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COVID19 - The Magnolia Club Committee in line with South Africa's ongoing efforts to minimise the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID19), has decided to temporarily suspend our run activities. This include our Sunday morning runs and our Wednesday race pace coaching sessions. We have also decided to postpone our annual long run that was scheduled for 26 April 2020 and will update our members in this regard pending the official guidance received from ASA

Upcoming Events 

March 2020

All activities cancelled

April 2020


Thank you Jeanne -Mari for the club run support on 8 March 2020
Thank you John Minter for hosting the club run on Sunday 15 March 2020


2020 Magnolia Registration

The 2020 Registration Fees:
  • 1st Adult member: R500
  • 2nd Adult (family): R420
  • Students and under 25's: R270
  • Junior (under 18): R180
  • Great Grand Master (70+): R320
  • Above 80: Free
  • Social member/Friend of Magnolia R270


Online registrations are open

Members can register online (preferred method) and pay EFT (preferred).

Numbers can be collected at the club house on Wednesdays. Just bring your registration print-out and proof of payment when collecting your number.



Support a Runner

Many of our lesser privileged members find it difficult to make ends meet as far as their running goals are concerned. Some of these runners are top class athletes and others are merely also rans who enjoy the sport and the company of co-runners. The committee decided to launch an initiative that could help these individuals to enjoy their running like most of us do and to achieve their goals like we all do. Although we do provide in our budget for funds to support these runners many of them fall through the cracks as they are either up and coming or ordinary runners who invested in the sport to improve their health and to stay fit. This initiative is not a plea for donations although that would be welcome and handy. There are however many other ways to help which will not cost anything or very little. We are thinking along the following lines:
  • Donate your old running shoes
  • Donate that pair of running shoes which you bought with high hopes but they simply did not work for you
  • Donate old running clothing
  • Donate that Magnolia vest which you replaced because it is not shining in the sun anymore
  • Donate your old running watch now that you’ve upgraded to a very smart one
  • If you travel alone to races not close by be prepared to offer someone a lift
  • If you want make a monetary contribution you are most welcome to do so – mark it as such and we shall see to it that it serves the right purpose
We are aware of the fact that many of our members are already involved on most of these fronts. We thank you for doing so and appreciate your empathy regarding this challenge. Many of you might do it on an anonymous basis   which is also super and appreciated. With this initiative we merely want to create a platform to widen our ability to help through a proper structure. We plan do provide our members with proper feedback regarding this project annually at our AGM through a formal report. If you want to participate speak to any committee member or merely deliver what ever you want to donate at the clubhouse office on Wednesday afternoons or Sunday mornings. 

Club Tent

Look out for the bright blue club tent on:

The club tent will be at all Pretoria races on weekends unless specified otherwise. No club tent at races on Wednesdays. 

Cold drinks and snacks are provided by the club.

Beers R15   and Ciders for R20

(On races > 21.1km  Beers/Ciders R10)

Please contact Dirk Olivier 082 787 5097 should you have any queries regarding the club tent.


Sunday Runs

The Magnolia Club run start at 06:00.

Please arrive a few minutes early to register for the run to start on time



Magnolia Club house, 229 Middel Street

Distance             18km - 22km
Cost                    R20

ALL RUNNERS WELCOME!! The Sunday runs are not just for Magnolia members but for the whole running community.


Running Clothes

Running vests are sold at the club house on Wednesdays from 17:30-18:30.
  • Men's and ladies vests - R220
  • Cycling vests - R220
Visit the website to view our clothing range


ASA Details

ALL MAGNOLIA MEMBERS are required to go check their details on the ASA website under the following link:

We still have numerous Magnolia members who have not registered or arranged their transfers from other clubs. We created profiles for some of those members who have not done so. These members can either use their name or ID number as password to log in.



Social Media

Please visit us on
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Race Information

  You can also download the following running mobile application for free


                                 Contact Us

Chairman: Charl Crouse
082 900 1323      

Club Secretary : Magda Grobler
Vice Chairman: Tinus Marais

Club Captain : Gert Henning

Vice-Club Captain: Freddie du Plessis

Newsletter editor: Hannes Nel

Website and statistician: Noel Young

Clothing: Odette Coiner

Social matters: Estelle Janen van Vuuren

Social Media : Werner Burger


Magnolia running statistics are held for races thru-out the year to award the runners that excel in different distances and age groups.

