Site Newsletter 7/27/2015

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Trial Status: 7/20/2015-7/27/2015

Congratulations to Sites Enrolling Participants Week of 7/20/15

Greensboro CRS
Houston AIDS Research Team
Puerto Rico AIDS Clinical Trials Unit CRS
UCSD Antiviral Research Center CRS
Massachusetts Genreal Hospital (MGH) CRS
The Ponce de Leon Ctr. CRS
Vanderbilt Therapeutics (VT) CRS
Penn Therapeutics CRS
Rush University CRS
UT Southwestern
Help Make REPRIEVE a Success: 
Enroll at Least 1 Participant per Week!

Reminder Regarding Site Designation

Please be sure that all site staff who key the eligibility checklists in the Subject Enrollment System (SES) know how to correctly answer the request for Additional Information, see below. This information is used to assign site credit to ACTG sites and to populate several accrual tables in the study database. 

Only ACTG sites should select "ACTG". Only sites that are part of the Canadian HIV Trials Network should select "Canadian HIV Trials Network". All other sites should select “REPRIEVE”.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Training Opportunities

All training call dates and call details are listed on the public 
REPRIEVE website calendar.

Data Management Training Webinar
Wednesday, August 6th 8:00-10:00 AM EDT

This training is a repeat of the data management start-up training that was given in spring.  It is geared for sites that have not yet attended a data management training, or if there are new staff that would benefit from this training.  If staff at your site have not yet completed data management training, this is required for site activation so please make an effort to attend.  Click here for more details.

Stay Tuned for Future ECG Training 
ECG training, which is provided by Quintiles, will be offered toward the end of August, 2015.  An announcement will be sent via email and will be included in the REPRIEVE newsletter, stay tuned. . .

Need a Data Management or A5332 or A5333s Site Training Refresher?
  • REPRIEVE training videos from the Data Management training sessions are located in the Frontier Science portal
  • Slides from the A5332 training calls are available in the Protocol Training folder of the A5332 PSWP, there is also an audio recording available.  
  • Slides from the A5333s training calls are available in the Protocol Training folder of the A5333s PSWP.

Featured Site!  UCLA Care Center CRS

The UCLA Care Center team has shared some tips for successful recruitment:

  • Internal referrals from Care Center physicians. Physician referrals have been very helpful, particularly because the physicians are knowledgeable about the patient’s medical history and can discuss the potential risks/benefits of study participation for the patient.
  • Use the  Research Study Volunteer Project (RSVP) tool if available at your siteThe RSVP is a database of volunteers interested in getting information about the studies that they are eligible for. The RSVP line has been useful in referring patients who are not only interested in hearing more about the study but also meet the requirements for study participation.
  • Outreach teamPatients have reported learning about the study through fliers at their primary care clinics and at outreach events. 
  • Establish rapport with the potential participant.  The coordinator’s ability to establish rapport during the initial phone conversation with the participant is beneficial in making the participant feel comfortable to ask questions and/or to want to participate in the study.
  • Enrollment in the SubstudyParticipants generally are very interested in the opportunity of having the CT Angiogram imaging after the physicians take the time to explain the potential benefits of this procedure as well as explaining to them that this is not a procedure that is generally done during routine care.

What's New on the REPRIEVE (A5332) PSWP?  

Materials on the REPRIEVE (A5332) member website have been reorganized to make it easier to locate documents. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll highlight the contents of these folders:
  Current Protocol Status Announcements 
  Current Protocol Documents (Version 2.0) 
  Protocol-Specific Support Documents (Version 2.0) 
  Lab Resources (Protocol Version 2.0) 
  Site Activation 
  Protocol Training 
  Coenrollment Guidelines 
  REPRIEVE Presentations 
  Recruitment Materials 
  Site Performance 
  Study Monitoring 
  • List of coenrollable studies
  • Prohibited and precautionary medications
  • Network affiliation on eligibility checklists (see reminder above)
  • Slides from these REPRIEVE Trial sessions at the ACTG Network Meeting in June (see REPRIEVE Presentations folder):
    • Gender/Sex Issues in CVD Risk and Risk Reduction 
    • REPRIEVE - Moving a Landmark Trial  
    • REPRIEVE Presentation to CAB 
    • Survival Guide for Reporting Events & Tips for Additional Data Collection 
These documents are on the A5332 PSWP

REPRIEVE (A5332):  Are you up to date? 

For A5332 please use
Protocol: Version 2.0 dated 12/19/14
MOPS: dated 6/15/2015
A5332 LPC for ACTG Sites:
dated 05/06/2015
A5332 LPC for Non-ACTG Sites:
dated 5/06/2015

These documents are on the A5332 PSWP

What's New on the A5333s PSWP?

A5333s IMAGING TIPS V 1.0: dated 07/16/2015

These Imaging Tips from the MGH CT Core Lab review important CT reconstructions and will promote successful CT scanning for the Mechanistic Substudy of REPRIEVE.

Please distribute to your imaging teams!

This document is in the Protocol Training section of the A5333s PSWP
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