S3 Newsletter #3/2018

September 2018

Dear Friend,


After a summer with record temperatures in vast parts of the globe, we got back to work with the same excitement as ever, willing to keep on growing and, in the meantime, informing our readers about S3’s activities in the field of sourcing, business development and consulting between the European and Asian markets.
This time we have prepared a Newsletter that focuses in the first place on our company’s 15th birthday, a milestone of which we are logically very proud!
But we will also cover the recent inspection and technical support trip to China by Miguel Angel Burges, head of sourcing operations, including the many visits to factories made with the local team.
We also have news on business teaching and a couple of interesting articles on relevant trends in the Chinese market, both in terms of attractive industries, as about mobile payments, which in itself is a tendency that is quickly turning China into a ‘cashless economy’.
Wishing you all a great time reading this Newsletter and looking forward to your news
Warm regards from Barcelona,

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


Happy 15th birthday for Strategic Sourcing Solutions!

They say that over 90% of newly created companies won’t survive their first two years of activity…
Taking into account this statistic and knowing how hard we have really worked at our company, we can only be proud of having been around for 15 years as an internationalization consultancy, specialized in services for companies wishing to conquer emerging markets, either to buy or to sell.

Sourcing: inspection and technical support trip by Miguel Angel Burges


As part of our core business, i.e. sourcing services, we highlight the inspection and technical support trip by Miguel Angel Burges, head of sourcing operations.


New initiatives in management education

Again lots of news items in terms of business teaching at universities and business schools, in particular collaborations with GBS, OBS, the University of Northampton, UIBS, ICIL  and the the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


Perspectives and insights by McKinsey on the Chinese market


By means of a detailed, recently published study, the management consultancy firm McKinsey has offered us their highly interesting views on certain trends that can be very relevant for companies wishing to sell to or, simply, do business in China.


Whatever happened to the S3 interns?


In earlier editions of the SNewsletter we have already dedicated some space to the young students that (usually for 2 to 4 months) come to our company, to contribute their energy and interest in learning, whereas our team offers them the chance to work in real life projects, focusing on international trade.
Alipay vs. WeChat Pay: clash of the titans

We already touched upon this topic – albeit briefly – in other editions and we even mention it in the section ‘Selling is in our DNA’ of the current S3Newsletter: the huge battle being fought between the two main mobile payment platforms in China, Alipay (Alibaba) and WeChat Pay (Tencent).

Something entirely different... 

As usual, we finish our SNewsletter with an item that is little or not at all linked to the business world. 
This time our attention was caught by an architectural surprise (or should we say abomination...?) recently built in China

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