Releasing Ministry Alliance Campaign #2

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Supporting Spirit-led service among the Religious Society of Friends
and beyond


Risen Indeed!!

Everyone is needed, widening the circle

On this Easter morning, we acknowledge that Quakerism is called "a priesthood of believers." That means we all are called to serve the Holy.  

Toward that end, Releasing Ministry Alliance supports Spirit-led service through channels to publicize, crowd-source, and foster accountability for participating ministries from throughout the various branches of the Religious Society of Friends (RSoF) and beyond.

We need your help to spread the "good news" of Spirit-by-any-name's work in the world. 

This informational flier about Releasing Ministry Alliance answers questions, some of which you may have. Please share it: post the link via social media, e-mail it as an attachment to friends, print copies to post at your meeting/ church, and invite your friends to sign-up and contribute.

Our spring 2015 campaign mailings are spotlighting ministries and sharing information about Releasing Ministry Alliance. With $1,850 raised so far in this first week of our eight week campaign, we're well on our way to the $16,000 needed to

  • develop the full website,
  • form the 501(c)3 organization,
  • create channels to receive funds on behalf of participating ministries, and
  • start-up operations.

But, Releasing Ministry Alliance not only fosters a "priesthood of believers," it also depends on one. 

Sign-up, donate, and learn more at

Quaker Endorsement
We are deeply grateful, in January 2015, Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting approved a minute of support of Releasing Ministry after five of its constituent monthly meetings had approved similar minutes.

Donate to Releasing Ministry Alliance

Thanks to the Lyman Fund and our individual contributors for your contributions of start-up funds!

Releasing Friends: An author chat with Vonn New and Viv Hawkins

A Friends Journal author chat about Releasing Ministry with Martin Kelly, Viv Hawkins, and Vonn New.

Friends Journal article about Releasing Ministry here.

Vanessa Julye, (Central Philadelphia, PhYM) co-author of Fit for Freedom Not for Friendship, is the first African American author to serve as clerk of Quakers United in Publishing (QUIP). While much of Vanessa's travel in the ministry is through her employer Friends General Conference, this QUIP service is not.

The 2015 QUIP annual meeting is upcoming at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, UK. Vanessa is raising $1500 to assist with her travel expenses to the UK and Ghana where she will meet with members of Hill House Meeting. Tax-deductible gifts can be sent to: Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting,1515 Cherry St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 noting "Welcoming people of color ministry" in the memo line.
Vanessa's monthly meeting provides a minute of religious service and an accountability group for her ministry to help the Religious Society of Friends become more welcoming to people of color.
Vanessa's QuakerSpeak video on Blessed Community is here.

Allison Randall (Keene MM, NEYM) writes, "Allison Randall (NEYM) writes, "I find this Releasing Ministry Alliance extremely exciting. For decades I did not have the money to carry out my ministry, and was always so happy and grateful for personal donations or scholarships that came my way. I have always thought there should be some central way for Quakers who have plenty of money to hear about those Quakers who are trying to carry out a ministry and don’t have the money to do it. Releasing Ministry Alliance has now come up with a method in which to do just that!

"The soothing cloth toys I make and sell are well known at New England Yearly Meeting sessions, and have been available for sale also at a few FGC Gatherings. I decided to give a percentage of my 'take' at these venues last summer to Releasing Ministry, with a sign on my selling table proclaiming that intention, and a stack of the Releasing Ministry business cards there for people to help themselves to.  I figured this would not only help them with a donation, but also acquaint people with the project."

More about Allison's Friendly toys here.

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