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Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2016
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A Note from Dusty

Hello to all of our wonderful supporters! I am incredibly grateful for the support, both financial and by volunteering, that AHRE receives from its supporters like you.  It is AHRE's network of supporters that allow us to continue its mission, of rescuing and re-homing Arabian and part-Arabian horses that are at risk of shipping to slaughter.  I am so proud of AHRE's success over the last year and a half. We have been fortunate to save 32 horses from a horrendous fate: slaughter. 
AHRE's goal is to save 20 horses in 2016. To do this, we will rely on your continued support, our dedicated volunteers that make the rescue possible, and local/national grants. In 2015, AHRE received a $1500 grant from the Binky Foundation to purchase a round pen, which will help tremendously with the training of our rescue horses. We have purchased one and are waiting for drier weather to install it. We also received a grant to provide free vaccinations to our horses via the United Horse Coalition. I truly believe that we will be able to achieve our goal of rescuing and re-homing 20 horses this year.
I am very excited about AHRE's future! As our programs expand, we are able to introduce the youth and adults of our local community to the Arabian horse, and that is one of our greatest gifts that we can give to the breed. AHRE not only strives to make a difference for Arabian horses in current need, it educates the public on the breed. In doing so, it will have a positive impact on the breed's future. As we continue on into 2016, AHRE will need continued support from its fantastic network of volunteers and supporters like you.  Please consider making a donation today.
Thank you all so much,
Dusty Calcagno, Executive Director/Founder

February 2016 Auction is Happening NOW!

These large, loud trailers are the usual fate for horses that are destined for slaughter or feedlots. YOU can save a beautiful animal from that fate.
AHRE will be going to the February Eugene Livestock Auction and NEEDS the support of our donors to help bring home Arabian and part-Arabian horses that are at risk of shipping to slaughter

We hope to have enough funds to purchase, feed, care and train 2 more Arabian horses by Valentines day. We believe auction is really the last stop for these horses. Some are purchased by KB's and later 'saved at the feedlot' for double the price but so much trauma has already been done. Our goal is to stop the horses from entering the hands of people and places that will expose these souls to awful things. We are a 501(c)3, all donations are tax-deductible. 

If you would like to make donations for the February Auction fund. You can help us by going to or log in to your Pay Pal account and send money via our email

We LOVE our Trainers!

AHRE is amazed and proud of the work our volunteers have done. Savannah James and Maya Crawford are fearless, bold and patient. Individually our volunteers have been working with our rescues and are helping us understand their experience levels. Working with rescue horses is challenging and inspiring at the same time. Because we do not know the rescue horses' histories, it takes an experienced and compassionate trainer to guide the horses back to a place of trust in humans and confidence in themselves.

Our trainers and volunteers give love back to our horses so that they can move on to a loving home with their new guardians. AHRE has been blessed with incredibly talented and kindhearted trainers. We are tremendously grateful to them for taking the time to help our horses and to be with us on this amazing journey.

If you are interested in joining the AHRE Team, please go to our website at to sign up now! We are always looking for volunteers! Current needs: administrative assistance, fundraising, experienced handlers, and basic stall care. 

Our Featured Horse: Cooper!

Cooper (pictured) is a 4-5 year old Arabian gelding. He was rescued from the January auction and is currently undergoing his 30 days of quarantine. Cooper was also sponsored for 30 days of training! We can't wait to see what this sweet, goofy guy is able to do under saddle! Once he is evaluated, his adoption status will be available. 
Katie and her daughter with Pip! We are so grateful for Katie giving Pip a forever home.
Pip, the September rescue that was adopted by Katie!

Outstanding Volunteer

Please Welcome: Katie Conrad!

Katie has been volunteering with AHRE since the fall and has proven to be an amazing asset to our organization! She has been a tremendous help at our quarantine barn throughout the fall and winter, and has continually impressed us with her dedication to the rescue and our mission. 

Katie can be found helping clean stalls, taking care of the horses at the QT barn, and most importantly, caring for our horses. She has even body shaved our very shaggy Pony twice since his rescue in January. Katie's willingness to go above and beyond is what makes her stand out as a phenomenal volunteer.

Lastly, but arguably most importantly, Katie has even adopted one of our rescue horses. Our September rescue, Pip (formerly Ms. Grey) was adopted by Katie in February, and they have been able to form a beautiful bond as horse and owner. 

