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Hands-on Preview of the Indiana Jones
Bullwhip Auction on September 25

Take a close-up look at a bullwhip used in the third Indiana Jones movie.
The whip was made by the late David Morgan, who supplied 30 bullwhips of the 450 series to the Indiana Jones franchise over the years.
The only glaring error here is Stephen Lane calling the whip's fall "the cracker." Ouch!
It's nice to see he wears white gloves to touch the screen-used bullwhip, which is expected to sell for £50,000 to £70,000.
Click to watch the moment captured by
Second Annual Japanese Whip Competition Sept 3
       Naomi Damien is ramrodding Japan's second annual whip cracking competition on Sept. 3 at the Bumb Tokyo Sports Bunkakan Sub Arena.
       Last year's attendees are pictured above. For more info, go to Damien's page at
Adam Adds Another One; Blake Sets His Sights; 
Whippy Dodges April's Bullet

       It's been a relatively quiet time for bullwhips at Guinness World Records - but I am betting it's the calm before the storm..
 Adam Winrich added a new record to his collection: Loudest Whip Crack, achieving 148 decibels (150 decibels is the equivalent of standing next to the speakers at a really loud rock concert).
April Jennifer Choi took a shot at Longest Whip and Heaviest Whip, but her attempt at Longest Whip was disqualified because someone held the popper of her whip off the ground, and the record now stipulates it must be a solo attempt. (Apparently, Guinness can adjust the requirements for a record.)  I do not know why her Heaviest Whip record attempt was not accepted by GWR. So for the moment, at least, Nathan "Whippy" Griggs still holds the Longest Whip record at 100.47 m (329 ft 7.5 in).
       Meanwhile, whip maker
Blake Bruning  of Trinity Whips has announced his intention to go after two records: Most Whip Cracks in One Minute and Most Newspapers Split Using a Bullwhip in One Minute. Stay tuned!
       There's always room for more, folks! Put your money on the table and take your chances! (Actually, there is no fee required. You just have to have a lot of patience dealing with GWR!) A current list of whip-related records is at

Kit Changes, Pecards, New Products

       There have been a few changes, such as adding shipping costs to some products (the rest remain Free Shipping).
       We've made a change to the Whip Repair Kit, substituting a fid for the scratch awl. The fid's flared blade makes it easier to work into a knotted fall (or to replace a fall). Kit is $19.95 plus shipping.
       Bag:  We couldn't find Indy's Mark VII gas mask bag anywhere for a decent price, but we did find a great vinyl Czech gas mask bag. It features two big pockets, two smaller pockets, and shoulder strap. It's made of sturdy and waterproof vinyl, with two inner flaps to help contents stay dry in a downpour. (I use it myself!) Because these are military surplus, some may show signs of use (I found a name tag and a small sewing kit in mine!). Available for only $15.00, plus shipping.
      We're now official carriers of Pecards Leather Dressing. We'll sell the 0,75oz, 2.5oz, and 6oz sizes (for $2.50. $5.00, and $9.00. plus shipping). Their good reputation is well deserved (I've been using them for years).
     Genuine horsehair poppers are in our poppers section at $15,00 for a baker's dozen. And ww've added black latigo falls at $10.00 each for your black whips.
       Ordering through our online store is quick and easy. Check it out!

Canadian Whip Cracking Championship Sept. 9

       Montreal's first whip competition is set for Saturday, Sept. 09 from noon to 3pm at the Centre Sportif at 1212 Sanguinet in Montreal. Cost to enter is $20.00
       Contests include Most Whip Cracks in One Minute, and Ten Balloons Popped in the Fastest Time. There will also be a one-minute freestyle competition where contestants will be rated on their form, difficulty of routine, flow, and volume of the cracks.
       Spearheaded by Dunter Franck, this competition will also have a Fast Draw contest where whip crackers face off against each other.
       For more information, go to the
Facebook Page for this event.

Choi Makes LED Bullwhip
       April Jennifer Choi has made an 8-foot bullwhip utilizing more than sixty LED lights. She describes it as being a "Glow-in-the-dark, UV-Reactive, Super Loud, CRACKABLE LED whip!!!" Whip is still in Beta stage. To see it in action, go to

Loop Shows Channing How to Make Like Indy
       A big congrats to Loop Rawlins, who showed Channing Tatum how to crack a bullwhip confidently for the film "Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle." Yowza!
      A few weeks ago, we taped an episode for the third season of To Tell the Truth in Universal City. "Will the real Robert Dante please stand up!" By then, I wasn't sure if I should stand up!
       Earlier this week, I was interviewed on a podcast for the Off the Cuffs program.
       In two weeks, Mary and I present a whip weekend in Tulsa, OK - one of our favorite annual events.
       And September begins with a weekend of whip workshops in Anchorage, Alaska, followed a few days later with a flight to Melbourne and Sydney in Australia.
       Last week, I underwent surgery on my left elbow, and I am looking forward to ditching the sling in the near future. (Talk about suffering for your art!)
       It's true that I have tried to retire three times, so far. I think I'll just give up on that idea. The whips have been mighty good to me in my life, and I am enjoying giving back to them in little ways - like this newsletter.
       See you in September. Until then, have fun, be safe, and don't forget to "Relax Your Ass!"
       - Robert Dante -
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