S3 Newsletter 2020 / #1

March 2020

Dear Friend,


A Newsletter, now, in the middle of a pandemic?  Sure!  Why not?
Right now, during this state of emergency, with a humanitarian drama developing in a number of countries and the world economy in urgent need of some innovative initiatives, on behalf of the S3 Group team we would like to share with you a message of serenity, of good spirits and on how to overcome adversity!
That’s why we have prepared once again an S3 Newsletter full of news items about the company’s activity, about aspects of the economy we found interesting and about some other topics beyond the purely business context.
Thanks for reading this bulletin, these are difficult times, but jointly we will all come out of it, stronger than ever before.
Stay safe!
Warm greetings from Barcelona!

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


And how is the pandemic affecting S3 Group?

In a first phase, due to the paralysis of economic activity in China, the sourcing capacity of the company was temporarily affected.  But, since this period partially overlapped with the Chinese New Year festivities, the impact was in essence quite reduced.
Right now, the European markets are suffering the consequences of a lockdown as never seen before, which will without doubt have serious consequences.
Fortunately, thanks to a number of new deals with final customers in other continents, the renewed industrial activity in China and – above all – a well prepared team, that is very used to home office work and is hugely motivated, it all allows us to confront this new stage with full confidence!

New productions, inspections and deliveries of a variety of products


In the chapter dedicated to Sourcing, we highlight a number of production, inspection and delivery activities corresponding to this last quarter.


New initiatives in management education

Apart from explaining how the current situation has transformed most face-to-face classes into online sessions, we have again lots of news items about business teaching at universities and business schools, in particular collaborations with Vlerick Business School (Belgium), GBS, BEBS, EAE, IQS and OBS.


China in just a few words


The Chinese market is huge, attractive and crucial for an enormous amount of companies worldwide, but… would it be possible to understand its essence in just a few words, i.e. with just a few concepts?


And if the S3 Logistics Manager turned out to be a Japanese calligraphy artist?


It is easy and common to see a colleague as just that, a colleague, with a purely professional profile, in charge of an important set of tasks in the company, but without knowing really much more about him or her, e.g. about his or her hobbies.
In this edition, therefore, we have found it interesting to share an aspect ‘out of the professional context’ of Montse Botinas, who is in charge of logistics and administration at S3.

S3 on social media: Facebook

In our previous Newsletters we discussed the presence of S3 Group on the Internet, with a complete overhaul of the entire website and our return to social media, e.g. on LinkedIn.
We continue along the same lines, focusing on the world’s largest social network: Facebook!


Something entirely different... 

As usual, we finish our SNewsletter with a few topics that are only loosely (or not at all) linked to the business world.
This time we continue the two lists we started in previous editions: one on the most interesting books about China and the other about major Chinese cities that are most likely not well known by the general public, although they are actually relevant for a wide variety of reasons.

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