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80s She-Hulk with 80s Iron Man & another She-Hulk

Top 5s all around

I recently asked on Facebook in meme format if people wanted to hear about my Top 5s on any topic. Here we go.

Kevin — "Lanterns"

  1. Dex-Starr
  2. John Stewart
  3. Jessica Cruz
  4. Ch'p
  5. Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire

Martin — "Stars"

  1. Star Queen Nebula
  2. The ones we saw in South Africa
  3. The one David Bowie became
  4. Horsehead Nebula
  5. Sol

Katelyn — "Star Trek episodes"

So mean. There are 741 episodes of Star Trek, by the way. I have seen them all.

1. "The Best of Both Worlds Part I" from Star Trek: The Next Generation

This episode and its sequel scared the crap out of me when I was kid. The Borg were a great villain against a socially liberal society valuing independent thinking, and Picard's genius turning against the crew was perfect.

2. "Trials and Tribble-ations" from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The perfect tribute to TOS with a fan angle. I particularly loved Jadzia here, who is essentially a fan, but did actually live through the era.

3. "The Lorelei Signal" from Star Trek: The Animated Series

Uhura and Chapel finally get their due.

4. "All Good Things…" from Star Trek: The Next Generation

This is how you end a show.

5. "Past Tense Part II" from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Petty much predicted our future and current path. Thanks, Silicon Valley and capitalism.

I can't believe I cannot add more episodes of DS9 or any episodes from Voyager or Disco. (Though I'm currently rewatching Disco and seeing what holds up for me.) No episode of Enterprise was good enough to rank in the top 30. But I also feel like Enterprise, especially those early seasons, is so bad that you feel Stockholmed when it gets better in the last two seasons, you are like "this show is great!"

Pete — favorite cosplays

I'm going to limit this to my own cosplay.

  1. Alice (Batwoman's sister)
  2. '80s lawyer She-Hulk (Julia went as '80s Iron Man) — see photo above
  3. Sherlock, the Cumberbatch version (Lisa went as Watson)
  4. Elizabeth Weir from Stargate Atlantis (Jacob went as John Sheppard)
  5. Rainbow Bright

Apparently, I really like doing group cosplay.

Jade — Local bred bands

  1. Bikini Kill
  2. Sleater-Kinney
  3. Nirvana
  4. Pretty Girls Make Graves
  5. Mary Lambert

Conclusion: I am of a certain age.

Bill — Marvel superheroes

  1. She-Hulk
  2. Captain America (just say no to Nick Spencer)
  3. Emma Frost
  4. America Chavez
  5. Agent Brand

Also Storm, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Shuri, Chewbacca (Carol Danver's cat), Bucky Barnes, Hellcat, and Jessica Jones

Newsletter readers, hit reply if you want to see me list pontificate.

Bookworm corner

Miami, You've Got Style: A Little Golden Girls Book by Scott and Zach ⭐ 4/5 stars

I always like to have a book in my reading pile that's just enjoyable. This was one of those, today is bad and I need some joy and comfort.

You should definitely watch the Golden Girls before reading this.

-1 star as there's some ableist language, but for the most part, the humor doesn't punch down and that kept the book enjoyable.

Things I wrote recently

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Reviews on my comics blog:

Tiny Rants

Instead of ranting on social media, I bring you, dear reader, my micro thoughts.

1. Instead of waiting on your minority friends/acquaintances/coworkers to tell you their deeply personal stories related to their identities, experiences, and cultures and give you a baseline education on those things, you could read a book from someone with a similar background or experience. There is probably one out there. You always seem to find time to read business books or articles to study other things you didn't grow up knowing.

2. Anytime I read history, I rediscover that we haven't learned anything since the 1800s. Specifically the United States. All the institutions I hate were basically created to make slavery more profitable. Dismantle it. Seriously, securities trading — you know all those mortgage-backed securities that lead to the 2008 housing market crash and economic recession? — was invented to make slavery more profitable and the first securities were literally other human's lives.

3. Having been part of very public "newsworthy" layoffs — that are even being immortalized in book format — my heart goes out to the KUOW staff, especially those who are part of the cuts. 💙

Green thumb update

All the gardening! Let's see the jalapenos have been out on the covered porch basically all the time now, only getting brought in if the temperature dips below 40 at night. It's still too rainy to put them in the garden proper.

Harvested some radishes.

Radishes from my garden

Seedlings — Tried germinating seeds with tupperware and damp paper towels. Worked pretty well for faster growth. My squash and pumpkins have enough growth that I'm using skewers to keep them upright.

Other Things

[BOOKS] On Writing the Comics — and Queer Characters — We Need: Neil Gaiman and N.K. Jemisin in Conversation. Need I say more?

[COMICS & ONLINE HARASSMENT] #Comicsgate: How an Anti-Diversity Harassment Campaign in Comics Got Ugly—and Profitable

[SQUIRRELS] The anti-squirrel propagandists at National Geographic are at it again with These Adorable Squirrels Are Also Baby-Killing Cannibals. Trigger warning for dead squirrel bodies.

[TV] "I could not overlook how the Conner family came together to support Mark as he was bullied at school for his gender presentation, after voting for a president who actively works against the transgender community. They voted for a president who doesn’t think the black life of their granddaughter matters. They act as if love can protect the most vulnerable members of their family from the repercussions of their political choices. It cannot." — Roxane Gay on The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Is Funny. I’m Not Going to Keep Watching.

[TV] With "The Box," Brooklyn Nine-Nine strips down to its peak form by Latoya Ferguson

That's all I got!


Erica McGillivray

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