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Dear Friend,                                                                                                   December 2016

So, we made it to the end of 2016, a year full of (geo) political turbulences, leaving quite a few of us with plenty of worries. 
But it has also been a positive year in a variety of aspects: e.g. the economy continues to strengthen, at least in Spain and in a number of surrounding countries.
For S3 it has definitely been a positive year: behind us are the troubles with the export operations to China in 2013-2014; also behind us is 2015, a transition year; on the other hand, 2016, the year we are now closing has been quite nice, with strong sourcing activity (and some new hiring activity!), several ‘various’ operations that added some extra business and finally strong growth in the teaching assignments with, just considering the last quarter, collaborations with a total of 10 universities and business schools in Europe and the Middle East.
Anyway, for whoever still doubts whether 2016 has been a positive year we are happy to share this link:  It should definitely convince even the most skeptical readers!   :-)
Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a great 2017, we are looking forward to your feedback.
Warm regards from Barcelona,

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO - SGroup


A new team member!

Since the month of November, Carlos Holgado, an engineer from Zaragoza, Spain, is part of the human resources of the company in China, where he manages a variety of technical tasks of major importance for our operations


Presence on Facebook


Apart from the recent renewal of our corporate website,, we try to maintain up to date the company’s presence on the internet by means of a variety of additional channels.


Sourcing: brand and image change for the soldering gun range

In the complex environment of global sourcing projects, even if such changes are strategically very important for our customers, they also imply major risks. 


Export: introduction in Chongqing


The Moing Café restaurant, highly valued among the local middle class, carries since the month of October our wine range, focusing on the wines of Bodegas Sumarroca and Bodegas Tinedo. 


New initiatives in management teaching


This time we explain a series of masterclasses offered at various business schools in Spain, but also, quite significantly, the expansion of our teaching activities to the Middle East, to be precise to Saudi Arabia, jointly with Geneva Business School. 

In this edition we focus on Montse Botinas, who is not only in charge of administration and control, but who most of all contributes her experience in the field of international logistics management.

S3, S4, S5...

Traditionally we close this Newsletter with some more informal items, i.e. with a lighter content.

We continue here the two theme series about Chinese characters and public holidays, and we add an extra item about the rise of Chinese tourism around the globe. 

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