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Editor’s note: The original communication concerning the failed corporate takeover of PLP was sent on August 17, 2016. It can be accessed here for reference.

On July 14, 2016 Dwayne Platz, Ray Kender, Pat keene, and Barry Wetherby resigned from the PLP board because they did not agree with the direction the leadership of the corporation was headed. A week later, these same resigned members manufactured a fraudulent “vote” to remove the current PLP Board. Those of you who have served on a club or other volunteer boards know how absurd this action was.

Since that time the PLP Board has been transacting business as usual, with the added confidence of operating under the guidance of new, State compliant member-approved bylaws. The affirmative vote of the bylaws is a huge benefit and a major accomplishment for PLP and its supporters.

PLP’s original bank accounts, which were seized by Ray Kender in late July 2016, continue to be frozen and are unavailable to be accessed by the corporation. The PLP Board is proceeding with efforts un-freeze those accounts.

The resigned members and other willing participants in this failed corporate takeover have continued to meet and perpetuate their fraudulent behavior. In general, this is a localized phenomenon centered in the San Fernando Valley of California. This group has acquired contact information without consent of the PLP Board in order to send out dis-information to many of you. They do not possess the valid PLP membership list, and they do not control:

  • The PLP Website
  • The PLP Phone Messaging and Conferencing System
  • The PLP Newsletter and Contact Lists
  • The PLP eBay Site
  • The PLP Facebook Page
  • The PLP PayPal Accounts
  • The PLP Grand Raffle

To be clear, the resigned members and their followers do not represent PLP in any capacity; you will not see them masquerading as PLP at any 2017 GPAA Gold and Treasure Shows. The PLP Board urges you to take these simple steps in order to marginalize the resigned members and bring closure to their failed takeover of PLP:

If you receive or have received emails from this email address:

Simply Unsubscribe…..

If you receive or have received U.S. Mail from these addresses:
P.O. Box 3601                                        8940 Lurline Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90408-3601
            Chatsworth, CA 91311

Discard any correspondences from these addresses…….

These fraudulent correspondences will most likely be signed by one or more of the following individuals:

Ray Kender • Mitchel Noble • Dwayne Platz • Pat Keene • Barry Wetherby

If you or anyone you know has sent money to these individuals and/or the Santa Monica or Chatsworth addresses, the PLP Board would like to know about it.

As a reference, here is a link to important and up to date PLP Contact Information.


PLP Terminates Legal Relationship with Pat Keene
On December 2, 2016 PLP informed attorney James Buchal that he will no longer be representing Pat Keene or Keene Engineering in any active legal proceeding in which Pat Keene or Keene Engineering are plaintiffs. You may view the letter sent to Mr. Buchal here.

The PLP-MMAC Relationship
The relationship between PLP and MMAC is stronger than ever and will continue to grow in 2017. MMAC was originally a project of PLP which was blessed by Jerry Hobbs shortly before he passed away in December 2014. Today, MMAC is an independant stand-alone corporation who partners with PLP on many Public Land issues. PLP will continue to accept tax deductible donations for the purpose of supporting MMAC.

The PLP Grand Raffle is Back in 2017!
Because of the resigned member’s actions in July, 2016 PLP had to delay the rollout of the 2017 Grand Raffle. PLP is excited and thankful to Brandon Johnson and the GPAA for once again partnering with us, which guarantees success. We will be sending out detailed information on how you can participate in this important fundraising event early in the New Year. Here is a link to the 2016 PLP Grand Raffle Drawing held at GPAA Headquarters in Temecula, CA.

The PLP Nugget Raffle Winner Announced
On December 13, 2016 the winner of the Nugget Raffle was drawn at the PLP Christmas Party. The Nugget Raffle was open to those who filled out their contact information at Gold Shows across the country during 2016. Congratulations to Sam Phillips for winning the 6.1 gram nugget. Sam attended the ICMJ Show in Placerville, CA.


Updating Our Mailing List:

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