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"WHO'S Selling Crackers on Ebay?"

by Robert Dante

       Wow - I recently scoured Ebay to see offers for whip lashes (poppers, crackers, etc.). 
       Here are nine I found, with descriptions ranging from terse to loquacious, plus photos of their products. Prices for crackers ranged from $0.75 to $2.50 each, averaging $1.31 each; shipping costs ranged from Free Shipping to $5.99, averaging $3.69 for those who charge for postage.
       In alphabetical order (by their Ebay seller's name), they are:

caliberwhips - $9.95 for 10 crackers
$1.95 shipping 
(295 sold - 87 watchers)

Caliber Whips: .•*Kevlar*•. Bullwhip Stock Whip Crackers Poppers - 10 Pack
These crackers are made of KEVLAR, which makes them extremely strong and durable. They are 10 inches long for ease of cracking.
Other crackers on eBay are sometimes made of cheap string, and are terrible as far as performance and dur
ability is concerned. I am a professional whip maker and have made crackers out of everything from horse hair to Dyneema, and nothing comes close to the durability and sound of the KEVLAR cracker.
IMPROVED: These crackers are now tied in a small blood knot. Which makes them thinner and easier to crack, making them louder as well.
Comes in a pack of 10
Check out my YouTube channel called Caliber Whips. I have a video on attaching crackers. I also have a video on the basics of crackers, and this type of cracker is my favorite.
I am soon releasing a video comparing Kevlar to Dyneema (a material many whip handlers use).
**Seriously, the Kevlar crackers are the BEST I have ever used. **
They are worth every penny!
Good product, great value
Is the work better than any cracker I’ve ever used with a little effort they make a lot of noise
kevlar crackers
these are the best crackers i have used. the end fluffs up real nice.  they last a long time. i will be using these crackers from now on...
Great Crackers for Great Price
These crackers are definitely worth the money and are by far the best I have used. They are durable, very well made and crack well.
Good good good!
easy to attach.  Noisy.  Good quality.
Awesome crackers
Packs a hella mean crack, and they last long. It was everything I could want out of a cracker, and more!

c.weaver13 - $9.99 for 5
$3.50 Shipping
BLURB: Here is a premium Dacron fiber Whip Cracker.
They are approximately 8 inches long with a 2 inch tassel. They knots used to tie them are a surgeons knot which helps to keep the cracker running straight. These crackers will work on just about any whips, but are especially recommended for whips between 6-10 feet. If you have a lighter or shorter whip, it is recommended to go to a 6 strand or less cracker for ease of cracking. If you have a longer or heavier whip, it is recommended to go with a 10 strand or higher cracker for ease of cracking. 
These crackers can either be tied on to the end of a fall, or opened up at the end by untwisting and looping the tassel end through the hole created to secure to a fall. 
8" overall
2" tassel
Surgeons Knot tie
8 strand tassel (.018" strands)
fluto2006 - $13.00 for 12
Free Shipping

BLURB: Dyneema Whip Crackers - 12
12 new Dyneema crackers (poppers) 10” toatal length with 2” tassels. Color is high viz yellow. Dyneema is considered the worlds strongest fiber. This fiber is fluoropolymer treated for abrasion resistance.
I accept only Paypal. 
Free mailing in CONUS.
jrzjoe - $8.99 for 12 crackers plus one gray nylon fall
$5.99 Shipping

BLURB: Gray Nylon Fall and 12 RED Nylon String Cracker Poppers for bullwhip whips
One Gray Nylon Fall  and 12 RED Nylon String Cracker Poppers for bullwhip
This Kit Contains:
1 Gray Nylon Fall 22 inches long
12 RED Nylon String Poppers/Crackers about 10 to 12 inches long                 
This Fall works great on both Nylon and Leather whips              
As Pictured 
Material: Nylon
Please check my listing for more items.
Thank you for your support
SECOND LISTING: $5.99 for 7
$4.99 Shipping

SECOND BLURB: 7 pcs. BUMBLE BEE KEVLARS Nylon String Poppers crackers for a Bullwhip whips
7 pcs Replacement BUMBLE BEE KEVLAR String Poppers Crackers
about  10 to 12 inches long.
As Pictured 
Thank you for your support

krystof1955 - $22.95 Canadian for 20-pack assorted colors
Free Shipping

BLURB: “Pro Grade Handmade” is my motto and that's exactly what I do!
One of the feedbacks from;  iverson1000connor
“Great poppers. Thank you so much. Will buy from again.”
Please check my other feedback and buy with confidence!
Polyproplylene, replacement top quality performance poppers (crackers) for a nice loud crack.
Less prone to tangle.
Very good choice for beginners and to those who keep on doing more complicated routines.
8-inch long, hand-made (hundreds were sold)
SUPER PACK - Set of 20 !
Can be all the same or mixed colors, whichever you choose. You tell me!
Choice of colors; black, white, blue, red, brown.
All over the world via Canada Post Air Mail
Remember! If you use a top quality poppers (cracker) on your whip the fall will last a very long time.
From a smoke free and pet free home!
Please see my other postings. Thanks!

