive & subscription

German  –  English  –  Spanish  –  French

You will also find the archive of the so far sent newsletters.

Subud in the Digital Age
Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg

The digital tools we have at our service require a review of our policies and procedures. Many new questions arise:

How do the internet and social media and it’s accompanying technologies support the aims of Subud, the collaboration with each other and working together? How does it help us to communicate better - both on national and international level?  

And what are the challenges, even dangers that these technologies bring with them to our international, national and local organizations? To individual members? 

The challenges can be of a very practical nature: how do we preserve all the hundreds and thousands of digital born documents? What does this mean for the WSA Archives, for the storing of important information created in the digital era?

On the other hand, there are very troubling prospects ahead: the different fundamentalistic religious movements are uprising all over the world. Hate, fear and little to no understanding for other religious beliefs than their own, is spreading at an incredible speed among people of various religious groups. Fear mongering is widely spread and used to reach power.

What does this mean for the Subud organization in general and for members in particular? Besides our responsibility to put the latihan into practice with our understanding and love for other cultures and religions; we also need to protect the good name of Subud and the safety of Subud members living in countries with this kind of turmoil.

We all know what can happen if extracts or quotes are used out of context, brought into a different context than that meant by who spoke them. I assume that many of us have examples of our own experience with this. Picking out parts of Bapak's or Ibu's words could be used to underline our own points of view. 

We need to come into a dialogue  and mutual understanding about this topic and its implications: 
"Subud and the digital era"

What do you think about posting talks online in Facebook and on the internet in the face of the current happenings in the world? What does Bapak's and Ibu Rahayu's recommendation to make talks only available to Subud members mean to you? How do we view the importance to understand these talks as explanations but not as rules? And last but not least: many quotes only get their real understanding if read in the context of the complete talk where they come from, what is your experience?

So where are the red and green lines, how do we deal with this? An adapted policy is needed. The development and application of shared principles, decision-making procedures, and good governance applied to the use of these technologies and communication channels are necessary.

For the WSA Executive, our guidelines are based on the following:

- protect the good name of Subud
- comply with the copyright responsibilities of WSA
- respect Bapak's and Ibu's advice to make them available for Subud members
- respect Ibu Rahayu's advice and wish not to publish openly online in the internet and on social media (like Facebook and YouTube). 
- protect the safety of members in politically difficult countries

We are more than happy to have as many members as possible reading (or listening) to Bapak's and Ibu's talks. So circulating within Subud members (email, listservers) is of course part of fair use. What we are asking is that whenever a talk or an excerpt is published in a book, a newsletter (openly online), this needs our written consent and quoting needs to be done in an advised manner.

Talks openly available on Facebook (own page, open groups): this is a clear 'pleas do not'. We kindly ask you all  to respect that they are „for Subud members“ and Ibu Rahayu’s requested not to have them online for the public.

We would like to hear your thoughts and experiences on this!

Our initiative is to raise awareness, to come to a common understanding of this situation and find solutions. Talk to us! Members of the WSA team and the WSC will be present at the European Gathering in Poland and at the America's Gathering in Colombia. 

You can also send me a message: ismanah.wsaexec{at}subud.orgor talk to me directly,
My skype name is 'lightspectrals'

WSA Archive Cilandak
Ashadi Waclik reports

Dear reader,
Following is a brief update from the Cilandak Archives. Rather than recounting all our daily routine (but essential) activities in detail, such as ongoing work of keeping current material stored safely and appropriately, processing new material that is being collected and providing managed access, we highlight some of the non- routine activities that may be of interest:
  • Over last Christmas through the generous help of Dahlan Foah, the archives were able to collect the original versions and a full digitised copy of Susila Budhi Dharma being sung in Javanese. This recording was sung by Ibu Sugiarto, who had been asked to sing it due to her good voice and skills to sing the traditional Javanese classical style. This recordings originally came from Lorenzo Music to Lucas Richman and then to Dahlan, who generously donated his time and funds to get these tapes digitised and then sent to the archives for safe keeping   continue reading

