S3 Newsletter #3/2019

September 2019

Dear Friend,


We are reaching the final stretch leading to the end of 2019 and most likely this is a busy time for the vast majority of our SNewsletter’s readers.
Once again, we have prepared an issue with a variety of news items, among which the catchiest one is without doubt the launch of our new website!
We will obviously dedicate quite some time to this topic, explaining what we have developed and why, starting with the new logo, which most of you have surely also already noticed. 
But there is much more!  In sourcing there will be a very interesting article on our ‘link’ with the NBA and another one about where to buy the perfumes of which we manufacture the packaging in China.
In management teaching, the past quarter mostly saw a number of continued collaborations, whereas a great set of totally new ones is being prepared for our next edition.
Finally, in the context of sales, we will analyze the relevance of ‘influencers’ on Chinese social media.
Wishing you all a great time reading this Newsletter and looking forward to your feedback
Warm regards from Barcelona!

Tom Van der Heyden
Co-Founder and CEO – SGroup


New logo, new website, new image!

It took us a while… with several internal debates, tests, surveys, changes, more debates, tests and surveys, but… here we are:
Shas a new logo and website, in summary, a new image to the world!

Sourcing: plenty of new orders, production, QC inspections and deliveries


In sourcing there will be a very interesting article on our ‘link’ with the NBA and another one about where to buy the perfumes of which we manufacture the packaging in China.


New initiatives in management education

Again lots of news items in terms of business teaching at universities and business schools, in particular collaborations with ESADE, UAB, GBS, OBS and La Salle.


The phenomenon of KOL's in China


‘Influencers’have become a major reality in marketing nowadays, where they present (for a nice fee!) a variety of products on social media like Twitter and Instagram, for consumers (often very young ones) to go out and shop for them.
That’s in the West… but in China this whole phenomenon has taken on – as so often is the case there – an entirely spectacular dimension, reaching massive figures of popularity and, yes, sales


Whatever happened to the S3 interns?


We continue dedicating space to the young students that come to our company, to contribute their energy and interest in learning, as our team offers them the chance to work in real life projects, focusing on international trade.
Online banking: the revolution started by MYbank, Alibaba's bank

MYbank offers (through an app, of course!) the possibility to get credit in 3 minutes, with the intervention of… 0 people.
The system uses some 3.000 variables and has already lent out some 250 billion euros to approximately 16 million small and medium-sized companies.
With a default rate of 1%!

Something entirely different... 

As usual, we finish our SNewsletter with a few topics that are only loosely (or not at all) linked to the business world.
This time we continue the two lists we started in previous editions: one on the most interesting books about China and the other about major Chinese cities that are most likely not well known by the general public, although they are relevant for a variety of reasons.
And we will finish with a short item on the launching of the Facebook page for the NGO that manages the project with street children in Kinshasa (D.R. Congo), the initiative we have been supporting at Sfor many years.

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