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Magnolia Newsletter #24              
        20 July 2016
Please note the newsletter will only be published every second week during the winter period.
Charl Crouse
082 900 1323

Club captain:
Dewald Muller

Newsletter editor: 
Melinda Smal

Noel Young

Magda Grobler

Carmen van Niekerk

Social matters:
Julie Munnik
  1. Upcoming events
  2. Magnolian of the month
  3. Sunday runs
  4. Club tent
  5. Time trials & Tuesday runs
  6. Running vests and caps
  7. Birthdays
  8. Ethical road running 
  9. #RunClean Campaign
  10. AGN Matters
  11. Registration
  12. New members
  13. Website
  14. Race information
  15. Race results
  16. Thank you
  17. Race reports & photos
  18. News
Please be considerate and respectful when you contact the above-mentioned people or any other committee member.
1. Upcoming events
Date Time Event
Wed 20 Jul 19:00 Tortoise 5km & Hare 10km Run/Walk
Sat 23 Jul 06:30 A4A Long Walk/Run 4 Freedom Eco Boulevard Shopping Centre 21/10/5km
Sun 24 Jul 07:00 Sunday tap run (+/- 12km)
Sat 30 Jul 07:00 Zwartkop 21/10/5km Zwartkop Lapa (League Race)
Sun 31 Jul 07:00 Sunday tap run (+/- 12km)
Sat 6 Aug 07:00 Tshwane AC 21km/10km 
Sun 7 Aug 07:00 Sunday tap run (+/- 12km)
2. Magnolian of the month
The Magnolia Committee decided to announce a Magnolian of the Month in order to introduce all the movers and shakers to the club, based on any form of service/contribution or achievement. If you have any suggestions for this achievement, please feel free to contact the club committee.

For the month of June 2016 we will award this to Danka Erasmus for her incredible performance at the 2016 Comrades. Danka managed to finish in a time of 7:30:17. She was the 27th female and 19th in her category. Danka is truely an inspiration to many runners.
3. Sunday runs
Please note Sunday runs will resume from 19 June until the end of July in the form of tap runs (from petrol station to petrol station +/- 12 km ).  Sunday runs with car support will resume again in early August (date to be confirmed in future newsletters)
Time: 7:00
Cost R10

The Sunday runs form a significant part of the success of the club. We kindly invite you to assist us again by presenting a Sunday run.  The club provides all the refreshments and will also provide a route. Volunteers can contact our club captain Dewald Muller (071 528 9614) or Rudolf van Wyk Rudolf.vanWyk@aecom (082 054 8586) if you are interested in doing a Sunday run.
Sunday Trail Runs

Those members who are interested in an organised group trail run on Sundays at Hedianga Farm in Pretoria East are welcome to contact Rudolf van Wyk Rudolf.vanWyk@aecom (082 054 8586).
The runs start at 6:30.
Cost: R30
There are various distances which will be decided on.
Please note you will have to take your own water/camel pack.
4. Clubtent
The next club tent will be at the A4A Long Walk/Run 4 Freedom Run at the Eco Boulevard Shopping centre on Saturday 23 July 2016 and at the Zwartkop Race at the Zwartkop Lapa on 30 July 2016.

The club tent will be at all Pretoria races on weekends unless specified otherwise. There will not be a club tent at races on Wednesdays. 
All members are invited once again to make use of the gazebo at the races. The gazebo is there for all members to enjoy. Dirk Olivier is our dedicated “gazebo man” and have been appointed to support us at most races. Cold drinks and snacks are provided by the club. Beer/ciders will be available at no cost at races with a distance of 32km and more, otherwise beer/ciders will be sold for R10. 

Please contact Dirk Olivier 082 787 5097 should you have any queries regarding the club tent.
5. Business Challenge 2016
Business Challenge 2016 – 1 October 2016

Magnolia is again assisting Sportsvendo in hosting the annual Business Challenge Relay on 1 October at Rietondale Park. And we require Magnolians as helpers/route marshalls on the day!
Magnolia members have been treated with the club tent/trailer at most races and our Comrades runners were handed an excellent goodie bag. Magnolia members now have the opportunity to give back to the club by helping out at this event. The proceeds received from Sportsvendo will be used to keep membership fees down, maintaining the clubhouse, as well as the cost to have the club tent/trailer at races, thus benefiting you as a member of Magnolia.

