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The Loudest Whip Crack in the World

       Renowned whip cracker ADAM WINRICH recently posted a video in which he compared the loudness of different whips' cracks.
       He followed guidelines posted by Guinness World Records for "Loudest Whip Crack."
       "There is an orange box on the ground in between me and the meter," Winrich wrote on Facebook. "It is 2.5 meters from the sound level meter and I try to get the cracks to go off above the box."
       To measure the loudness, he rented a a Casella CEL 633.C1 sound level meter with a microphone rated for up to 165 dB, reporting the peak dB level.
       Winrich achieved a sound level of 150 db, which is the equivalent of standing right next to the speakers at a loud rock concert. The previous record of 120 db was held by April Choi.
       Winrich is waiting for Guinness to confirm his attempt.

 Japan's 2nd Whip Convention
set for Sept 3

      NAOMI DAMIAN presents Japan's Second Whip Cracking Competition on Sept. 3 in Tokyo. The annual event demonstrates growing interest in organized whip gatherings in Japan.
       Damian teaches and performs bullwhip artistry in nightclubs and other venues. Her own shows are marked by a liquid flowing motion punctuated by staccato cracks that are as much dance as whip cracking.
       Pictured below shows some of the attendees from the inaugural event last year. 



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Western Arts Showcase Features  Whip Contests, Free Shows 
       GERY DEER  presents the American Western Arts Showcase (Formerly the Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase) for two days of events, Friday and Saturday, July 28 – 29 in Greenville, OH.
       Everything kicks off on Friday, July 28 at 12 Noon with open practices and rehearsals plus some great educational sessions scheduled throughout the day for public view.
       Whip cracking, knife throwing and more will continue all day until the Friday Night Feature Show at 5PM!
       Saturday’s event schedule begins at 1 p.m. with the Whip Contest Exhibition, which will include speed and accuracy, bullwhip fast draw and a style contest. Contests will be followed at 2:30 by a matinee performance featuring whip artist Gery L. Deer, the knife throwing skills of Bass Blades and more.
       This year’s whip contests are dedicated to our dear friend, legendary Australian whip performer, John Brady who passed away earlier this year. John was a friend and a great whip handler and performer.
       Contests include American Whip Speed & Accuracy Exhibition; Speed & Accuracy; Speed Switch; the world’s ONLY Bullwhip Fast Draw competition.
       PLUS! The Indiana Jones-styled turning fast draw contest, just like you see in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Contestants will use an 8-foot or longer bullwhip to face off against each other in an effort to recreate the dramatic first crack by Indiana Jones.
       Schedule: 2:30 PM Matinee Performance and Sneak preview for the Grand Showcase at 5 PM hosted by The Brothers & Co. Entertainers.
       Exhibitions and practice sessions open to public audiences throughout the afternoon.

       Gery adds, "And the best part? This year’s event is FREE admission!"

Mini Tutorial: Safe Wraps
        Wrapping with a bullwhip is fun, and it can be done safely. Here are some tips:
       Bare skin is tackier than clothing, so go for unclothed areas (not the head). Slippery clothing will make the whip slide off before it can wrap.
       Keep the whip moving away from the face. 
       Use a longer popper to start the wrap, making sure the crack occurs away from the skin by using the "Point and Squeeze" technique, so the momentum does not create a tourniquet effect. Wrap with the fall, not the thong.
       After the momentum of the throw makes the fall start to coil around the target, flip the whip quickly so one strand lies over another, making a Larkshead Knot, which will hold when you pull it taut until you un-flip it.
     Practice on inanimate target to begin, and remember to protect the eyes until you have this stunt down pat. Good luck!
Stepping Up Your Game:
Making the Jump from Beginner to Intermediate Whip Cracking


       New whip crackers might feel a little stuck practicing with their whips, doing the same basic techniques.
       I've been asked what one can do to concretely learn and advance. This is the best advice I can give:

      Continue to play, but after a warm up that includes doing the basic cracks slowly and deliberately, so it .gets past your mind and into your muscles, until it becomes second nature.
       On average, it take 66 days to ingrain a new habit.
       Start by reminding yourself about the "railroad tracks" technique. Then pay attention to the belly of the whip, followed by a focus on hand position. Then slowly and deliberately practice the "point and squeeze" technique.
       After this daily reminder, start with a few easy cracks. Do forward circus cracks, then reverse circus cracks, followed by slow figure 8s.
       Try to hit it from as many angles as you comfortably can. See how you can screw up -- and why it happens. Pay attention to the whip - it already knows how to crack.
       Then do Fast figure 8s and cattleman's cracks for a few minutes, then the overhand flicks, all of the variations (overhand, from the opposite side, side flick, upward flick).
       Don't worry about getting a big repertoire of flashes. These basic forms are the foundation for ALL whip cracking moves.
       When you try a new move, go big and slow. Break it into individual parts - work on one part at a time. Later, you can explore putting the parts together into a fluid whole. Don't settle for perfection - there's a lot more than that going on here!
       Do 10-15 minutes a day of this. This is not long enough to burn yourself out, it's just enough to make gentle grooves in your brain below where you think from.
       Trust the whip. Be in the moment, where you are. Like someone said, if you're trying to do it right, you won't.
       Advancing in itself is not a goal. You'll only see that you are at an intermediate level after it has
already happened.
       More than anything, Have Fun! Because if it's not fun, if it's "work," you won't want to say hello to your whip every day.

       Personally, I enjoy my whips because they expand my life, not limit it. When I'm having a good day of whip cracking, I'm flying. I am always beginning.
       And that's about as simply as I can put it.
       Be safe, and I'll see you again in August!
       - Robert Dante -

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