CALENDAR - Where to meet members from the World Subud Council!
July 23 - August 3 European gathering 
Zones 3 & 4
- Zone meetings
- World Congress
- Yes-Quest
- SICA meeting
Olsztyn/Poland WSA Team (Elias, Lucia, Ismanah, Hilaria), Armand (WSA Archive Coord.), Elisa (WSA Translations Coord.) IH Area 2, Isti Jenkins (IH Area 1), Sebastian Flynn (SICA), SDIA board of directors, Rhyana Blakely (SYIA), Maxwell Fraval (SIHA), Michael Heathcote (MSF)
August 10 -17 Gathering of the Americas
- Amanecer, Gran Salon
Cali/Colombia Elias, (Ismanah,) Hilaria, Area 3 IH, Sahlan Crona, Dahliani Drejza (IHs Area2), Fernando Fatah (Zone 7), Paloma Muñoz (Zone 8), Uraidah Arratia (Zone 9), Felix Prieto (SICA), Kohar Parra (SDIA), George Demers (SYIA), Marston Gregory (MSF)
August 7-14 National Congress
Subud Britain
Culford School, Bury St. Edmonds Elwyn
September 24 -30 WSC 2016 meeting Salobreña / Spain WSC members
MSF trustees
SPI trustees
October 7 - 9 National Congress
Subud Spain
Alicante Elias Dumit
IH Area 2
December 28 - January 8 2017 Basara Youth Camp Rungan Sari /Kalimantan SYIA, SDIA; SICA, IH, Yes Quest, HFC, Elias, Lucia, Ismanah, Anwar 
January 2017 National Congress
Subud Australia
Adelaide, Australia Elias, Ismanah, Anwar

International Helpers Travel Information

Area 1
IH travels to end of year, Rashida Cooper, Rosario Moir, Lewis Hayward, and Matthew Moir plan on visiting the following countries on the dates indicated: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) - July 16 -19,  Singapore - July 21 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) - July 22 - 24. Dahliani Drejza and Sahlan Crona will also attend the America's Gathering in Colombia.

Area 2
All international helpers will attend the European gathering in Poland from July 24 - August 3.
Area 3
All international helpers from Area 3 will attend the Gathering of the Americas in Cali/Colombia from August 8 - 17.

in Olsztynek, Poland

Zone 3 & 4 Meeting  24.07. - 03.08.2016  
Family and Youth Camp  -  23rd to the 30th of July 2016

The area where this European Gathering will take place is the beautiful lake district of Masuria (or Mazury in Polish), in the north eastern part of the country, south of the small city of Olsztynek. Around 400 people have registered for this amazing gathering.

The World Congress 2018 will be an important topic at this gathering. Wednesday, the 26th of July, the WCOTeam will have a presentation on Freiburg (the World Congress site) and in the afternoon they will organize a "World Café" with questions around the World Congress.  

Presentation of the WSA Archives by Armand Bisson, WSA Archives Coordinator.

More information and registration...

Download the program


10 - 17 August in Cali Colombia 

The gathering will focus on:
  • Kejiwaan activities,
  • Workshops and presentations from:
    • WSA  
    • Zone representatives 7, 8 and 9, 
    • Wings and affiliates: SICA, SDIA, MSF
  • A visit to Amanecer is also scheduled during the gathering.
Registration an more information:


Andrea Vivit - the Zone 3 representative - resigns

On the eve of Idul Fitri, the World Subud Association received an email from Andrea Vivit who stated that due to his path within the Catholic church, he could no longer continue with the latihan of Subud and in consequence his position as representative of Zone 3. 
Although we understand that this was a decision reached not lightly, we are saddened by this news. Andrea has been a long time Subud member who has been dedicated and willing to serve the brotherhood. We will miss his calm and clear thoughts on many issues that we as a Subud organization have to look at. We pray that his journey is blessed and that someday we will meet again. 



National Congress Ukraine

Matyev Maeslov writes

For the organization, we managed to do the necessary preparations for the official re-registration process this year - something we were unable to achieve for the last 9 years due to political turmoil and lack of knowledge, skill and effort. The meetings went smoothly and harmoniously which I attribute to the new committee working together - for my 7 years in Subud Ukraine this was the most peaceful and humane gathering :)
Continue reading...