Please volunteer as a route marshal or helper at the changeover point to help make this a successful event. This day is a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet new faces.

Please send an email to if you are interested in helping out.
6. Time trials and Tuesday runs
The official time trial will start again on Thursday 21 July at 17:30
Tuesday runs
Every Tuesday there will be a running group at the club doing a training run. It could vary from hill training, stairs or Fort Klapperkop, depending on the crowd.
We will be starting at 17:00 from the club house. 
Anyone is welcome to join. Please contact Rudolf van Wyk 
Rudolf.vanWyk@aecom (082 054 8586) or Glen Frost (084 240 7576) if you are interested.

Thursday time trials
Magnolia will be joining forces with the Phobians time trial on Thursdays.
Due to the traffic around our club, time trials have become dangerous and thus Phobians have welcomed us to their time trials. There is a 4km and 8km route.
Their time trials work on a time chip system and the club will buy 20 chips for those members who are interested.
We encourage all members from Magnolia to join us on a Thursdays at 17:30 at Pretoria High School Old Boys Club (378 Queens Crecent, Lynnwood).

Please note that the time trial times will not change for winter so you are encouraged to wear reflective clothing for visibility.
For the time trial calendar please visit the following link:
Please contact Rudolf van Wyk should you have any further queries.
Please visit the Phobians website to view results
7. Running vests and caps
Running vests are available at the club. We will be ordering new stock soon and will let you know when it arrives. 
Running vest (male and female) - R190
Cyclist vest with zip - R230

Please contact
Carmen van Niekerk should you have any queries regarding the clothing.
Magnolia members are welcome to buy these Magnolia caps at R100 per cap. The caps have arrived and are available at the club house and limited stock will be available at the club tent during races.The clubhouse is open on Tuesdays from 17:00.

You can also pay via EFT to the following:
Standard Bank - Acc No 012 187 429
Branch code 012 345
Account name:  Magnolia Road Runners
Reference: Your name + Magnolia cap

Please make sure to email your proof of payment to Carmen van Niekerk at
Please note no collection can be done without proof of payment.
8. Birthdays
From all of us at Magnolia we would like to wish the following members a very happy birthday:
Janeen De Klerk 20 Jul
Michael Farah 20 Jul
Elizabeth Robinson 20 Jul
Paul Thomson 21 Jul
Ilse Green 22 Jul
Rainer Oellermann 22 Jul
Annalie Du Preez 23 Jul
Elrea Appelgryn 23 Jul
Andri Prinsloo 23 Jul
Cryselda Venter 24 Jul
Jannie Grobler 24 Jul
Joao de Mesquita 26 Jul
Wesley Jarvis 26 Jul
Retha Mare 29 Jul
Etienne Senekal 30 Jul
Martin Gouws 31 Jul
Matilda Grobler 07 Aug
Catherina Coetzee 07 Aug
9. Ethical road running
  • The club encourages members to obey the ASA rules and not to pirate run or run with only one 2016 AGN license number. License numbers must be worn both front and back.
  • We also encourage runners/walkers to refrain from using headphones or other listening devices. In the event of an accident you won't be covered by the insurance taken out by AGN. 
  • We also encourage runners to wear royal blue/navy/black shorts and skirts that will match the club's running vests. This is not a written rule especially since royal blue is not an easy colour for running gear but as far as uniformity of the club is concerned, we would like to motivate club members to try stick to the club colours.
  • When substituting for races, members are encouraged to do their substitutions officially especially when an electronic timing system is used. If the race pamphlet prohibits substitutions they should refrain from doing so.
10. #RunClean Campaign
Running events, being it road running, trail running or triathlons have significantly increased in the size of its participants. The industry is booming and are catering for all. Modern Athlete embarked on a #RunClean campaign where runners are reminded and encouraged to stay clear from littering on the race routes. This is an admirable initiative, especially seeing that road races makes its way through almost every suburb. From an environmental legal point of view, should our runners not run clean, regulations may be put in place where water sachets would not be distributed on road races. Runners should then carry their own water, or drink out of cups. This would have a detrimental effect on race times as many runners need to “grab and go” to run good times.

