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Catwoman's Back; Bronco McLoughlin Passes Away; Fava Wins Big in Australia;
Missouri Meets Hungary; Wild West Arts Fest Coming Up; Videos; BHOF&M.


      MICHELLE PFEIFFER found the whip she used 27 years ago when she portrayed Catwoman in Batman Returns. She also posted on her Instagram account a short video of her cracking the whip. (And yes, the whip could use a fresh conditioning of Pecards!)
       If my memory serves me right, the whip was made by Terry Jacka, who has since retired.  It's a shame that she didn't give ANTHONY DELONGIS his fair dues as her whip coach, but it looks like she's  remembered her lessons well.
       If you want to see the videos, go to Michelle's Instagram Account More articles about this are at GEEKTYRANT and INQUISITR.

Anthony ‘Bronco’ McLoughlin Passes
       The stunt legend who taught Harrison Ford how to use a bullwhip in 'Indiana Jones' has died at 80 years of age. 
       The doughty Irishman, who lived for a time in Australia, showed Ford how to dramatically wield the whip in 1984's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
       A member of the Suntman's Hall of Fame, he is credited with 40 movies to his name, including Superman, Total Recall, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Gangs of New York, and The Mission.
       His life story sounds like its own action-adventure film.

       Read the full story on Yahoo here.
American Evan Fava Named 2019 Grand Champion
       Pennsylvania's own EF WHIPS' EVAN FAVA conquered the Toowoomba (Qld, AU) Royal Agricultural Show with a nicely detailed, hand plaited whip (a 6ft 24 x 48 plait stock whip) which won the Packer Leather Award.
       On his Facebook page, Fava said, " I named this whip 'Death by Customs' because it was held in the Australian customs for about a month before it finally got released and arrived just in time to get it entered in the competition."
       Congrats to Evan!
Revisit: Missourian Meets Hungarian Whip Crackers
       Tourist Lottie Boggan published a fun read in the Jackson, MS Northside Sun about how she was invited to take part in a whip cracking demo.
       "The riders showed us many ways to flick a bullwhip as they rode around the ring, never striking the horses," she says. "The horses, highly intelligent animals, were not disturbed. Even with the whips lashing around their heads and bodies, they continued their pounding gallop."
       I can practically feel it, and y
ou can read the whole tale here. 


       The clock is ticking down, and it's your last chance to get in to the Wild West Arts Fest in Las Vegas on May 2-4.
       It's going to be a humdinger, folks! I really wish I could be there, believe me! (I'm in Italy, that weekend.)
Western Stage Props's KYLE PETERSEN has posted the final schedule on Western Stage Props' Facebook Page. Check it out, then sign up, for the Whole Monte or for a day pass!
       And while you're in Las Vegas, be sure to check out the whip collection at Western Stage Props. Wow!
BEN HUGHES and TEERAPONG NILLAPAT share a post showing a 5-year old mastering the Four Corners with his right hand;
BLAKE BRUNING teams up with STEVE TOWNSEND to create a steel overlay whip; and
ADAM WINRICH shows how much fun you can have with a 15-foot bullwhip and a roll of toilet paper. Who knew?
       You can watch all these videos at BULLWHIP.TV.
       Sorry about the delay getting this issue out, but I've been busy:
       I've spent time being filmed for an indie project titled "An Alternative," by Jake Yuzna. I played myself, not always an easy task. Jake Yuzna is an American film director, screenwriter, and curator. His debut feature Open was the first American film to win the Teddy Jury Prize and the Berlin Film Festival. In 2005, Yuzna become the youngest recipient of funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.
       I'm honored to have worked with him (and I look forward to seeing the result).
       My book, "Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills," is still selling well, and now you can get it in Kindle. Carry it with you!  I've had a series of false starts translating it into a shooting script, but I believe every failure brings you one step closer to success. Keep the faith!
       I've been prepping for my upcoming season, which includes a return engagement in Rome, Italy, and a first-time visit to Copenhagen, Denmark. I'll be in the UK in September.
       I will not be touring the West Coast, this year, but I will be on the East Coast. Details are in my calendar at
       I'll miss the Wild West Arts Fest in Las Vegas May 2-4. I was especially looking forward to it as the perfect place to unveil a little project I am working on: The Bullwhip Hall of Fame and Museum. I've received stalwart support from Western Stage Props' Kyle Petersen, and others (nods to Chris, Gery). 

       I am navigating the setting up of the nonprofit entity, and it's a slower slog than I anticipated  (mostly because of thin finances) - but Patience combined with Persistence is usually an unbeatable combination, so I am confident it will work out. Stay tuned!
       I started this newsletter in 2016, and it is now in its 43rd issue. Not bad - I like what it is, I like what it does, and I really look forward to seeing where it goes in 2019.
       The whips have undeniably been very good to me over the years, and I am genuinely happy to give back when I can. I always listen to constructive criticism (and the occasional pat on the back), so your input is appreciated. 

       Best thoughts,

       - Robert Dante -
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