National Congress Subud USA

Congratulations to the new committee:
Chairperson: Mary Wold
Vice chairperson: Lucas Boladian
SES:  Susannah Rosenthal
SYA co chairs:  Elaine McCartin and Bachtiar Bustillo
SICA:  Hamilton Cheifetz (continues term)
SD: Evan Padilla (continues term)
CC Muftiah McCartin (continues term)

Myriam Ramsey and Hoan Toan (international helpers) write

It was a wonderful and harmonious congress with about 150 members attending. There were two to three general latihans each day. The National Helpers conducted  general test questions after the morning latihan. For those who wished there was time for personal testing and awakening testing.  Continue reading...

News from Subud USA
Subud USA National Congress report




The special edition of the Subud California Sun celebrates the transformation of the Wilshire Center in Los Angeles. It is a success story about a Subud group that has made major changes over the past two years, becoming a successful centerprise with an entrepreneurial approach.

Continue reading...



Lillian Shulman writes

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation is once again giving Subud groups which have houses they would like to upgrade into more ecologically/environmentally friendly establishments to develop a proposal for some funds to assist them in their projects. 
The grants are for $5,000 USD and there are three being awarded this year. If you are interested to know more on how to qualify
for a grant read more here (add link)
May be downloaded from the MSF website:
Submission deadline
Applications must be received by August 15, 2016 and electronically submitted to: Lillian Shulman, MSF Grant Administrator,




Hamida Thomas writes


Dear friends and members of the SD Network,

I would like to say a special thank you to to all of you -  but particularly the SD Nationals who supported the purchase, transport and setting up of the Brickmaking machine for SD Congo: SD Britain, SD Canada, SD France, SD Netherlands, SD Norway, and the Blond Family and the Buchan Family, as well as all the individual donors to SD in all our countries. 

I would also like to thank MSF for helping us to bring Paul Roberge to the Congo, because without him the brick machine would not be working today!  Thank you of course to the Subud members and SD team in the DRC - to Dianteza, to Papy, to Innocent, Philbert, Victorine, Sylvain Kidimbu and Kinzunga who have all been working hard to get the machine into the country, through customs and finally to put it into operation. You are all amazing! 

The objectives of the project where several, and all are important: 

- To provide low-cost, high quality building materials for the schools and health centers that SD Congo is part of developing;- To provide a source of revenue for SD Congo itself, to cover part of the costs of its operations, so it can continue it important work on behalf of communities in need and in the name of Subud. - To provide a royalty on the sale of each Brick to support Subud in the DRC, to support helper travel and other costs of the organization.

This story will soon be coming out in our enews, but because the whole process has taken so long, I wanted to share with you right away that the brickmaking machine is now in operation (see photos below). The message from Paul Roberge below written during our recent trip to the DRC explains how long it takes sometimes to get things done there, where everything seems so hard and slow. It is now two years since we started fundraising for this project with SD Canada and SD France in the lead, the machine arrived in the DRC in October 2015, and finally, only in the last month, was released from customs and put into operation. Paul's short article below helps explain, in part, why all of this took so long. The joy on the faces tells the whole story:

Complete Story will be published in the SDIA Newsletter as well as in the WSA Connect eMagazine. 


SESI news

Hadrian Fraval writes

Welcome to the second edition of the new SESI e-news. We hope you will enjoy the new crop of articles on the SESI website, a taste of which follows below. Among other items, the St Anne’s team asked for the chance to tell their side of the project’s story. There are also two very interesting articles from Indonesia.

A few people experienced some technical difficulties registering on the site first time around. We apologize for that and we believe we’ve got those issues sorted now. But do be patient with us as we get re-established. We’ve repeated instructions for registering on the website at the bottom of this email – please take a moment read them through if you are in any doubt or if you weren’t able to login last time.

Continue reading...

