S3 Newsletter 2020 / #3

September 2020

Dear Friend,


The Summer of 2020 has come to a close. It was a Summer that will, undoubtedly, be remembered by everyone as the strangest in many years, due to the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on all our lives.
However, this has not deterred us here at S3! Our activities have continued at a steady pace with certain customers being (quite) affected by the slump in the economy, as could be expected. New customers have pushed us in to new, interesting and as a minor detail, profitable business areas.
The sourcing chapter has lots of news as usual, with a specific focus on the Latin American market and more pandemic-related products.
In teaching we had the usual Summer break, so a slightly lower activity level.
In terms of strategic news, we highlight our brand-new membership of the Silverstone Technology Cluster.
Wishing you all a pleasant and informative reading of this Newsletter, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Warm greetings from Barcelona!

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


S3 UK Ltd becomes a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster 

As we explained in the introduction, our new subsidiary, S3 UK Ltd, has already made some important steps forward, including membership of one of the most prestigious business associations in the country.

Extensive sourcing activity for the Latin American market


Our readers already know that we talk about sourcing projects related to the Latin American market quite frequently. 
Perhaps it has been purely by chance, but at this time of global pandemic, and its corresponding impact on the economy, we have seen a considerable increase in this area. It is, therefore, entirely appropriate to give it special attention in this current Newsletter


New initiatives in management education

Once again, we have lots of news items about management education at universities and business schools, in particular collaborations with ESADE, GBS, TBS, UIBS, UoN and OBS.


Alibaba and its unstoppable conquest of the offline retail world


“Alibaba = e-commerce, right?” 
Our readers could be forgiven if this was your answer when we asked you what you identify this Chinese conglomerate with.
But this answer would be false or incomplete, seeing as the group of companies that make up Alibaba is also getting closer to becoming a giant in the world of offline 'retail'.


New internship student at our Barcelona office


During the Summer, Salahuddin Noordin, a student of the Bachelor program of UIBS – United International Business Schools, joined the Barcelona office. He has since worked hard to attain good prospects within the team.
S3 on social media: Instagram

In previous Newsletters,  we told you  about  S3  Group’s new Internet presence in great detail, with the website makeover, and our return to the social networks of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
We are currently focusing on the fourth and final major network for S3: Instagram

Something entirely different... 

As usual, we finish our SNewsletter with a few topics that are only loosely (or not at all) linked to the business world.
This time we continue the two lists we started in previous editions: one on the most interesting books about China and the other about major Chinese cities that are most likely not well known by the general public, although they are actually relevant for a wide variety of reasons.

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