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Hermione and I think you should vote

Vote! It’s Important!

Local elections may not be sexy, but they are arguably the most important elections you can vote in for your own wellbeing. Don’t like your roads, your state and local taxes, noise pollution from airplanes flying over your house, homeless roundups, your mayor being the center of a sex abuse scandal and not stepping down for two months? Voting in these elections affects all those things.

The thing about local politics is that if you think national politics are wild, local ones are bananas. (Though we’re the jerks always left holding Trump’s beer on that one.) The first year I was old enough to vote, I got to sit in candidate interviews at my hometown newspaper. A guy up for sheriff was running because he thought the sheriff’s office was out to kill him and being sheriff guaranteed they’d stop. Yes, this guy had it together enough to file to run and pay associated fees.

Voting’s also great to know your representatives' names and have feelings about them. To pay attention to their track records. To know what they say in election cycles and what they actually do outside of it. 

(Oh, hi, Jeff Flake, how about you actually impeach Trump? Flake is my mom’s senator, so I’ve been following him since she moved.)

Seattle voters, you do get a shiny election on the ballot: the mayoral race. And so few people voted in the primary that my mayoral pick Nikkita Oliver only lost the ballot slot to Carey Moon by 1,170 votes. That is tiny. Your vote counts.

Erica’s election cheatsheet

Caveat: I’m only going to look at the races I’m voting in. I’m also not going to comment on every race. Crosscut has a great Seattle guide. But you too can do your own research!

WA State Advisory Votes #16-18 — Email a sarcastic thank you to Tim Eyman for wasting this ballot paper and taxpayer money.

These votes are worthless. This “activist” named Tim Eyman convinced WA voters many years ago that he was going to fix our taxes. Now we have the least progressive tax system in the country thanks to Eyman. He believes there shouldn’t be taxes, and he should get everything for free. He also believes we should vote for every single tax code change because I guess our tax payer money for public education failed to teach him (and now all those students who we are criminally underfunding) what Representative Democracy means.

King County Proposition No. 1 — Yes

Yay, veterans, seniors, and homeless won’t die from lack of funding. Fuck you, Eyman, for raising my property taxes ~$35 a year. Again. (Property taxes and sales tax raises are the only way WA can raise funds without major votes. 💩)

King County Executive — Dow Constantine

Jacob claims Dow has magical powers. I claim his opponent Hirt is anti-transit and hates lightrail, which my household uses almost every day.

King County Sheriff — Mitzi Johanknecht

There is no choice in this race. If you were one of those people who responded with #metoo being like how can I stop sexual harassment and assault from happening? Vote Johanknecht. Incumbent Urquhart has been accused of rape (believe women), and he collaborates with ICE.

King County Court of Appeals, Division No. 1, District No. 1, Judge Position No. 2 — Michael S. Spearman

Vote for the guy who’s actually a judge and has done good work.

King County Court of Appeals, Division No. 1, District No. 1, Judge Position No. 5 — David Mann

Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position No. 1 — Ryan Calkins

Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position No. 3 — Ahmed Abdi

Most of the Port battles are over unions, big business, and the environment. Abdi has actually talked about other Port issues like immigration. (He's a refugee himself.) Also his opponent Bowman, she support Shell Oil hanging out in Puget Sound, and when Sea-Tac passed $15 minimum wage, she wanted to use Seattle tax dollars (my property taxes) to fund a lawsuit against it. Unforgivable.

Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position No. 4 — Preeti Shridhar

Shidhar’s opponent also loves Shell Oil. But Shridhar story about being inspired to run for this position to oppose Trump’s ban on Muslims is pretty great, and well, I like someone who’s qualified and ready to take action. Also, heck yes for incredible women of color leading in this city.

City of Seattle Mayor — Carey Moon

I’ve seen a lot of back-and-forth about people debating Moon or Durkan. There’s dialog about money. Dialog about experience. Dialog about how they should’ve endorsed Nikkita Oliver. Moon was my second choice in the primary. My vote: I don’t vote for casual racists who throw women of color under the bus and suck up to Bezos.

Crosscut put together a quiz so you can see which mayoral candidate your views most align with.

City of Seattle City Attorney — Pete Holmes

City of Seattle Council Position No. 8 — Jon Grant

The Stranger says it best: “You know what's better than one socialist (Kshama Sawant) on the city council? Two.” Before you get too riled up, The Seattle Times haters of all things not big business also endorsed him. (Though goes to show that a socialist can get their backing, if he’s white and male.) But truth be told, both Grant and Mosqueda are two solid candidates.

City of Seattle Council Position No. 9 — M. Lorena Gonzalez

Yes to reelecting our first Latina Councilperson.

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 4 — Eden Mack

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 5 — Zachary Pullin DeWolf

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 7 — Betty Patu

A former teacher who’s actually beloved by students and has done real things like lowering gang violence, yes.

Make sure you vote! It matters.

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Make sure you vote and Happy Halloween!


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