Basara Youth Camp
by George Demers

Subud Youth and the Basara International Youth Gathering
by George Demers

How will our children learn if they don’t see us fly? How will our children fly if we don’t give them the opportunities?
Many, many years ago, when I was a very young man, I came across some words which had a great impact on me at the time. They were - “I am a lover but have yet to find my thing to love” or something similar. I don’t remember who wrote them or where they came from, a poem, an essay, a book? The reason they had such an impact on me at that time in my life was because they so perfectly captured how I was feeling - a dawning awareness of great passion within me, a feeling of intensity and the realization that I did not yet know how to express this passion into the world. I hadn’t yet found my thing to love. Continue reading

Supporting young members
It is also possible to donate directly to Basara. There are two funds established, one to assist youth with registration costs which can be accessed through the Basara website at There you can find a secure paypal link for donations. The other fund is the International Youth Travel Fund to help mitigate the travel costs of those youth who need to travel the farthest. This fund can be contacted through the WSA website.

- Join the Force in 2016!

Human Force Volunteer Program
Kalimantan Indonesia with YPK
December 13th - 22nd
Inclusive of all on-the-ground costs (flights excluded)

We'd also like to remind you of our fast approaching volunteer application deadline of 31st of July so get in quick to reserve your spot and start planning your experience NOW!  
Meet the Human Force team

Now that we've got your attention we'd like to introduce ourselves! Human Force has been running yearly volunteer programs for over 6 years across the globe. We'd like to take the time to re-cap some of our adventures and introduce part of the team that is helping make this year's adventure happen! You can get to know other team members in the next issue.

Read the Newsletter & Register

Enjoy the video of the 2014 Human Force Camp in Puebla:

Human Force Camp 2014 in Puebla Mexico


Subud Youth Family Association | SICA Britain


We are very pleased to finally be able to share our film about SYFA; this is a joint project between SYFA and SICA, that came about when Marius Grose, Mariamah Mount and myself sat around chatting at National Council in March this year. It seemed like a big idea at the time, and we wondered if we would be able to make it happen, and then somehow it just all came together! We will have a higher resolution version to show on big screens in Poland. There are many people to thank for their work in creating this, and you will see their names mentioned at the end of the film. I would like to say a special huge thank you to Marius, who put in so much work and care in editing this film. Here is the 

Love from 
Faustina and Mariamah

SYFA (Subud Youth Family Association) in Subud Britain: joint project between SYFA and SICA Britain.





Harris Smart writes
This issue has a special emphasis on enterprise beginning with a new interview with Tony Manini, the CEO of Asiamet Resources (previously Kalimantan Gold).
We are also marking the creation of a new web site which has been set up by Hadrian Fraval, the current chair of Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI).
The ENTERPRISE SECTION also includes an article by Leonard van Hien about Subud’s “Stuck Shareholders. An article about the Subud Success Panel which were held during the Puebla Congress; and an article by Rashad Pollard about Bapak’s pioneering enterprise, The S Widjojo Building….
This is followed by our usual SICA SECTION featuring a long interview with Marcus Bolt:  News from blues guitarist Roland Flynn who is studying in the USA: A new book from Mardiyah Tarantino: And “The Coffee Man”, a film produced by Roland Fraval.
This issue concludes with some articles which reflect on the state of our world, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan.
Available now for free download at



Just click on one of the books, it will take you directly to the website


In the online subudlibrary you will find Bapak's and Ibu Rahayu's talks (pdf, audio and video). This library is password protected,
in order to access the content you need to request a password through Vernon Contessa, the subudlibrary content manager. 
World Subud Association (WSA) - How to donate

We believe the WSA exists to support the practice and expression of the latihan and the human activities that arise from it. WSA is the umbrella organization for the world wide Subud community, which includes 54 member countries. There are Subud members in 83 countries around the globe.
We believe that support and action go hand-in-hand, and so it is the actions of the total WSA, in all its multi-faceted aspects, that drive our fundraising. There is great possibility when people work together to improve their communities. Your actions motivate others to get involved. WSA is registered as a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. USA. We invite you to join us with your financial support.

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