Midterm election Halloween edition!
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Zeta and the bones Halloween dragon
Zeta rides her steed to the polls!

Erica's Spooky Washington and Seattle Voting Guide 🎃

I encourage each of you to vote on or by November 6th. The largest swath of voters in the US is non-voters. Even if you pick one issue or one candidate and just vote on those, head to the polls. I'd rather you vote against me than not vote at all.

Voting guides and resources

The League of Women Voters has non-partisan voting guides. If you live in a place that doesn't print comprehensive guides, they are a great resource. has lots of voting information as well. They will send you reminders and such to vote. They also do endorsements as well, and they are progressive Democrats. Great information about House races that are important to stop the current GOP rampant corruption, corporate tax cuts, and the repeal attempts on healthcare.

WA and Seattle-specific guides — the progressive snark of the Stranger election guide, and if you want a peek into what all the region's papers had to say, CrossCut has you covered.

Local? Come to my non-partisan voting party this Sunday at the Beacon Hill Seattle Library Branch from 1-3pm.

My guide

I will cover the issues and candidates that I'm voting for in my zip code. I'm a pragmatic, independent voter who believes the GOP is a far-right white nationalist party and Democrats are boring centrists. I don't like Bernie Sanders and libertarians from Silicon Valley need to pay taxes. I have never been profiled in The New York Times.

Last issue, I discussed two WA initiatives and two WA Representative races that aren't in my district. TL;DR:

✅ Yes on WA Initiative 1631 — Carbon Emissions Fee Measure

🚫 No on WA Initiative 1634 — Prohibit Local Taxes on Groceries (entire title here is a mislead)

👩‍⚕️ Dr. Kim Schrier (D) for WA Rep in the 8th Congressional District

👩‍🏫 Lisa Brown (D) for WA Rep in the 5th Congressional District

Let's get to new stuff!

Skipping any races that do not have competition:

🐣 Yes on I-1639 — Gun Regulation

As of Monday, there have been 249 gun massacres in the US in 2018 alone. Enough murder for you? This legislation doesn't allow you to buy a semi-automatic rifle until you are 21 — which you can't buy pot or alcohol until then either — and it expands background checks. Plus, makes sure gun owners lock up guns and are responsible when someone else uses their gun. While a small dent into the lawlessness of owning killing machines made for war, better a dent than none at all.

🦑 Yes on I-940 — Police Accountability

Our legislators already passed this law, but Tim Eyman is making us vote on this to enact in into law. (Wasting more of our tax payer money with making our ballots longer…) Yes, let's hold police accountable for killing people and some other stuff. Also, you should brush your teeth every day.

🐷 Maintained — Advisory Vote No. 19

See rant above about Eyman.

🌥 Maria Cantwell (D) — United States Senator

Cantwell normally votes after she considers everything — and sometimes takes too long on issues. I've had to call her office too many times to urge her to vote against something which should've been obvious from the get-go. But Hutchinson her opponent is…not the sharpest crayon in the box and also definitely would've voted for serial rapist, drunk, and gambler Kavanagh. Even the conservative editorial boards say vote Cantwell.

🍇 Sarah Smith (D) — WA Rep in the 9th Congressional District

Friends, this is how you make a protest vote. You have a candidate running against a candidate that you don't like, but isn't really any better. Since I'm in WA and how our primaries work, both these candidates are Democrats. Ms. Smith is slightly more progressive than Rep Smith. In order to win, she'd need Republican votes that someone who self-describes as a "Berniecrat" isn't going to get. (I'm rolling my eyes, friends. Can you hear that?)

But Rep Smith needs a real progressive — who is hopefully a woman of color and doesn't come off as inexperience next to a career politician who knows his district — running against him in 2020, so this district needs to look viable.

🍔 Dan Satterberg — King County Prosecuting Attorney

The other guy dropped out in September due to health issues.

🍓Steve González — State Supreme Court Justice Position No. 8

González is the only qualified candidate between the two as the other guy is a real estate attorney, who may or may not be licensed, and is a deadbeat dad. González has a solid record, and he actively helps recruit people of color to work in the justice department. This is why voting in local elections is so important, friends.

🥄 No on City of Seattle Prop No. 1 — Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy

This is the first time I'm voting no on a school levy. (Also another protest vote.) Mayor Durkan backs this legislation, and she thinks it's okay to leverage more property taxes, but cannot tax poor Mr. Bezos, the richest man in the world. Durkan once again proves she does not care about the affordability of our city, and how regressive our taxes are. This bill also pulls one out of the GOP playbook: name the bill something impossible for people to vote against. Sorry, didn't buy crocodile tears on Amazon.

See, voting is pretty painless…

I hope this is helpful, and I encourage each and every one of you to vote. I'm totally here to help if you need it when it comes to your own voting. You got this, and you can do it!

Have a Happy Halloween!


Erica McGillivray

PS — Massachusetts voters, please vote YES on Question 3 and protect our trans family!

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