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Supporting Spirit-led service among
the Religious Society of Friends
and beyond

The Significance of Ministry

Spirit-led Service and Witness in the World

Some people say that Friends have no ministers. They overlook the ways the Holy calls people to ministry, whether in programmed meetings and churches or among unprogrammed Friends.

As used by Releasing Ministries Alliance, "ministry" means Spirit-led service and witness among Friends and beyond. 

Today as in the past, people who preach, teach, heal, and coordinate our communities and institutions serve in ministry among us. Ministry takes a multitude of forms: gospel ministry, service to our faith communities and individual members, and witness and social action on behalf of peace, justice, and an Earth resplendent, to name just a few broad categories.

These activities are so widespread among the Religious Society of Friends that some of us say that Quakers abolished the laity, not the ministry, that we all are called to minister. 

While filming Releasing Ministry Alliance's upcoming video, Jon Watts received many powerful responses to his question, "Why is ministry important?"  In another setting, Don Badgley of NYYM said, "Absent ministries we fade to justified oblivion."

Countless Friends believe in the power of ministry among us. Several have given $7,750 (Lyman Fund grants and GoFundMe campaign) to Releasing Ministry Alliance. We need $16,000 as follows:

  • $10,000 to develop the full Releasing Ministry Alliance website to help publicize and fundraise for ministries across the branches of the Religious Society of Friends and beyond,
  • $ 1,500 to form the 501(c)3 organization,and
  • $ 4,500 for start-up operations such as audit, office supplies, printing, and other organizational expenses.
Please contribute to Releasing Ministry Alliance today and hold any or all ministries in your prayers!
Donate to Releasing Ministry Alliance
 Friends Journal's May 2015 issue includes Releasing Ministry Alliance's news release about our publicity and fundraising campaign! 
Friends Journal subscribers can view it here. 
Thanks, Friends Journal!

Friends Journal article explaining Releasing Ministry here.

Releasing Friends: An author chat with Vonn New and Viv Hawkins

A Friends Journal author chat about Releasing Ministry with Martin Kelly, Viv Hawkins, and Vonn New.

Featured Ministries
A little more than two weeks have passed since the first earthquake in Nepal. A second quake hit days ago and the ground is still trembling. According to one of Evangelical Friends Mission’s (EFM) missionaries in Kathmandu, the aftershocks numbered 169 as of last Saturday, May 9.
Hundreds of thousands of people have left Kathmandu for fear of epidemic outbreaks. There are still widespread shortages of food, water, and shelter. EFM is seeing pictures like the one above from more remote and hard to reach areas.    
Dan Cammack, EFM executive director, reports that EFM missionaries and their leaders have been working hard to help those in need. So far, their help has included medical attention, food, and some building materials for homes belonging to Friends, to some of their neighbors, and for a few church buildings as well. Temporary shelters are on the way for some areas as well as more food.  Much still needs to be done in terms of more permanent housing before the monsoon season arrives soon.

EFM's priorities so far in response to this emergency situation are these:
  • Take care of Friends most affected by the earthquake. We continue to thank the Lord for sparing their lives.
  • Give aid to people who are not a part of our churches. Many of these will be in areas where Friends are receiving help.
  • Be faithful to share the gospel with those who are asking the questions that often come up in the aftermath of natural disasters.
Friends' responses to EFM’s call for donations, in the US and in other parts of the world, has been generous. EFM is still receiving donations to their emergency fund for Nepal. The options for giving are listed below.
Dan Cammack says, “As always EFM asks for your prayers. Grief and suffering are very real in Nepal right now as well as health hazards and shortages of all kinds. Many people are searching for answers to their questions. May our Father in heaven give them the food, water, and shelter they need as well as peace through his son Jesus.”
*Mail:  Please make checks payable to Evangelical Friends Mission and mail to PO Box 525, Arvada, CO 80001.
* Credit Card:  Call 888.421.8102 to donate now.
* Online Giving: At the "donate to" line scroll to the bottom and choose "other" and in the comment box add Emergency Fund.
* Reports on EFM's Nepal relief are at
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