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Guinness World Records have been chopped up by talented and energetic whipcrackers.
ADAM WINRICH still leads the pack, adding to his long list of records “Most Balloons Burst with a Whip in One Minute” (39 balloons), and “Most Eggs Broken with a Whip in 30 Seconds” (23 eggs).
Hot on his tail comes 
APRIL JENNIFER CHOI , who took on “Most Targets Hit with a Whip in One Minute,” and I witnessed her smack the hell out of a long line of 7-oz plastic cups (88 cups), besting  JACK LE PIARZ' record (70 cups). (Her record is still pending official confirmation.)

Ever-busy AARON BONK has set two new records: “Most Whip Catches in One Minute” (3 whips, 80 catches), and “Most Fire Whip Cracks in 30 seconds in a Full Body Burn” (92 cracks). Here's a video of him in action: 

These record holders can also be called “flow artists,” practitioners of movement-based arts like juggling, poi-spinning and fire dancing. At Jennifer Choi's even (Campfire Retreat), I watched a pocket of folks cracking paracord whips together, and they seemed to be doing a good job. It's a fast-growing audience!
All the Guinness World Records for whips can be found at Bullwhip.Info. (There's no charge to try!)



It's back! Kyle Petersen's WESTERN STAGE PROPS is resurrecting an event the store sponsored years ago under Mark Allen and Alex Green as the Wild West Arts Club.
The three-day Wild West Arts Fest is set for May 2-4, 2019 at The Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The festival features classes on four Western art forms: gun spinning and handling, knife throwing, trick roping, and whip cracking.
  The excellent presenters include Gery Deer from the WHIP ARTISTRY STUDIO.


There will be open practice time, skill sharing sessions, lighthearted competitions, and nightly events, including a dinner show. It's a don't-miss opportunity! Go to the Western Stage Props website for more info.


I sent a note to Italian whip maker GINO CELESTE. I thought his reply to me was marvelous, and deserved a larger audience, so I share it here with you:
Hi, Gio - I did whip demos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week, and people loved your bullwhips. One tried to buy a whip online. She said your website is informative about you and your work, but not user-friendly to allow an immediate purchase. I might suggest you have an expert make your website a more effective store front for you. This was only one sale you may have lost, but who knows how many more people have had the same experience? I give you this heads-up as a friend; I talk your magnificent whips up every chance I get, and they are getting a lot of use this season. Best thoughts to you, -R-

Gio's reply:
Hello my friend, 
Many thanks for your kind feedback and for your kind advice, really appreciate!
The reason why I chose don’t put the price of my whips is strongly linked to the nature of whip itself. Here my personal point of view:
The Indy Style and the others replicas ( such as Zorro, Catwoman, etc.), being replica whips, will always have the same characteristics in terms of colors, pattern, and so on.
For custom whips, I don’t show the price because there are a lot of options the customer can choose, s
uch as length, number of strands of the overlay, pattern, colors, personalization like collars and brass on the butt, and many more things.
So it’s difficult create a  price list that consider all the specs available and all the combinations.
I prefer to relate with the customer, understand his real needs, maybe advise him about “this” or “that” and send him the quote of his whip with the specifications he requests. I believe that my way of working creates a good relationship between customer and whipmaker, and tells the customer more about me, my experience and my  passion than a cold catalog price list ever can.
I hope you understand my point of view...

Shooters Roundup 2018 witth R Dante & Mary

I've published the saucily titled Bullwhip: A Quick Guide for the Impatient.” At 56 jam-packed pages, it's not a substitute for my “Let's Get Cracking: The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills,” so much as it is a supplement to it, a study guide. It's $5 cheaper than the first book, and it can slip into your coat pocket.
I honestly think you should have both of them, but then I am naturally biased.


(Note to whipmakers: if you want to sell any of my books to your customers, I extend a healthy discount, with free shipping in the continental United States, no minimum purchase required. Email me at

Sorry for the delay in getting this issue of the Bullwhip Newsletter out to you!
It's been a fun year for me of performing, presenting, and teaching. Several behind-the-scenes victories have heartened me: I finally collected on a 14-year-old judgment from a criminally sleazy circus operator; and I received the first TV show residual check to ever make me smile (I had a friend in Los Angeles who papered his bathroom walls with his residual checks, because they were for amounts as low as 17 cents -- Not even worth banking).
Still, I must run a very tight ship (hear that squeaking?), but what counts is that I am still doing what I love (even though it's now Against Medical Advice). There is no cause for complaint.
This newsletter now has 335 subscribers – I hope I can retain each one of you (and perhaps gain a few more).
Next issue will magically appear in your in-box in November. If there is some matter you'd like to see addressed, or if you want to share your own perspective on things, drop me a line.
“All my doors are open,” as the song goes.
Best thoughts,
- RD -

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