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What's Happening?

First Nations Energy Forum

The Council of Yukon First Nations and Yukon Development Corporation co-hosted the second Yukon First Nations Energy Forum in Whitehorse May 28-29, 2015. First Nations leaders and representatives from their development corporations gathered from across the territory to learn best practices from the guest speakers who have worked on First Nation-led hydro and energy projects. The guest speakers included: The speakers shared their experiences in energy development from leading the way as energy developers, to partnering with municipal governments and private enterprise, to developing energy projects in their communities and on their lands. They spoke of the differences between project ownership and equity investment, and of the benefits and wealth generated for their communities.

At the Forum, Yukon First Nations leadership and development corporations had an opportunity to continue a conversation regarding energy in the Yukon, to explore how other Canadian First Nations have made investments in the energy sector, and to discuss with each other issues and opportunities for First Nations energy development in the territory. Yukon Development Corporation looks forward to continued engagement with all Yukon First Nations. 
Here are some of the highlights from the presentations:

Pic River First Nation is in the hydro business with investments in various hydro projects in Ontario. They saw an opportunity to become energy developers in projects on their territory as a way to generate wealth for their Nation and have control over how energy is developed. As equity partners they have greater say in how projects are designed and implemented while also sharing in the risk of repairs and maintenance to the facilities. Their three existing hydro facilities are run of river.  Although run of river hydro projects impact the river system the Pic River First Nation feels this type of electrical generation  aligns best with their Core Elder Tenets.

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The First Nations Power Authority is a nonprofit that works with SaskPower, Independent Power Producers and First Nations governments to help represent and protect First Nations interests in the energy sector. They work with First Nations to increase knowledge and understanding of the energy sector and help First Nations make informed decisions about energy projects in their territories, opportunities to get involved and potential partnerships.  

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PEK Group Ltd. is a renewable energy development company dedicated to supporting First Nations and communities who want to benefit from the energy sector. They presented a key project in which a First Nation created a partnership with two local municipalities to develop an energy project in Quebec. Sustainability goals moved the First Nation towards the hydro business. While the project involved heavy upfront investment with long-term debt, the communities are now benefiting from stable returns. 

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The First Nations Financial Management Board oversees the implementation of the First Nation Fiscal Management Act (FMA). The Board provides a framework for First Nations to build fiscal and management capacity and to seek project financing for energy developments by raising capital on the bond market. 

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The Forum concluded with a commitment to keep the energy conversation moving forward. First Nations want to work with YDC to better understand the future electrical energy need and how hydro and other renewables can be possible solutions.

Technical Work

As we roll into summer the Next Generation Hydro team is in research and technical analysis mode. The remaining technical papers will explore the cost, scalability and environmental and socio-economic elements of remaining sites as the screening process continues. Papers will also explore the potential to connect Yukon's electrical grid to the North American Grid. The goal of Phase 1: Project Identification is to explore the hydro potential in the Yukon and to assess the feasibility and potential of various sites. A workshop and public speaking event will be held in the fall to share what we've learned about the feasibility of the sites being reviewed. 

For more information about upcoming events please contact the engagement team.

- The Next Generation Hydro Team - 

Find out more about how we use electricity,  and the challenge of planning for energy and capacity on an isolated grid. Discover what we've learned so far about the forecast for Yukon's future energy and capacity needs.

Upcoming Events

Discover what we've learned so far and share your feedback at one of our upcoming events. 

October 1-2, 2015
- Workshop #3
- Public Speaker Event

Featured Documents

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- Electrical Energy and Capacity Demand Forecast (2035-2065)

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