If you ran a race that was not published on Raceresults and you would like the result to be counted, please send the details to

(The races where Magnolia was represented in numbers like Comrades, Oceans, Om-die-dam and Loskop were counted)

Om Die Dorp (AGN) 10km race - 2020-03-14
18 club finishers

Position Initials Surname Sex Age Finish Time
18 C De Beer M 38 00:41:14
28 E Jordaan   35 00:43:40
38 S Rossouw F 40 00:46:43
54 W Van Zyl M 46 00:49:46
78 A Breed F 35 00:52:51
111 L Steenkamp F 31 00:55:38
160 K Theron F 28 00:58:37
188 C Duvenage F 22 01:00:28
198 P Myburg M 39 01:01:11
199 D Breed M 36 01:01:17
262 E Van Der Merwe F 53 01:04:12
366 K Steinmann   50 01:09:02
371 G Heath M 56 01:09:06
384 M Louw F 35 01:09:38
545 L Prinsloo F 56 01:20:27
546 M Olivier F 47 01:20:31
552 E Robinson F 64 01:20:52
701 C Schonborn F 48 01:35:07
Om Die Dorp (AGN) 21km race - 2020-03-14
29 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Finish Time
40 L De La Port     01:31:06
41 A Kruger F   01:31:27
47 L Rankin M 29 01:33:03
68 E Jansen M 32 01:38:47
74 L Begemann M 47 01:40:18
78 L Kerling F 28 01:41:52
85 C Van Heerden F 28 01:42:48
102 P Venter M 58 01:44:48
121 A Watts M 42 01:46:54
133 E Myburgh F 37 01:48:32
186 L Lagerwall M 58 01:52:16
203 L Jordaan M 50 01:53:29
247 I Lagerwall F 57 01:56:43
268 D Moonasar     01:58:19
290 P Oosthuizen M 49 01:59:50
348 A Maartens F 48 02:04:59
388 T Chekerwa M 36 02:07:59
389 I Moodie F 46 02:08:00
436 H Van Huizen M 50 02:11:18
438 T Gottsche M 54 02:11:21
481 T Bredenkamp F 36 02:14:21
507 A Mahomed M 66 02:16:41
546 C Pretorius F 45 02:19:36
664 T Pienaar M 68 02:31:36
680 C Jordaan F 51 02:34:19
753 K Van Zyl F 46 02:49:09
793 G Van Zyl M 71 03:00:53
794 B Lundie M 57 03:00:53
Buco Bobbies (AGN) 10km race - 2020-03-07
18 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Finish Time
34 K Hanger M 29 00:46:17
190 A Niemand F 43 00:59:35
326 K Steinmann M 50 01:06:07
327 E Van Der Merwe F 53 01:06:08
412 G Heath M 56 01:09:43
428 C Jordaan     01:10:04
508 K Van Zyl F 46 01:12:57
529 B Xulu     01:13:43
619 G Murray F 61 01:17:13
684 B Lundie     01:19:28
683 G Van Zyl M   01:19:28
711 S Blignaut F 52 01:20:58
725 E Robinson F 64 01:22:02
825 S Wagenaar F 56 01:26:56
840 B Vermeulen     01:28:29
851 M Jansen F 65 01:29:18
852 M Gouws F 40 01:29:21
934 W Swart F 49 01:35:12
Buco Bobbies (AGN) 21km race - 2020-03-07
40 club finishers
Position Initials Surname Sex Age Finish Time
59 G Henning M 46 01:43:12
60 E Jansen Van Vuuren F 48 01:43:13
61 L Rankin M   01:43:15
62 M Pretorius M 45 01:43:16
137 T Chekerwa     01:52:25
148 K Niemand M 54 01:54:10
153 J Smythe     01:54:33
172 R Burton     01:56:22
194 D Moonasar M 45 01:58:06
197 B Frost F 37 01:58:17
198 T Barnes F 33 01:58:41
204 A Wagenaar M   01:59:06
217 W Burger M 50 01:59:56
227 G Wagenaar M 57 02:00:51
238 K Van Staden M 62 02:02:00
249 A Harris     02:02:55
251 D Gloeck M 65 02:02:56
254 R Wilson M 49 02:03:17
266 L Jordaan M 50 02:04:26
267 E Uys F 55 02:04:26
315 D Martin F 23 02:07:56
316 J Martin M 29 02:08:06
318 D Van Straaten F 34 02:08:07
326 A Maartens F 48 02:08:35
330 R Geyser F 50 02:08:52
356 L Erasmus F 53 02:11:57
358 J Labuschagne     02:12:11
368 L Hattingh     02:12:53
369 B Jansen Van Vuuren     02:12:54
394 M Wessels F 54 02:15:19
400 H Van Huizen M 50 02:15:40
410 J Black M 55 02:16:05
427 T Smit     02:16:49
430 C Pretorius F 45 02:17:06
515 J De Waal     02:24:29
571 T Pienaar M 68 02:32:09
578 H Rossouw     02:33:15
586 Z Black F 52 02:33:44
681 S Jacobs M 75 03:04:56
689 W Katzin M 75 03:22:32