As Magnolians, let us encourage each other to follow this initiative and set an example as a club that #runclean. Therefore, the next time you lace-up and chase that personal best, remember, #RunClean.
11. AGN Matters
1. AGN League races
AGN requires all walkers/runners to please fill in their league race numbers correctly. For every field not entered on the race bib, a league point will be deducted. Make sure you fill in your name, surname, age, license number, gender and province (AGN). If you are unsure about these please, contact us for assistance. See example below.
12. Registration for 2016
New Magnolia registration procedure with effect from 4 April 2016
In an attempt to reduce the amount of cash we have to deal with during the registration period and to streamline our administrative processes, the club committee has decided to change the registration process from 4 April 2016.
Registrations will now be done as follows: 
  • Registrations can still be done at the clubhouse on Tuesdays from 17:30 to 18:30 but no more registrations will be done at Run-A-Way Sport (only arranged number collections)
  • New and existing members can download the application form from the website (, complete it and e-mail it to the registrar, Magda Grobler at, together with proof of payment – either EFT or bank deposit slip.
  • The application form should be marked to indicate where the member wishes to collect the license number:  the club house or Run-A-Way Sport.
  • The registrar will print these documents, complete the invoice book, and allocate a license number to the member, or obtain the reserved number requested by the member, if applicable.
  • Once or twice a week (depending on the time of year) the invoice together with the license number will be delivered to Run-A-Way Sport and the members will be notified when ready for collection from the shop.
  • Members who prefer to collect license numbers from the club house on a Tuesday can still do so.  The same process can be followed as mentioned above in order to reduce the waiting time, especially during the first month of registration.
  • Should members not have access to the Internet to download the membership form or to do an EFT payment, they are welcome to come to the club house on a Tuesday afternoon between 17:00 and 18:30 for registration. The current procedure for club registrations will not change.
  • Alternative arrangements will be made when members notify the registrar at least 3 days in advance.
We would like to invite members who are still uncertain about the new procedures to contact any of the committee members or reply to the club e-mail address with queries.
  • No registration will be accepted without payment at the club or at the shop.  Should you prefer to pay via EFT (this is also our preferred method of receiving your payment), you have to provide a hard copy of proof of payment – no cell phone notifications on the day will be accepted.
  • To make an EFT payment, please use the banking details below:
          Standard Bank - Acc No 012 187 429
          Branch code 012 345
          Account name:  Magnolia Road Runners
NB: Please remember to use your name as reference when doing an EFT payment!!           
  • Please check the ASA website in case any of your personal details have changed and make the necessary changes.  The club administrator will then ensure that your license number is completed online once you have registered at the club or the shop.
  • Click here for procedures for Magnolia registration.
  • Click here for procedures for ASA registration.
  • 2016 ASA licensing form.
  • ASA Licensing Registration System for 2016
If you are considering changing clubs, the club administrator will have to transfer you on the ASA website. Please contact Magda Grobler, Melinda Smal or Noel Young to do the transfer for you.
Membership fees for 2016
Please note the following discounted membership fees will be in effect from 1 July 2016 until the end of the year.
1st Adult member
1st Adult member
2nd Adult (family)
Senior (under 25)
Junior (under 18)
Great Grand Master (70+)
Social member (no AGN race number)/ Friends of Magnolia (Belong to another club)
13. New members
We would like to welcome recently joined new Magnolia members (and social members) 

