S3 Newsletter #2/2019

June 2019

Dear Friend,


Summer is here, time to relax a bit and charge the batteries…
But not without first of all sending you the SNewsletter covering the second quarter of the year.  Once again we have prepared a long list of news items about the classic topics in our bulletin, as well as… a couple of novelties!
In the context of our sourcing operations the emphasis is on a pretty big operation for ballet outfits, a specialty category a bit out of our regular scope, which is very much industrial-minded.
In management teaching we continue reporting on a ‘healthy’ mix of both continued collaborations and new projects, as it should be.
We will also talk about three possible scenarios on how the trade war between the U.S.A. and China could (finally) wind down.
And we will also provide the answer to a question we received from one of our readers about the webs and applications that you cannot use while traveling in China.
Wishing you all a great time reading this Newsletter, while enjoying the summer season!
Warm regards from Barcelona

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


Seminar at the Port of Barcelona

During the month of May we had again, represented by Tom Van der Heyden, CEO of S3, the opportunity to offer for the fourth consecutive year the seminar on ‘Marketing and Distribution in China’, organized jointly with the Barcelona Port Authorities and Casa Asia

Sourcing: plenty of new orders, production, QC inspections and deliveries


Once more, there is no lack of interesting news items in the sourcing section.  We will, above all, highlight a sizable order for ballet outfits.


New initiatives in management education

Again lots of news items in terms of business teaching at universities and business schools, in particular collaborations with GBS, BSM, ESIC, IESIDE, EUNCET, OBS y UIBS.


3 scenarios about the outcome of the trade war between the U.S.A. and China


Regardless of the fact that the trade war may be justified or not, one doesn’t have to be a big ‘cheerleader’ for free trade to understand that the potential damage can be enormous. 
Hence, it might be worthwhile to try to look into the future and imagine how the conflict might eventually end


New intern at S3 Barcelona


We continue dedicating space to the young students that come to our company, to contribute their energy and interest in learning, as our team offers them the chance to work in real life projects, focusing on international trade.
Blocked websites and applications in China

Even people who have never been to China, but have a minimal interest in the country, its history, culture and/or economy, probably have heard that certain websites and applications are not accessible while they are on Chinese territory.  But… which ones?

Something entirely different... 

As usual, we finish our SNewsletter with a few topics that are only loosely (or not at all) linked to the business world.
This time we continue the two lists we started in previous editions: one on the most interesting books about China and the other about major Chinese cities that are most likely not well known by the general public, although they are relevant for a variety of reasons.

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