S3 Newsletter #1/2017

March 2017
Dear Friend,

We have covered already one quarter of this 2017 and, if for you it has been an as intense period as it has been for the S3 team, then we definitely have all been very busy!
Although this last trimester coincided with the celebrations (and corresponding national holidays) of Chinese New Year, which thanks to globalization are now also in the West a well known phenomenon, our customers certainly kept up the pace.
New customers, consolidating customers and ‘lifelong’ customers that have recovered very well from the recession in Europe… all of them have contributed in some way or another to maintaining a healthy work pressure at our company.
As usual we have prepared a wide range of articles about events, orders, programs and plenty of other stuff we hope you will find worthwhile.
By the way, we also hope you like the new index, as well as the new font, all with the intention of making this a fun and interesting read for you.
Wishing you all a pleasant experience wandering through this Newsletter, we are looking forward to your feedback.
Warm regards from Barcelona

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


Presentation of Sales Mission to China

On 15 March we presented at the HQ of the industry association Foment de Treball Nacional, in collaboration with its sister organization Plametall, a seminar about business opportunities on the Chinese market.

The event, which was attended by a variety of business people and executives representing Catalan industry, was also the ideal platform to present the Sales Mission S3 is organizing in conjunction with the abovementioned institutions, as an opportunity to develop further commercial relations on the Asian continent.


New customer for promotional bags


The company PODOACTIVA, located in Aragon, Spain, is specialized in offering solutions for feet pathologies and is a supplier of high performance orthopedic shoe inserts for top athletes, both locally and abroad.


New initiatives in management teaching

OBS, Online Business School, the world’s largest online business school in Spanish, asked us for assistance in developing its new courses in English and we have started with a webinar on the Chinese market.


Opportunities in China's agroindustry


After a number of articles focusing on the sales of wine and other processed and prepackaged food and beverages, ready for consumption, we found it to be a good moment to get our readers in touch with an equally relevant industry on the entire Asian continent and particularly in China: agroindustry.


Cooperation agreement with the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


Although we have accumulated already several years of experience working tightly together with the Faculty of Translation and Intercultural Studies at the UAB, recently the team in charge of the UAB Master’s Program in Executive Business Management also contacted us for further cooperation.
Presence on LinkedIn

After having had a look at S3‘s presence on Facebook in the last Newsletter of 2016, this time we will check out where we are on the professional social media ‘par excellence’: LinkedIn.

Something entirely different... 

We finish our theme series on public holidays in the Chinese calendar with Teacher’s Day, which is usually celebrated on 10 September.

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