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Me and Julia getting chased by the Oogie Boogie at Disneyland

Thank you, Anita Hill #metoo

Do yourself a favor and use your Game of Thrones HBO subscription to watch Confirmation. Kerry Washington brilliantly plays Anita Hill. For those who don’t remember, Hill accused now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of workplace sexual harassment during his SCOTUS confirmation hearing. Hill’s case was the first huge workplace sexual harassment case in the US, and changed how these cases were viewed.

I believe you, Anita Hill.

At my first office holiday party post-college, at a bowling alley in Tukwila, the GM put his arm around me and asked me if I was “into older men.” He was drunk. But this wasn’t the first time he’d be inappropriate.

(He was one of those office shoulder massagers, who “proved” it wasn’t sexual harassment by also harassing the men. Eye roll.)

My colleague Jeff stood next to me as this happened. He and I had been chatting before the GM rolled up. I didn’t say anything to the GM. Just squirmed away from him. I looked straight at Jeff and said, “You ready to testify at this workplace sexual harassment lawsuit.” Jeff verbally confirmed he would as the GM slinked away to bowl more. I left shortly after that, thankful I hadn’t been drinking and could drive myself home whenever I wanted.

I left that job after 8 months, grabbing the first opportunity I could find. (It was a toxic workplace for many reasons.) Later, the GM got laid off. He applied at my new company for a job which would’ve made him my direct supervisor. When my then-boss asked me about working with him, I responded “only if you want a sexual harassment lawsuit.” And that was that. But sadly, not my first and not my only story.

Bookworm corner

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith 4/5 stars

I have so many thoughts about the parts of straight and queer culture that this book asks questions of. And how it may have been written in 1952, but so much of it is still relevant today. I’ll be posting that review on my Patreon and eventually my blog.

Where in the World is Erica?

Julia and I rocked the Disneyland Halloween party as Alice in Wonderland and Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park

I went to Disneyland! (A few weeks ago.) Julia Santo and I went for Mickey’s Halloween party with her mom. It was a little bit of a last minute trip, but greatly needed to further wind down from conference running.

Things I wrote recently

On my Patreon:

Reviews on my comics blog:


November is upon us. This year, I’m attempting Nanowrimo again. This will be my second year. I did it in 2015, and I gave a 5-minute Ignite talk on my experience and how to prepare for it. My plan is to write a book about event running, so nonfiction. I’ll be updating a bit here, but giving some exclusive previews over on Patreon.

Green thumb update

All the tomato plants are down and removed from the ground right before Seattle got our first winter storm. This was a good decision. While pulling them out, I found traces that they were starting to rot. Tomatoes get a bad fungal rot when they are overly wet. They also hate when their leaves are damp. Which is why they are big babies and many people accidentally kill their tomato plants by not trimming them so you can water on the ground.

All the fall plants are finally where they need to be in the garden. Who knows if there will be anything to harvest.

Other Things

[POLITICS] Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump — There are many reasons why Trump won the electoral college and the POTUS seat. This is one people don’t like to talk about. Voter suppression is getting even worse out there in red and swing states, but it even affects blue states. In Washington state, for instance, ballot drop-off boxes can be very sparse in rural communities, especially if those rural communities are Native American reservations.

[POLITICS] Why rumors of a Gorsuch–Kagan clash at the Supreme Court are such a bombshell — for your Supreme Court nerdfest. This paragraph though:

“Kagan is cool-headed and pragmatic, but she does not suffer fools gladly. She does enjoy sparring with Justice Samuel Alito, but Alito is a brilliant intellect with a misanthropic wit. Gorsuch, by comparison, is a Fox News anchor’s idea of a first-rate justice: an insipid ideologue peddling warmed-over dogmas. Kagan just might find him exasperating enough to merit a rebuttal, drawing her into the ongoing ‘battle’ that [NPR’s Nina] Totenberg described.”

[NEWSLETTER ANNIVERSARY!] It’s been a year’s worth of newsletters, friends. It seems like the entire world has changed drastically in that time. (My hair is now green.) Though many things are still the same. 

As always, live long and prosper,


Erica McGillivray

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