Om-die-Dam 50km race - 2020-03-14
44 club finishers
Race Number Name Time
8097 Randal Titus 3:48:11
1341 Andries Nienaber 4:10:04
2503 Danka Erasmus 4:10:43
930 Jaco Wilkinson 4:18:06
8277 Noel Young 4:20:19
8063 Stéfan Swart 4:28:05
7788 Nthibariba Joseph Pokwane 4:35:24
6671 Kevin Imrie 4:39:39
8387 Jannie Grobler 4:43:47
1286 Naomi Wilkinson 4:50:06
6474 Thea-Mari De Villiers 4:54:25
6565 Bianca Frost 5:05:41
6089 Andre Wagenaar 5:07:28
704 Andre Kok 5:10:21
67 Jan Vermaak 5:10:21
6337 Kobus Botes 5:10:54
8201 Jacobus Johannes Van Staden 5:13:32
8161 Mia Van Der Linde 5:13:57
1404 Tobie Reyneke 5:16:36
1052 Gert Henning 5:20:34
8706 Estelle Jansen Van Vuuren 5:20:34
7746 Nicola Pabst 5:22:23
8030 Quintin Smuts 5:23:36
6540 Lezel Erasmus 5:23:55
8266 Roland Wilson 5:27:45
6023 Johan Meiring 5:27:48
6876 Henda Loots 5:33:45
353 Dieter Gloeck 5:36:34
9170 Sonette Nell 5:38:49
6055 Richard Burton 5:40:34
8328 Danielle Brown 5:41:15
8344 Jason Martin 5:41:16
8248 Gerhard Wagenaar 5:44:02
6627 Lilane Hattingh 5:45:02
6689 Ben Jansen Van Vuuren 5:45:02
270 Leon Matthee 5:46:42
9255 Szabolcs Posert 5:55:59
1254 Karel Niemand 5:58:39
555 Elize Uys 5:59:36
9499 Luke Walker 6:00:27
7978 Tania Shawe 6:10:42
1315 Aletta Harris 6:14:16
8062 Gerhard Swart 6:17:28
141 Hansie Marais 7:18:13



Amsterdam and Venice Marathons

by Renate van Niekerk

If running is your default setting and your children have issues, your advice cannot be other than: “grab your tekkies and go for a run”.

If they need a bit of motivation, you enter together for a marathon.

If you are a runner and a very good friend asks you to run a marathon with him, you enter.

That is how it came to be that I entered for the Amsterdam marathon with my son Pieter, who works in England. Soon after, my friend Judex asked me to run his second marathon with him - this one in Venice. The previous year Judex and I had run together in Berlin. I say yes, thinking that I’ll be in Europe in any case, during that time. My son tells me travelling in Europe is easy. I, therefore, convince him that we enter for the Venice marathon too. Now we have a race scheduled for the 20th of October in Amsterdam and on the 27th of October in Venice.

We start our exercise regime on two continents. I meet up with Pieter in London from where we travel together to Amsterdam with Eurostar. We stay with friendly South Africans, Liezl Verloren van Temaat and her husband Frans. They live in a lovely apartment in the centre of historic Amsterdam. Liezl will also be running and together we set out early Sunday morning for the set-off at the Olympic stadium. It’s a sight to behold! Thousands of excited athletes, announcements that we can understand, a booming sound system and cool cloudy weather.

All the athletes have been seeded, the timing is perfect and we’re off with a bang. At the beginning of the race there are many containers to leave your redundant clothing, but I wasn’t feeling ready to shed my top yet. This led to a problem: you can’t leave it lying around later; they specifically requested that we do not. I think that this might not be the place to show off bad manners. Eventually I leave my Loskop-top carefully next to one of the water points. My SA flag shirt is recognizable everywhere! The Bokke are playing in Japan at the same moment and we high-five spectators all along the route who are streaming the match and shouting out live results. A lot of people along the route are dressed in green and gold.

The route hardly has uphills and winds through the city, crossing underneath the Rijksmuseum. Next moment you find yourself amongst fields and cows. There are butcheries and farm stalls along the route and fields of flowers here and there. We run all along the Amstel river, cross a bridge and return on the other bank. The river is the source of entertainment: boats with orchestras, an accordian and singers, casual rowers and members of the public who’ve joined in the fun. The water points are organised exceptionally well and we are soon used to having our sip of water every 5km. The official event entertainment along the route is just as interesting: drumming and rock bands and the more classical string & brass bands.

