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Martial Arts & Bullwhips: The Land Between

       In films, we've seen the bullwhip used a weapon, but I recently saw something that dropped my jaw.
       It's a long sword made of flexible steel: the Urumi, usually made from steel or brass, 48–66 inches(122-168 cm) long. It originated in 12th Century India as part of the Kalarippayattu martial art form. Essentially, it is a metal whip. Most of the Urumi moves I see in videos are the "swashbuckling" type. 
       Contests are noisy affairs, with steel bands blasting into steel shields and bucklers. By swinging the Urumi in circles and spinning, the user creates a zone around himself that extends to the end of the whip/sword, which makes it an ideal weapon in a melee. 
       Even in close quarters, the banded blade is sharp and can be wielded lethally. It can be single- or multi-bladed (I read that some variants have as many as 30 blades).
       When not used in combat, the Urumi can be worn as a belt, coiled around the warrior's waist (I use a short snakewhip as a hatband, myself).
       The martial art use of bullwhips has a strong past (which can share foundations in physics and spirituality), and a dazzling future, if the burgeoning interest in the combination of the two is any indication.
       Enjoy the videos (they are also posted at

The following list of Bullwhip/Martial Art practitioners is from
the Bullwhip Index at www.Bullwhip.Info:

Robert Amper
Ron Balicki
Restita DeJesus 
Anthony DeLongis
Facebook Combat Whip Group
Peter Jack (Latigo y Daga whips)
Latigo y Daga Filipino Whip Association
Ron Lew
Kirin Luen
Tom Meadows "The Filipino Fighting Whip"
Paracordist Creations LLC (Whip self defense)
Philip Sahagun

(If I have overlooked anyone, let me know and I will correct the error.)

Good News!

       My book, "Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills," is still available from Amazon for only $15.95. If you encounter me at an event, I will not only sell you one, but I will also sign it for you. How cool is that?
       And if you are a whip maker or seller who would like to carry my book in your shop (or in your saddle bag), contact me at, and I can give you details about my generous wholesale program.
A Good Year Ahead
       I foresee new performers making their entrances, new teachers adding their own spin to this ever growing hobby/sport/art, new whip makers being discovered, new world records being set and broken, and new opportunities arising for the world-wide whip cracking community to join hands.
       And I very much look forward to being a part of this always expanding experience!

       Best thoughts,
    - Robert Dante -
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