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Reading Customer Engagement News So You Don't Have To.

The word of the day is 'people'. Namely, how hard it is understand them. To clarify: basketball is the new Bonaroo, influencers are good unless they're frauds, and your employees just want you to share your feelings.


Not a huge fan of stadiums?

Neither is anyone else, apparently. Thanks to tech advances like 4K TVs and social media, nobody wants to pay big bucks to sit and watch sports when they can do the same at home. With game attendance plummeting, forward-thinking architects want to redesign stadiums to be more experiential with spaces to socialize and engage.

The future is here.  >>> It's like Coachella for jocks

Meanwhile, bowling alleys are saving America

People may not being showing up to watch sports, but they sure are looking to play them. Economists have noticed a boom in bowling alleys over the past few years. Why? It turns out folks are feeling the need for a shared, real-life space where they can find a sense of community and belonging.

Texting doesn't cut it anymore. >>> Plus the shoes are cool

Marketing under the influence

Omnipresent, overwhelming, and undeniably effective, influencers marketing as dominated the Internet for years now. But with as many options as there are Fyre Festival documentaries and a new rule every day, influencer strategy can be a veritable minefield for even the most experienced of marketers. If you're looking for a guide, you've found one.

Here's everything you need to know.  >>> Just say yes

Mobile - it's more that just a city in Alabama

Consumers are increasingly finding ways to use their mobile devices (i.e. smartphones) to augment their shopping experience. Even when customers opt for brick-and-mortar over the infamous Amazon 1-click button, the purchase journey is continuously beginning further and further from the point-of-action thanks to online reviews, unboxing videos, and price comparison sites. What's a venue to do?

Mobile engagement matters.  >>> Is there an app for that?

Hey boss, how ya feelin'?

Good leadership is one of the most crucial ingredients for running a successful business. While you may think ruling with an iron fist is the way to go, turns out employees prefer the friendly handshake of a human being. That is to say, emotional intelligence is underestimated in the workplace.

4 habits that will make you the #1 Boss  >>> That would look great on a mug
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