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       I had to miss the first Wild West Arts Fest in Las Vegas because I'd been booked to present workshops and demos in Denmark and Italy. It was a two-week working vacation which completely blew the cobwebs out of my winter-in-Minnesota mindset.
       The Danes have one word - "Hygge" pronounced hue-gee - which means hospitably hanging out, having a pleasant time together.
       My hosts, Dan and Rikke, gave me the incredible experience of what this shining word can mean, from the food to the stories we shared. 
       On a personal n
ote, my father served in WWII as an RAF navigator in Lancasters that dropped supplies to the Danish Resistance. Dan told me that the area in Jutland where we were was a major dropsite. 
       Here's where's the
story enters the Twilight Zone: One of my favorite British paracord whip makers, Daz Shelton, was there at the same time. Over dinner, he told me about an amazing experience he'd recently had, taking a ride around a runway in one of the last Lancaster bombers still flying -- and that he was allowed to sit in the navigator's seat when they found out Daz's uncle had been a navigator in the RAF in WWII, flying Lancasters to drop supplies for the Resistance in Denmark. (Just how small is this world we live in?)
       From the moment I arrived in Rome from Copenhagen, I experienced sensory o
verload. First, there are no right-angled corners on  any of the streets, and they change their names every time time they alter direction, even slightly. Second, there are more cars in Rome than there is actual space on the streets. Even while driving (subito!), the fashion in Rome is to wear your automobile very tightly  around your hips in a high-speed game of Tetrus with the other cars. While motorcycles, scooters and mopeds swirled  around me, seeing three cars abreast on two lanes was not uncommon.
       Between workshops, I walked a bit around the old town, cutting a dashing figure with my long white hair, my beard (like my dear friend Anton's!), my black hat and clothing, looking so much at home that a harried businessman asked me for directions in Italian. I automatically told him, "Non so - mi dispiacci." ("I don't know, I'm sorry.") I was no help to him at all, but I was pleased I could be polite to him in his own language.
       These are examples of the intangible rewards I've received from bullwhips over the years, and why I am happy to give back when I can to this art and sport.
       And I'll see Daz again in August when I'm in England. Who knows, we might go flying!

A Big Idea?

       Don't you think it's time for the creation of a Bullwhip Hall of Fame and Museum?
       Right now, it exists only as an idea in my head, with domain names reserved and non-profit paperwork pending, but I hope to have more information to share with you about this fledgling project in the next Bullwhip Newsletter (after I get back from the East Coast in July).
       It goes without saying that suggestions are welcome, but I'll say it anyway: All my doors are open!


WWAF 2020 Plans Announced

       Western Stage Props' ( owner Kyle Petersen said the inaugural Wild West Arts Fest in Las Vegas a few weeks ago was so successful, he plans to host the second one in 2020.
       Performers and presenters have yet to be announced, but as soon as tickets are put on sale, you should grab a couple, because the joint will be jumping!


     The Bullwhip Index at t hahas been scrubbed again, with many new additions, and a few deletions (sniff). Additionally, the Index now has a Guest Book, if anyone wants to sign it, or make observations - or suggest new names to be added. 

       "Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes, and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors."  Taking my lead from history, I am looking for friends, fans, and supporters to join me at In short, I am inviting folks to become my  patrons. Go to the website to see what kinds of perks I can offer you in return. It's for a worthy cause, dear reader!

       My current travel schedule is posted at While you're there, enjoy the pictures I've added to the calendar.
       Sorry it's a short one, this time, but it's being written on the fly.
       So until next time --

       Best thoughts,

       - Robert Dante -
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