Project Newsletter - April 28, 2015

What's Happening?

Yukon Development Corporation continues to explore how new hydro can play a role in Yukon’s energy picture 20-50 years from today. Technical work for Phase 1: Project Identification of Next Generation Hydro is ongoing and focused on a detailed assessment of the short list project options. Communities and First Nations that could potentially be affected by the short list projects are being engaged.
Our next major event is the Yukon First Nation Energy Forum May 28th and 29th.  This event is for First Nation leadership and representatives of development corporations. Several guest speakers representing other Canadian First Nations and business corporations who have experience in hydro and energy development will be attending. Best practices will be shared amongst the Forum delegates. A public speaking event will also be held in Whitehorse on May 28th

On the technical front, Midgard Consulting continues to work towards releasing the next two technical papers. The first will explore the technical logistics of connecting to another electrical grid, for example, BC or Alaska. The second paper will explore the market dynamics and potential of trading energy with other jurisdictions. These two papers will be presented at a public speaking event June 9th in Whitehorse. 

Discover what we've learned so far: visit the Document Centre on our website for all reports, presentations and videos and browse the Resource Centre to learn more about energy and electricity in Yukon. 

- The Next Generation Hydro Team - 

The Yukon Electrical Grid is an Island

Yukon has an islanded electrical grid. This means we are not connected to grids in other jurisdictions so we cannot buy and sell electricity to meet our needs. We must develop our own electricity and energy assets to be self-sustaining. 

Yukon's grid generates 99.6% * renewable energy and consists of four hydro facilities (Aishihik, Mayo A & B, Whitehorse, and Fish Lake), wind turbines on Heckel hill, and back-up diesel generators across the territory. Some communities, like Watson Lake, Old Crow, Burwash and Beaver Creek are not connected to the Yukon grid and rely on diesel generators to produce electricity. Several key players including: ATCO, Yukon Energy, Yukon Development Corporation, Yukon Government and the Yukon Utilities Board play a role in managing our electrical grid. Learn more about them and the roles that they play.

On an isolated grid, planning electricity supply can be a challenge. We must have enough energy and capacity on the system to meet our needs on the coldest darkest day of the year. We also must ensure that there is enough dispatchable power available for back up.

Hydro is a dispatchable power source that provides reliable energy at an affordable cost with a long life span. Next Generation Hydro is exploring what role hydro can play to meet Yukon’s energy needs. The technical team is also investigating the potential to connect to other electrical grids. This work will be released at a public speaker event in June. 

*in 2014 based on YEC website
Map provided by Yukon Energy Corporation. 

Elements of the Grid

The electrical grid is a system that connects where the electricity is generated (generation) to the point where the electricity is used (load). Electrical generators can be located hundreds of kilometers from the load that they supply. It is therefore necessary to move large quantities of electricity over long distances.
Learn more about the elements of the grid here
Find out more about how we use electricity,  and the challenge of planning for energy and capacity on an isolated grid. Discover what we've learned so far about the forecast for Yukon's future energy and capacity needs.

Upcoming Events

Discover what we've learned so far and share your feedback at one of our upcoming events. 

May 28, 2015  
First Nations Energy Partnership Public Speaker Event
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
Multipurpose Room

June 9, 2015 
Transmission Reports Public Speaker Event
7:00-9:00 PM
Beringia Centre

October 1-2 2015
- Workshop #3
- Public Speaker Event

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- Electrical Energy and Capacity Demand Forecast (2035-2065)

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