The dedication of our volunteers is such a fundamental aspect of AHRE's success. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without their support. Katie is just one of many volunteers that have supported AHRE and our cause. We wanted to extend our appreciation for all of her hard work and commitment to the horses and our organization! Please join us in honoring Katie as our Outstanding Volunteer for Winter 2016. 

Visit our NEW and IMPROVED website at

We have joined forces with FlipCause's fundraising technology to create a cohesive, secure zone for fundraising. We have implemented a gift shop, donation portal, and shopping partners, all of which directly send proceeds to AHRE for the care of our horses! We are excited to debut the website to all of our supporters! 

AHRE Travels to Tulsa, OK!

Our founder, Dusty Calcagno, and our Treasurer/Volunteer Coordinator, Keri Anderson, took a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the annual Arabian Horse Association Convention in November. 

At the convention, they were able to meet with other Arabian horse organizations, magazines, rescues, and more! AHRE was proud to have our own vendor booth at the Convention, as well as promote our amazing sponsor Horse Guard! Thanks to the support of our sponsors and our founder, this trip was made possible.

Dusty and Keri were able to spread the AHRE mission to vendors and organizations across the country, and they were able to network with other rescues and farms. Our network is continually expanding as AHRE grows into its second fiscal year; the AHA Convention was only the first step! We look forward to attending next year!

Our Winter Auction Rescues!

Cooper and Pony were rescued in January from the Eugene Livestock Auction. Unfortunately, Cooper was being bid on by a known kill-buyer, who drove the cost of his rescue up to almost $1000. AHRE was committed to rescuing him, despite the price. As Cooper and Pony finish their quarantines we are able to evaluate them and their training experience. We hope to have Pony make a wonderful addition to our Pee-Wee horsemanship classes, since Big Ol' Charlie is a little tall for some of our younger riders. We look forward to keeping you updated!

All photos courtesy of Amy McCavour.

Thank you Horse in Motion!

Jessica Coughlin from Horse In Motion has donated several hours of body work to a few of our most needy ‘rescues’! We cannot say enough amazing things about the work Jessie does. She has the soft and special touch our sensitive Arabians need. Horse in Motion donated time to Frosty, Windigo, Jazzy, and Traveler. Each of our horses showed significant improvements in flexibility, patience and comfort after her session. AHRE highly recommends Horse in Motion and fully intend on continuing our relationship with them! Thanks so much for your work!

Pictured: Jessica with Jazzy (left) and Windigo (right) 

Buy Wine, Support AHRE!

AHRE has partnered with Benefit Wines to create our Arabian Wine collection! Proceeds from the wine sales are directly donated back to AHRE to help support our rescue horses. Available wines are Carmenere, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Click Here to shop now!

AHRE has moved to Calcagno Equestrian Center!

The Calcagno Equestrian Center has graciously allowed us to board our rescue horses at their facilities. The horses are able to receive daily turnout, three meals per day, blanketing, indoor/outdoor arenas, and clean stalls. The CEC also leases stalls to boarders from all disciplines, and even features a TheraPlate for leg/hoof injuries, muscle therapy, and colic-related issues. We are so grateful for the wonderful hospitality of the CEC! The Calcagno Equestrian Center is located at 16318 SE Harding Road, Oregon City, OR 97045.

Events at AHRE!


Natural Horsemanship Clinic

On September 26th, AHRE hosted a Natural Horsemanship Clinic at the Calcagno Equestrian Center. The Clinic was a fundraising opportunity for the rescue, as well as an opportunity to train our volunteers and local supporters of AHRE! A huge thanks goes to Anja Salazar from True Colors Equine Farm! Anja graciously agreed to donate a large portion of the proceeds to AHRE. Anja conducted a basic horsemanship class offering valuable techniques to better help our volunteers with the horses. In the afternoon a groundwork session took place with Anja showing the importance of connecting with your horse on the ground in order to transfer the connection as you ride together.

First Annual Holiday Bash

Our Holiday Bash on December 12th was a huge success for AHRE! We had 15 vendors selling all kinds of crafts, snacks, clothing, and jewelry. We were amazed at the community turnout and the success of the event as a fundraiser. We were able to raise $1650 for the rescue, which goes directly to caring for our horses and rescuing horses at the monthly auctions. The Holiday Bash had horseriding, feeding snacks to the horses, live music (BIlly Dimes), crafts for kids, pictures with Santa )courtesy of Amy McCavour), and even more! We are so excited to continue this tradition with the AHRE family. Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, or supported the event!
We'll See You Next Time!
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