Wynand Coertzen, Esta Herbst, Nadine Meiring, Nevel Neveling, Stephanie Bekker

Please remember to provide us with all your correct details and information.
14. Website
Please go have a look at our Magnolia website 
Please send us some suggestions of what you would like to see on there. If you have any proposals please
send it to

lso remember to visit our Facebook Page and share your Magnolia moments here with the rest of the group. 
15. Race Information
16. Race results
Contact Colin Billau or Noel Young if you ran a race outside Pretoria and send them the race results or URL to the results. 
Magnolia results for the Jakaranda Race For Friendship (AGN) 10km race - 2016-07-02
12 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
24 L Begeman M 43 Magnolia 00:41:59
52 B Ntuli M 14 Magnolia 00:45:42
59 A Kruger F 33 Magnolia 00:46:46
81 L Dey M 53 Magnolia 00:49:10
102 M Sheahan M 24 Magnolia 00:50:54
138 B Frost F 34 Magnolia 00:55:05
211 C Crouse M 56 Magnolia 00:59:15
257 M Hanekom F 27 Magnolia 01:00:52
295 C Naude F 41 Magnolia 01:02:11
389 T Pienaar M 65 Magnolia 01:06:06
476 J Mashapa M 66 Magnolia 01:09:46
797 E Mason F 60 Magnolia 01:29:44
Magnolia results for the Jakaranda Race For Friendship (AGN) 21km race - 2016-07-02
14 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
13 M Pienaar M 34 Magnolia 01:25:55
15 D Erasmus F 29 Magnolia 01:31:08
70 E Jordaan M 32 Magnolia 01:43:26
98 E Uys F 51 Magnolia 01:47:53
112 D Gloeck M 60 Magnolia 01:50:25
124 R Lagerwall M 50 Magnolia 01:51:19
282 A Mahomed M 62 Magnolia 02:07:58
321 M Chindime F 44 Magnolia 02:12:46
323 E Reyneke F 44 Magnolia 02:13:03
439 T Reyneke M 44 Magnolia 02:29:32
523 J Bonnet M 44 Magnolia 02:47:40
528 E Robinson F 60 Magnolia 02:49:02
551 V Steenkamp F 38 Magnolia 02:55:04
552 W Deysel F 58 Magnolia 02:56:06
Magnolia results for the Garsfontein Ice Breaker Walk (AGN) 21km race - 2016-07-09
1 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
5 T Reyneke M 44 Magnolia 02:29:11
Magnolia results for the Garsfontein Ice Breaker (AGN) 21km race - 2016-07-09
14 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
23 M Pienaar M 34 Magnolia 01:30:34
60 P Hundermark M 37 Magnolia 01:42:38
81 J Schoombie M 31 Magnolia 01:46:28
82 E Jordaan M 32 Magnolia 01:46:29
119 E Uys F 51 Magnolia 01:53:51
124 D Gloeck M 60 Magnolia 01:54:09
149 J Gauldie F 35 Magnolia 01:56:50
213 B Frost F 34 Magnolia 02:03:31
240 R Mahaffey F 30 Magnolia 02:05:53
308 M Hanekom F 27 Magnolia 02:13:03
309 C De Beer M 34 Magnolia 02:13:04
424 M Barkhuizen F 42 Magnolia 02:24:47
431 T Pienaar M 65 Magnolia 02:25:45
483 J Olivier F 54 Magnolia 02:37:21
Magnolia results for the Garsfontein Ice Breaker (AGN) 10km race - 2016-07-09
18 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
24 N Young M 31 Magnolia 00:41:31
40 S Muller M 30 Magnolia 00:45:53
49 S Kgole M 44 Magnolia 00:47:20
55 S Mahlangu F 32 Magnolia 00:48:35
57 M Smal F 33 Magnolia 00:49:05
68 J Nel M 31 Magnolia 00:50:40
83 D Mark M 31 Magnolia 00:52:26
85 M Sheahan M 24 Magnolia 00:52:31
98 E Kratz M 31 Magnolia 00:53:55
126 V Nel F 59 Magnolia 00:55:52
161 J Radel F 35 Magnolia 00:57:55
223 G Frost M 33 Magnolia 01:00:05
276 C Wiid F 46 Magnolia 01:02:36
332 L Stevenson F 40 Magnolia 01:04:33
453 C Smit F 43 Magnolia 01:09:13
494 J Mashapa M 66 Magnolia 01:10:54
520 J Bonnet M 44 Magnolia 01:11:53
568 M Grobler F 50 Magnolia 01:14:06
17. Thank you
  • Thank you to Dirk for doing the club tent at the Garsfontein Ice Breaker on 9 July and at the Springbok Vasbyt on 16 July.
  • Thank you to Ronald Lagerwall and Charl Crouse for doing the tap run on Sunday 10 July and 17 July. 
18. Race reports and photos
Please send us some Magnolia related pictures and any inspiring personal race reports for the photo corner.
Some of our members representing Magnolia at the Knysna Marathon
19. News
Anver "Haffie" Mahomed's Retirement

