S3 Newsletter 2016-2

 Dear Friend,                                                                June 2016



With a rather ‘interesting’ election season in the U.K., Spain and (very exciting) the U.S.A., it is sometimes hard to remember that those of us who are active in the business world, well, we are the ones who really have to create wealth, for the country and, if things go well, for ourselves as well…
The past quarter has shown to be for S3 the continuation of the good vibes that we noticed in the start of 2016, with more activities in a variety of areas, which is obviously excellent news.
New orders for wine for export to China, no matter how modest, are a clear sign that the company remains active and motivated to maintain our presence in this segment.
In sourcing as well the level of activity has gone in crescendo, among others with the development of an innovative project about a new concept for 3D printing.
And more assignments in the area of management teaching, after an academic year with presence in nearly a dozen business schools and institutions, confirm the consolidation of this activity.
Wishing you all a pleasant time reading this Newsletter, as well as a wonderful summer with time to top up the batteries, we are looking forward to your feedback

(Very) warm regards from Barcelona,

Tom Van der Heyden

Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


New foreign interns at S3 Barcelona

After the departure of Clara Engel (see Newsletter 16-1) and due to a number of circumstances and specific needs, we have right now several foreign interns working with the company at the head offices in Barcelona


E-commerce in China


After a series of Newsletters with a focus on the concepts and sometimes details shown on the company website,, we have decided to make some changes.
In this edition we will focus on a specific phenomenon that intrigues people doing business in China, namely the spectacular rise of e-commerce in the Middle Kingdom.


Sourcing: supplier selection mission for 3D printer project


As part of a new project about the development of an innovative 3D printer concept, the company recently organized a research and selection mission for suppliers in China. 


Export: wine tasting event in Chengdu


From the western provinces of China, to be precise from the city of Chengdu in Sichuan (known among others for its conservation center for the giant pandas) we received an interesting report about a wine tasting event with some of our brands, to be precise from the Sumarroca winery. 


New initiatives in management teaching


This time we explain new assignments with Geneva Business School and Casa Asia / Port of Barcelona, as well as additional collaborations with IQS and Fundación ICIL. 

After several years of sales activity that was exclusively implemented out of Barcelona and a subsequent phase with a more decentralized model with the creation of a network of sales partners in many countries and regions, we have decided to adapt again to the new market reality.

S3, S4, S5...

Traditionally we close this Newsletter with some more informal items, i.e. with a lighter content.

We continue here the two theme series about Chinese characters and public holidays, and we add some additional info about a special infrastructure project in Hubei province, China. 

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