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Forging ahead into 2022 with a Positive Outlook

2021 was another year for the history books! Team has been the theme here at Wishbone Site Furnishings. When it comes down to it, creating a great product is only part of the formula. A team that pulls together, cares about each other and cares about the clients they serve all add up to what makes a successful company. 2021 was an excellent example of that for us and New Years is always the perfect time to reflect on such things. The past year threw us a few pandemic curve balls, some supply-chain mayhem and a serious flood that effected all facets of life here. But through it all we kept innovating, serving and delivering to you, our amazing clients. 

Below you will see our top products of 2021. Some are mainstays in our catalogue while a few are newer designs. Perhaps some of these will be perfect for your next site furnishing project. Also notice our updated Powder Coating colours!

Thanks for taking the time to read and from our team to yours - Happy New Year!

But first, let's hear from a Wishbone client

When this testimonial came across our screens here at Wishbone we were really struck by it. Blair from Wilco Contractors in Saskatchewan sent us this note and it encapsulates why we do what we do. Reviews like this are not directed at any one person in our company but to the entire team behind delivering on a project like this.
"Wilco has supplied and installed Wishbone site furnishings on several of our park and urban landscape projects throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan since 2008. One such project as photographed here is Kensington Village in Saskatoon SK.

As a Landscape Architect I appreciate the Wishbone product for its’ aesthetics, function, value, durability, quality of material / construction, and fine attention to detail. Wishbone site furnishings do more than satisfy a functional requirement for one to rest their body, but rather do so in a way that places artfully crafted elements in the landscape, which serve to strengthen the designers’ passionate intent. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a well-designed landscape being overlooked because of economically conventional site furnishings becoming the focal point.

As a Contractor, when pricing a project, consideration is given to the specified product availability, shipment logistics, product packaging in relation to storage, ease of assembly and installation, terms of product pricing from bid to supply, and most importantly quality over the long term. A deficiency in any of these variables will have negative implications on a contractor’s bottom line, as well as affect its hard-earned, easily lost reputation. Of late, the critical stumbling block for site furnishing manufacturers and suppliers has been product availability, timely shipment, availability of international transport, and a commitment to pricing. It is a real eye opener when one bases their bid price on price that is found later to be impacted because of material shortage and lack of international trucking. As a Canadian company that balances its commitments with resources, manufactures and ships locally, a contractor has a few less risks to consider when procuring Wishbone product, not to mention the feel of satisfaction of having purchased locally and supported local economies. All of Wishbone’s product come fully assembled and packed in a way that minimizes risk of damage as they are being stored, loaded, and transported to site. This may seem insignificant but is not when you consider the potential of an employee performing the work that slips in paying attention to proper product care. Installation is always an ease with Wishbone product, and a real time-saver. The non-existence of product deficiency over the long-term with our customers is a testament to the high-quality, do it right the first time, standard that Wishbone imparts on their team when creating each Wishbone piece.

As a believer in less is usually more, my experience with Wishbone can be easily summarized with a couple of sentences:

…For those that have specified, installed, or enjoyed a piece of Wishbone site furnishings - the product is the testimonial

…For those that haven’t - the owner regularly drives around his market area, product trailer in-tow, asking for customer input and review

No further testimonial required;)"

Blair Sivertson CSLA | Senior Project Manager
Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc.

Top Products of 2021!

Our top selling products from each of our site furnishing categories: Benches, Tables, Receptacles, Bike Racks, Bollards, Planters and Outhouses:

Top Bench of 2021 – The Rutherford Bench

Top Picnic Table of 2021 - The Bayview Picnic Table

Top Waste Receptacle of 2021 – Urban Form Easy Access

Top Bike Rack of 2021 – The Tenaj Bike Rack

Top Bollard of 2021 – The Campsite/Trail Number Post

Top Planter of 2021 – The West Coast Planter

Top Outhouse of 2021 - The John Jumbo Outhouse

UPDATED Powder Coating Colours for 2022

Introducing six new vibrant powder coating colours! This brings our standard colour options to 20 and up to 28 custom colour combinations. Combining this with our 5 lumber colour choices, we now have 100 colour combinations to choose from for each product.

Our 5 stage powder coating process is done by our sister company The Wellington Foundry and uses the ICONICA SuperDurable powder coatings. ICONICA represents the new architectural understanding for nature and humanity – environmentally sustainable, super durability against weather conditions and intense UV radiation, while being both expressive and elegantly reserved.

Learn more about our Powder Coating Process here >>>

Solutions for the Future from Pieces of the Past

Another year, another half a million pounds recycled! This has been the foundation of Wishbone Site Furnishings from the beginning. Solutions for the Future from Pieces of the Past. As we have grown and our team has evolved we have become even more creative with our designs and site furnishing solutions. Now we like to include: Something Fantastic from Recycled Plastic! We love seeing these numbers climb every month and will continue to share the numbers each month.

Image of the Month January 2022

The John Jumbo Outhouses - Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park, Aspen Grove BC
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