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the retirement of our club Secretary, Haffie Mahomed. Haffie served on the Magnolia club committee since the club was founded in late 1981. A big part of the club's success can be accredited to Haffie's commitment and loyal service to the club. Magnolia Road Runners would like to thank Haffie for his tremendous efforts and all the hours he dedicated towards the club. We have big shoes to fill but luckily Haffie will stay on with Magnolia as Honorary member and he will still be seen at races and other events.

July 19, 2016

To the Chairman, Committee members and all members of the Magnolia Road Runners Club

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I announce my resignation as Secretary of the Magnolia Road Runners Club after 34 years of service.

Magnolia has left an indelible mark on my life and heart as it was the only road running club to accept people from various walks of life from its inception. The support, kindness and encouragement shown to me, my brother and my colleagues has been phenomenal and brings tears to my eyes as I reminisce on our struggles, our laughter and our many adventures on the road together.

I would like to thank all the members of Magnolia, past and present for their love, acceptance and support throughout the years. The spirit of Magnolia has always been "Comradeship" and "Camaraderie" and I know that this spirit will continue to be the backbone of our club for years to come.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the current committee well as they take our club to great new heights in the future. Their energy, vibrancy and youthful vigour will no doubt make us all proud.

I will still remain a loyal and dedicated member to the club that has brought much joy in my life.
Many thanks once again.

Anver "Haffie" Mahomed
Sanlam Cape Town Marathon
Please note the deadline for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon group entry discount is 31 July
The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon event takes place on the 17th and 18th of September 2016 and consists of 2 Trail Runs (22km & 12km), a Fun Run (4.2km), a PEACE Run (10km) and a City Marathon (42.2km). The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon strives to be Africa’s ICONIC City Marathon, a City marathon that in time will take its rightful place as one of the worlds “must run” City Marathons.

Magnolia can enter as a club and the first 4500 marathon on-line entries received along with ALL CLUB GROUP ENTRIES (marathon only) received prior to 31st July 2016 will receive a FREE MOBII CHIP to the value of R110, courtesy of SANLAM.

For more info visit

All those interested to enter can contact Noel Young.
Run4Rhinos is a fun walk/run student initiative organized by the veterinary science students of Onderstepoort and aimed to raise funds to help the plight of rhinos. 

So come and join us for a fun filled day with friends and family, and help us save these beautiful creatures in their fight for survival.

For more info and updates on the race, visit and like our page

Date: 27 August 2016
Time: Registration - 6:00
Start - 7:00
Venue: LC de Villiers sports grounds 

To enter online, visit
Entrants on the day are also welcome.
Fees are as follows:
5km - R50
10km - R70
Dogs - R10 per dog (on a lead please)
I know for some of you this is not even half the distance you normally run and for others it is not nearly as adventurous as you would like, but will you please consider taking part, as it promises to be an amazing day and the money is going to an amazing cause.
Kaapsehoop away weekend 5-7 November 2016

Those members interested in joining a group of Magnolia members for a short stay in Lower Sabi rest camp after the Kaapsehoop Marathon, are welcome to join. No formal group arrangements are made and each member is responsible for his own booking through Sanparks at
Please make sure to do this early as there are limited space available.

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