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Friends at Pride
Celebrating Queer Pride. You gotta have your gaggle.
L to R: Lisa, me, Maura, Sayed, Craig, and Sam 🌈

Substantial — I often ask myself how I build out substantial content that means something. My words need to breathe. And I've been running around without breath.

A week ago, the first night of my vacation, I sat in bed and tried to read aloud. I was out of breath. My heart-rate was 83 beats. A little fast, yes, but not panic attack or cardio levels.

I've been struggling to write, and my breath is not there. My thoughts are disorganized and jumbled. They bounced from topic to topic, without any connections between them. Well, not entirely. They are just buried, and my shallow breaths cannot reach them.

Every day, I think about writing something new, something different here. Telling you about Lisa's visit, about Pride, about every disaster as the US slides into fascism, about how my cat Zeta's allergic cedar, or about how mad I am at Seattle's mayor and city council. Demasiado.

Bookworm corner

The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth ⭐ 5/5 stars

What differentiates a 4 to a 5 star novel for me is the emotions I feel while reading it. Danforth's book was in ways so similar to my own upbringing and in ways such a "could've been." Cameron moves through life in a small town in Montana, dealing with her sexuality and the messages she gets around that.

Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo ⭐ 5/5 stars

Character-driven fantasy heist? Yes, please. There were great twists I didn't see coming. My only quibble is the characters should've been one age group older to be that savvy. I couldn't imagine them 14-18 in age, and instead moved them to 16-24 in my head.

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Green thumb update

So many plants, so little time. I have a hammock waiting to be put outside. The north bed isn't thriving like it should. I did soil tests, and the PH, in both beds, is too high.

The arugula and swiss chard are done. The romaine's on its last leg of warm weather. The turnips and radishes got turnip/cabbage maggots, and they also found their way into a couple onions. Gross. (Photos pre-pulling all of it up.)

The pest is a rat. Finally saw it with my own eyes. Been sprinkling cat fur outside to scare it away as my babies are indoors-only.

South bed goodness: tomatoes and tomatillos are flowering. My one squash and pumpkin are exploding. I'm glad I planted them on the edges of the beds so they overflow into my yard. I've been hand-pollentating them with a paintbrush.

Other Things


"But my emails" - Hillary Clinton tweets in response to reports of James Comey using his private Gmail to conduct FBI business.

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