We run through Vondelpark, the beautiful public park in central Amsterdam, and back to the olympic stadium where the final stretch on tartan makes you feel like a real olympian. It’s great to hear over the loudspeaker that your South African colours have been spotted by the commentator! The total elevation for the route is a mere 38m, of which the minimum is -24m and the maximum, -8. The participants come from all over the world, but we all speak the same language.  Luckily we had come prepared with beanies and warm jackets because it is freezing. We feel satisfied and warm, with medals around our necks and wonderful memories in our hearts. Back home, Frans treats us to home-made hamburgers and chips. Delicious. Pieter is in pain following his first marathon, but at least he has a week to recover!

We stay five more days in Amsterdam and walk far and wide through the city. In retrospect it was the perfect recovery plan.

On Saturday 26 October we arrive in Venice. Language is a problem and the public transport here is not as easy to navigate, but we find our hotel, book in and walk to the race registration. The near-impossible happens when we run into Judex and Lynette Oberholster at the station, also on their way to register. Together we embrace the Italian adventure. The shirts in our goodie-bags are super tiny and tight and we  storm the help desk in an attempt to secure larger race shirts for our South African bodies. We manage to get a large and an extra large shirt, but walk away feeling a bit worried: here in Venice we don’t understand much.

Race day is sunny and we walk 2km to the station where we will catch a bus to take us 42km inland to the start of the race. It is located on the grounds of a beautiful palace with huge gardens in which athletes are warming up for the race. Pieter and I enjoy sweet black tea which is served by people with large friendly smiles. With great disappointment we realise that we have not been seeded and thus we start the race with the last group. We quickly befriend the athletes around us, mostly international runners. Pieter chats to a Japanese girl named Juri - the Bokke are now famous for their success in Japan.

The palace grounds are situated on the banks of a river. The first leg of the race winds along the river. Italy’s countryside is beautiful in the early morning and we pass through farming towns every now and then. Hundreds of townspeople have gathered to cheer us on and we realise two things: we’re running in a foreign language and every second athlete is named Marco. I could see people giving a puzzled look at my South African shirt, but I was gone before they could make up their minds. In 42km you quickly pick up some of the lingua franca: “Bravi, bravi!!” is often heard. The entertainment along the route all sounds like the same rock band to my runner’s ears. Once again we have water points every 5km where you receive a bottle of water, probably 300ml. You have to drink and drop the bottle at the waterpoint or run with it to the next point, NOBODY is littering.  There are also cooldrinks and snacks futher along the route.

We were worried about how our bodies would deal with the pressure of a second race. Mine immediately went into fight mode, but I can see that Pieter is struggling. Until the 15th kilometre we run together, but then he starts to struggle.   Still on the mainland, the route goes through a newly renovated mall where the support is phenomenal. The crowd’s cheers are deafening between the buildings.  Comrades has taught me to look people in the eyes so that their strength pulls you to the finish line. Here it works again to motivate and challenge me. They shout: “Bravi Signora!” - I think I am Sophia Loren!

The route passes through the huge park where we registered the previous day and then comes the long, very long bridge to the island.  I run alongside huge passenger boats lying in the harbor, up and down St Marco’s square where they have cordoned off a small path through the cheering crowds and along the Grand Canal where water laps against the cobblestones. You have to cross 14 bridges over the channels. Not an easy feat. The organisers built ramps across all the steps, but you can’t pass other competitors because the ramps are just too narrow. Here the last position we had at the start starts to affect me. I shot past many athletes between the bridges just to be caught up in the bundle at the next one. Close to the end they had  suspended a floating bridge just above the water’s surface. When I read about it I had thought it would be like Sani to Sea, but it was much shorter and very stable. What an experience! Elevation 37m.

At the finish you receive a heavy bag with water, sugar free juice, cans of beer, huge apples, biscuits etc. Our plan to meet each other after the race doesn’t work as anticipated, so I sit on a brick close to the finish and wait. When the Italian officials speak to me I pretend I don’t understand. Eventually a friendly man explains to me that I really need to move towards the exit.  I look him in the eye and make sure he understands to look out for the Big South African who is my son, for whom I will wait a few meters on. At last we find one another. Included in our entry fee is the boat ride across the channel to the train station where we catch the train to our hotel (also included). We recover with race beer and biltong all the way from South Africa. In the evening our therapy starts with a walk around Venice to take in the lights and nightlife. We feel wobbly, but very satisfied. Pieter has a very sore foot, but how many people can say they’ve done their second marathon a week after the first? 

 We did it!


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