December 5, 2017

Our Ode to Roofing Days Gone By

See Another Industry Hero!
This folded sheet was included in rolled roofing back in the early 1900’s. Interesting to look back at the product and advertising from100 years ago.

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CLASSIFIED: Roofing Crews Wanted. Apply now!
FORUM TOPIC: What Tools Are in Your Selling Arsenal? Share your tools.
FROM THE NEWSROOM: Colorado roofing owner helps former gang member turn life around – Caught doing good.

Submit Your Best Roof to the QARC Awards

Malarkey QARC Awards
Be sure to submit your best Malarkey roof to the 2017 QARC Awards. Each shingle has its place on a roof and each roof has its story – tell the story to the QARC Awards.
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Influencer Topic of the Month

No Advertising Budget? Stick with the Basics for Success

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RCS Influencer Mark Holencik says there are lots of ways to get your name and message out without spending a lot of money on an advertising budget. Read his take.

Ever wonder how easy it REALLY is to place a classified on RCS?

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Check out the new FAQ page. RCS classifieds are good for your business!
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Five Key Commercial Roofing Contract Provisions

Five Key Commercial Roofing Contract Provisions
Thank you to RCS Influencer Trent Cotney for sharing this important information with us! In contracts there can be critical provisions that can affect a roofer’s ability to get paid on projects or defend potential claims upstream. Download this “Five Key Commercial Roofing Contract Provisions” eBook to learn what they are.
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Last Week's Social Media Highlight

 Somebody is going to get a talking to...
Very Clever Aaron aka TheRoofingLife! "Almost time for some new pad pockets. I love roofing but can't stand the strap on the knee pads so I just make pad pockets and slip pads inside works great” Thanks for sharing this ingenious idea with us on Instagram.

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Followup CRM help roofers keep track of their bids on their way through the sales pipeline. By automating your sales processes, Followup CRM allows you to understand exactly where your business stands at any given moment.

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