nickswhipshop - $12.49 for 12
$3.50 Shipping

BLURB: 12 Bullwhip Stockwhip Snakewhip Crackers Poppers Nylon - Nick's Whip Shop
This nylon cracker bundle of 12 is available in all light, medium, heavy, or in an assortment of four each. They are 8" long (a 6" twisted section and a 2" tassel) The light weight crackers are great for pocket whips, and smaller whips in general (2.5ft and 3ft). Because smaller whips are lighter, There isn't a lot of mass available and a thinner cracker is ideal for your whip to crack easily. Moving up on the scale, the Medium weight cracker is excellent for medium length whips. You'll find that they work great for 4ft to 8ft whips. The Heavy weight crackers are great for heavier whips, or whips 10ft long or greater. A longer whip usually means more mass, and if that's the case your whip will accelerate this cracker beyond the speed of sound with little to no effort. You will find that the smaller crackers produce a higher pitched crack and the thicker ones a deeper crack. You may experiment with them and put any cracker on any whip you please! These are just some suggestions. By purchasing this bundle you are supporting my whip making YouTube channel (, and for that I thank you!


quarterbox3 - $2.50 each (in bulk $2.33 each)
$3.50 Shipping

BLURB: Whips - Replacement Popper (12" Waxed White) - 1 Only
Replacement poppers for your favorite whip that no longer pops. Why buy a whip when you can put a popper on instead? 
Whip Popper, 12" Waxed White                                                    

whips14u - AU$15.00 (US$10.95) for a 10-pack
Free Postage in Australia

(204 sold)
BLURB: Bould Whips
Colours my change from the ones in photo
You can ask for all one colour 
Top quality crackers for a loud crack
If you keep a good cracker on your whip the Fall will last a very long time

zvan5796 - $16.00 for 20 - $30.00 for 25 - $8.00 for 10
Free Shipping

BLURB: bull whip poppers lot of 20.

And in the interest of transparency, here's my own humble offer:

rdante - Baker's Dozen (13) for $10.00
Free Shipping

BLURB: Pro Bullwhip Poppers/Crackers/Lashes from R. Dante
"These are the actual crackers I use on my own bullwhips," says Robert Dante, four-time Guinness World Record holder and author of
Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills.
Two-strand white mason twine, spun tight, tied off with double half-hitch for greater aerodynamics, 1-1/2 inch flare/tassel at end. Crackers are looped onto small grooved wooden peg to keep them safely sorted and together until they're used.

A Million-Viewer YouTube Bullwhip Video!

       The World of Whip Cracking is not a mere niche audience, according to YouTube!
       Under the double headline "How does a whip break the sound barrier? (Slow Motion Shockwave formation)," Destin of Smarter Every Day posted a 12-minute video showing the science behind the bang that quickly racked up the views. 
       The video, made with the help of April Jennifer Choi, was posted three days after Christmas 2018 - and by Jan. 14, it had been seen nearly 1.5 million times!
       Thoroughly covering the subject, Destin credits the University of Alabama in Huntsville and lists links to other credible videos and documents about the World of Mach One with a Whip.
       It's well worth watching, so here you go:


Wild West Arts Fest Now Selling Day Tickets
       The First Wild West Arts Fest set for May 2-4 at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is now selling a limited number of day passes, according to sponsor Kyle Petersen of Western Stage Props.
       The three-day celebration will offer demos and workshops on gun spinning, knife throwing, trick roping, and whip cracking. Along with light-hearted competitions, the nightly events will include a dinner show. Each day will have open practice times and skill sharing sessions, and there will be no time limits imposed on schmoozing or cameraderie!
       Scheduled presenters include Gery Deer, Loop Rawlins, and Chris McDaniel. Event tickets are $350.00. Daily Spectator (Only) Passes are $80.00.
       For more information or to purchase tickets, go the Western Stage Props website at 
       Or you can mosey on over to their Facebook page at     

       A few final thoughts before I close this issue's door behind me.
       I see around me two distinct types of whip crackers: the Athlete and the Artist.  The stellar whip handlers I've met combine the best of both, like dancers on raked stages.
       In personal news, my GoFundMe campaign raised enough money for a new computer - one with an unscratched keyboard, a crystal clear monitor, and huge buckets of RAM!  I am grateful to those big-hearted donors who made this possible. (Thanks!)
       When the Universe has asked me something, I've tried to answer "Yes." By this process, I find I am in an indie movie by Jake Yuzna titled "An Alternative." (In this film, I play myself. I hope I do an good job of it!) When it's finished, I'll let you know where and when it will open. I can tell you right now, it's got some really good stuff in it!
       Oh, yes, I'm going to Denmark in April, for demos, workshops, and TV appearances. Then I soar away to one of my favorite cities, Rome. Always good to see old friends and to share our love of whips.
       My hoped-for English walk-about will have to wait until the Fall, when I will stroll boardwalks and beaches under white clouds of singing seagulls, warming myself with fish and chips in the shadow of the looming Blackpool Tower. 
       Ah, the Blackpool Tower - I thought the Tower played itself magnificently in the colorful and quirky film, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children."
        Then back in the US, it will be the usual East Coast/West Coast split season, with a preponderance of appearances for more mature (ie NSFW) audiences scheduled. Variety is the spice of life, eh?
       While my doctors (my wing men) are happy I am "slowing down," I fear I may disappoint them again before this year is far along. 
       If you see something in this newsletter - now going on three years old - that might interest a friend, please pass it on. And if you see something problematic in it, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.

With my Warmest Best Wishes,
- Robert Dante -
Copyright © 2019 Dante's Bullwhips, All rights reserved.

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